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Stabilitrak and traction control
Claimed by Jeff Engstrom
2003 chevy tahoe oil leak
When determining where an oil leak is coming from, it is best to follow the oil up and towards the front of the vehicle. Gravity and inertia from the vehicle moving forward causes the oil to drop down and fall...
My speedometer on my 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71 does not work
Hi Fredrick. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When a speedometer does not work, it is usually caused by a damaged speed sensor, which is attached to the transmission. It's also possible that a faulty wheel speed sensor or an ECU...
2003 Tahoe gas pedal has no resistance like it's not hooked up and truck will not crank
Your vehicle uses a newer drive by wire system and thus there is no mechanical linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle. The pedal has a return spring though and perhaps the spring has broken and the pedal is...
Coolant leaking from near the water pump but is not the water pump
Water pumps often times will begin to produce a bit of a whining sound when they are starting to fail. A common problem also associated with this is the water pump may begin to leak around the water pump shaft...
Will a 1996 transmission from a tahoe fit a 1999 chevy tahoe?
Both of these vehicles use the 4L60E/m30 transmissions. The only thing that may concern me is the 4 years difference may have changes in the wire connections between the two transmissions. I would recommend checking the two wire connections between...
what can I do for leak between engine an transmission
There are two main seals in the area that you are describing. One is the rear main crankshaft seal and the other is the torque converter seal. If either seal is leaking, the only way to effect a repair is...
97 chevy tahoe when I turn key to on or run position the starter starts cranking and won't stop cranking It does not do it when of
This problem can be caused by an ignition switch to starter circuit problem like a bad ignition switch or starter relay. I have also seen where aftermarket alarms with remote start short and cause the starter to stay engaged. You...
02 chevy tahoe engine lag
If the cooling system is not getting up to operating temperature then you may have a stuck open thermostat causing the engine to run too cool and will cause excessive fuel usage and may even cause loss of power. You...
chevy tahoe 5.7 pcm voltage output issue
Re-check the triggering signal using the specific LED test light described in the instructions at this page. If the LED test light does not flash per those instructions then the PCM would have to be tested further. If the LED...
I was driving my 2000 Tahoe 5.3 4wd .. and it just shut off while I was driving .. tried giving it a jump and it cranks but don't
Hi Calvin. Thanks for sending in your question today. Typically when a car stalls suddenly and will not start after, it's caused by a fuel restriction or ignition timing failure. This could specifically be caused by a fuel pump failure,...
heater making noise and stopped workingf
There is no effect on the car engine from frequent cycling of of the heater, whether that is cycling the blower on and off, or moving the heat setting from high to low. If the noise occurs when you turn...
To get my radiator out, do I need to remove my water pump?
The water pump is bolted to the engine and so would not likely be affected by the crash with the deer. The water pump would also not be worked on during most collision repairs. The answer to your question of...
Hi Robert. Thanks for sending your question today, however, we're not really best to help you in this situation. We focus on only answering OEM service and maintenance tips, so you would be better served to seek the advice of...
My right side LED blinkers dont work but the fuse is still good
Check the bulb sockets on the right for corrosion or poor contacts. Then probe for battery voltage while the signals are activated. If battery voltage is present and the ground is good, there is an issue with the bulbs. If...
Once car warms up won't go in gear
When the transmission fluid is colder it may be sealing good and as fluid warms the internal transmission leaks by internal seals. Have transmission pressure tested for internal leakage and may need overhaul.
My 2004 Tahoe warning light says REDUCED POWER. IT'S really cold out, had to be boosted when the warning appeared.
There will be stored trouble codes that need to be read and cleared. With any luck, that will be all there is to it. When you try to start a car with a dead battery, it really confuses the electronics...
Driving in snow now my Chevy Tahoe won’t accelerate past 20 mph
If you are getting loss of power and have a warning light on your vehicle may be in failure mode and will need to have the systems scanned for failure codes like one of the wheel sensors or transmission transfer...
Clunk noise at slow speeds noise goes along with the speed of the car
I would recommend having the vehicle inspected under it to see if an exhaust bracket or other part came loose. You may have got debris or rocks in the brakes or in suspension.
4 wheel drive axle moves when locked in but wheels dont lock in
If the actuator is new, I would diagnose the electrical circuit, including the switch. If no problem is found there, then there is a fault with the differential. If the actuator is black (versus aluminum colored), unplug the connector. With...

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