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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Toyota 4Runner
The 2012 Toyota 4Runner was made for people with an active lifestyle. Its design is made to be a light off road alternative to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Ford Explorer. ...

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Knocking noise from 98 4runner
Claimed by Andrew Quinn
If there is voltage showing on a meter on the negative side of an injector what does that mean?
You should test injector wiring with it disconnected from injector and should put in a noid light to see if light blinks when turning over motor. If it blinks light then it is working as it should and then check...
Last week my car started shaking and I had weak compression, I had a tune up done, however, the car continued to shake with little
You may have blown a head gasket. This would be the loss of compression and even a noise from engine.
I was driving on the freeway and suddenly my truck stopped accelerating I would try to accelerate and it sounded like if I was on
Check the fluid level in the transmission to rule out low fluid as a cause. If the truck moves in 4WD but not in other modes, the fault is in the transmission and/or transfer case. If there is lack of...
i lost the keys and i can't program
These instruments require an OEM (genuine) key. That would be the first thing to check. Apart from that, a certified mechanic would have to go through the same programming exercise that you have gone through in order to trouble shoot...
My Toyota 05 4runner V8check engine light VSC Vtrac has been on for a Year I replace the gas cap but the light came back on the d
A smoke test is simply a test where very low pressure "smoke" is introduced into system piping to pinpoint what are often tiny leaks. Basically, you put the smoke in the pipe and if visible smoke comes out pinhole leaks...
My car ran out of gas and after i put gas in it it would rurn over but wouldnt start so inthought maybe it was the fuel pump so i
If the fuel filter was not replaced at the same time as the fuel pump, it is very possible that a clogged fuel filter could be causing your issue. I would recommend replacing the fuel filter since the fuel filter...
My car just recently started shaking and trembling and then the car just shuts off and the brakes become hard to press 20004runner
You should have brake boost for a few moments after the engine vacuum drops off. Changing the brake booster check valve should have helped that unless there is a leak in the booster. A leak in the booster will introduce...
replaced power steering pump now res overflows when cap is put on
Anytime you replace the pump you will get air in the fluid and will need to let the engine idle for a few minutes and then let it sit with engine off for 5 minutes and repeat process until all...
My brake pedal was locked up for a few minutes
The most common cause for a hard to press brake pedal is simply not enough vacuum. Any brake booster requires a minimum of 18” vacuum to operate efficiently. Anything less than that will contribute to the pedal being harder to...
Hey yes I have an issue in my 1996 Toyota 4Runner where the brakes don’t really work in reverse but after that they are fine. What
My best recommendation would be to have your vehicle inspected for brake performance by a qualified professional. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done at your home or office.
Engine stalls during acceleration, around 60 mph
Among common possibilities for the loss of power you are describing are throttle body faults (electronic throttle controls, throttle position sensor, mass airflow sensor, torn air intake hose), worn out spark plugs, faulty fuel pump or restricted fuel system, plugged...
93 toyota 4 runner...lights dimming and battery or voltage meter on dash is at about 9. Usually at 14. Is this a battery or altena
Hi Brett. Thanks for the question tonight. If you're getting the low voltage readings while the engine is running, then your issue is likely the alternator. The battery pretty much stops supplying power once the vehicle has been started when...
Car shakes past 70 mph, but only when given gas
Faulty motor mounts are a possibility but suspension faults, such as worn struts, can also cause shaking at high speed. If the problem is suspension related, it may occur during acceleration versus coasting because during acceleration the suspension geometry (running...
I had a 10A fuse blow for my gauges. I replaced with a new one. Now the car just starts in the on position.
The problem sounds light the starter relay or starter is stuck in the on position and would need to be replaced.
My car is blowing cold air when moving approx <30mph and temperature gauge is high
Hi Mary. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In most cases, when your heater blows cold air and the engine temperature is hotter than normal, it usually indicates an obstruction of debris inside the heater core. Sometimes, having the coolant system...
2003 Toyota 4Runner sport 4x4 V6 4.0L
Hi Maung. Thanks for sending in your question. If the shifter rail fork or the synchronizer is damaged, then a gear will not be achieved. This is likely what is causing your gear to pop out. To determine if the...
Temperature was fluctuating then overheated then blew coolant every where, what do you thinknthe problem is
The reason the heat was working intermittently is once the coolant starts boiling within the cooling system, the boiling action creates an impediment to normal coolant circulation to and through the heater core. So, ironically, even as the engine is...
Hey there, I live in West Hollywood, CA. I have a 91 Toyota 4
Your vehicle has a hydraulic clutch actuating mechanism which is inherently self adjusting. Although the clutch system will nevertheless be inspected for adjustment possibilities, and the Factory Service Manual consulted, bringing the system back to original condition may involve part...

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