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Understanding Ford Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor (IOLM) System and Lights
Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. The Ford Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor indicates when and what service your car needs.
Ten Sports Cars That Double as Good Daily Drivers
The best daily driver is a car that's reliable, usable, and still fun to drive. Popular daily sports cars include the BMW M3, Subaru WRX, and VW GTI.
How to Find the Keyless Code on a Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer
Many Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers were manufactured with an option known as the Ford keyless entry keypad. Some models refer to it as SecuriCode as well. It...
The 5 Safest Used Cars You Can Buy For Under $20,000
The Subaru Legacy, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Chevy Volt, and the Volvo XC60 are five of the overall safest used cars you can buy for under $20,000.
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Arizona in 2012
Depending on where you live in Arizona, the weather is either arid or there may be periods of heavy snow – such as in the mountain areas. The vehicles that have...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Arkansas in 2012
Arkansas, like many other states, has to deal with a wide range of weather, from the stifling to the icy. This means drivers need vehicles that can handle the heat while...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Alabama in 2012
2012 was a great year in Alabama for auto manufacturing, but that wasn’t the only bright spot. Vehicle sales in Alabama were also robust in 2012. Nothing much changed in terms...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Kansas in 2012
Kansas sees a varied climate with all four seasons, which means drivers in the area choose a variety of vehicles. In years past, some of the front-runners have included the Ford...
How to Buy a Classic Ford Vehicle
When it comes to American-made vintage vehicles, few brands are more collected than Fords. Indeed, many Ford models do embody the adage “things get better with age” – at least in...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Florida in 2012
Florida offers great weather year round, and the fact that snow and ice never factor into the equation means drivers don’t have to focus on the overall vehicle handling as they...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Georgia in 2012
Georgia offers drivers a mild climate with very little snow, but rain is a major factor. Previous best-selling cars in the area, such as the Escape, Fusion and Camry, have shown...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Connecticut in 2012
Connecticut offers plenty of rain and its fair share of snow during the winter months, which means drivers need vehicles that can handle these conditions. Top selling vehicles in previous years...
Top Five Selling Cars in Colorado in 2012
Colorado offers a varied climate depending on where drivers are located. Those in lower elevations see plenty of sunshine all year, while those in the mountain areas can see as much...
The Top 5 Selling Cars in Delaware in 2012
Delaware offers a variety of weather, which means drivers have to be prepared for both the mild and the treacherous. In previous years, the best-selling vehicles have included the Honda Civic,...
The Top 10 Most Problematic Cars
All cars have issues, from grinding brakes to gasket leaks. The Ford Explorer's and Honda Civic's bad transmissions rank them as the most problematic.
Ford Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Program
Drivers in the market for a used Ford vehicle may want to check out cars under their certified pre-owned program. Many manufacturers have a certified pre-owned (CPO) program, and each one is set...
How to Use the Ford Active Park Assist Feature
There are few driving maneuvers as universally disliked as the parallel park. Most people still remember that terrifying sequence of movements in their driving test. Even people who live in metropolitan...
How to Get Ford Dealership Certified
Ford car dealerships offer automotive technician jobs to mechanics who are certified through either the ASSET or the FACT program.
Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2016
Ford F-series pickup trucks, Toyota Camry, and Honda Civic are some of the best-selling cars of 2016 and all deliver on reliability and efficiency.
Industry News for Automotive Techs: October 29 - November 4
Toyota and Getaround's smartphone key, future McLaren cars, DMCA car hacking, a fire at Ford's headquarters, and Chevrolet's SEMA 2016 show cars.

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A quick review of consumer complaints in the NHTSA database shows a substantial number of steering system complaints for the 2014 Focus. Inasmuch as steering malfunctions are safety related, you can file a complaint with NHTSA as well. To address...
shuddering of car from a complete stop
Hi Nicole. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes a vibration while accelerating is caused by worn out engine mounts, a vacuum leak or even fuel system/ignition system component failures. This is something that is best diagnosed by a professional mechanic...
Is it better to replace engine or what is the alternative for bent valves from bronken timing change on an interchangeable engine?
You may be able to locate a used engine for a lot less than replacing the heads and rebuilding the engine you have. It will be a lot less labor to replace engine also. You may save up to $1500....
I busted my headlights on the left side of my 2003 ford explorer. How much will it cost to fix it?
Hi Laquashia. Thanks for contacting us today. I've forwarded your question to our sales and service department for review, so they can determine if we're able to provide you with an estimate to replace the headlight on your Ford Explorer...
Can I replace the non-heated side mirror on my 2007 ford fusion with a heated one? Is it the same connection?
Hi Scott. Thanks for contacting us today. It's hard to tell you for certain whether or not the replacement heated mirrors will be 100% compatible with your current Fusion. If it's an OEM component, then it's quite possible you need...
On my 2009 Ford Escape, the steering wheel vibrates/shakes harshly when car is turned on & continues while in P, D, R, N, all gear
Hi Tiffany. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several moving parts that comprise the steering and suspension system on your Ford Escape. One or a few of them could be loose or damaged and be causing this issue. However,...
Engine "Locks" Periodically
Confirm that the engine turns freely by hand, using an appropriate socket and wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt. There are specified (published) turning resistances, with spark plugs removed, but you can feel by hand. If the engine turns over...
Reverse light flashers with blinker
The reverse light circuit has its own ground. Unless the bulb polarity has been reversed (anywhere in the circuit), the bulb is being powered at the bulb socket via the hot wire (the wiring diagram will let you know which...
Motion sensors for accident avoidance gives false positives
Be sure all sensor elements are clean and unobstructed. According to surveying carried out by "Consumer Reports", the Ford system is among the more reliable in the industry so, based on your description, the accident avoidance system is malfunctioning. The...
Taurus accelerator issue
Hi Leonard. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing might be due to excessive carbon deposits stuck in the throttle body. This can cause the throttle blades to stick slightly. It's also possible that the throttle body itself is...
why does my transmission shift hard from 2nd to 3rd
Hi Samuel. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In this case, I would tend to agree with the transmission specialist. The 2009 Ford Fusion and Focus (along with a few other years) are notorious for having a rather aggressive shifting automatic...
Hi, I just replaced the alternator and now I’m driving and it’s not changing gears, ford diesel...helpp
Hi Letty. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you've completed the alternator replacement yourself, and have a professional digital scanner, I would start by downloading any stored error codes as it's possible that your transmission has entered a 'limp mode',...
I hear water coming from behind the dashboard
Hi Georgina. Thanks for contacting us today. What you are describing is one of the more difficult items to explain, diagnose and repair. It's possible that an inner seal that protects the firewall/dash from outer exposure is damaged, causing water...
I need a part identified
The part in the picture looks like it is the PIP sensor also called cam sensor. The sensor is located in the top of the engine in front of intake manifold and is used to provide a cam signal to...
I have a 2001 ford escape and when I push on the accelerator it doesn't take off like it should, the engine light is on.
Hi Sonya. Thanks for contacting us today. The check engine light is illuminated when the ECU detects an error within a mechanical or electrical system. This code will likely pinpoint the source fo the acceleration error you're experiencing. It's probably...
I just replaced my lower control arm on the passenger aide of my 2002 ford escape and now after doing that my steering wants to je
The problem sounds like the steering rack and pinion mounts are worn and causing the entire rack and pinion to shift side to side. Check and replace the mounts for rack and get alignment.
My fob batery is new but i cannot open my call
Hi March. Thanks for contacting us today. There are two reasons why this is likely happening. Either the battery is installed backward, or the key fob needs to be reprogrammed. You can refer to your owner manual of your 2002...
Impossible to find budget heads for a 4.6?
Hi George. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, this really isn't our cup of tea or area of expertise. We focus only on OEM repairs, maintenance and service tips. You would be better served to contact a Ford performance mechanic...
Traction Control light cuts on and off and my car will not accelerate over 40mph
If the traction control light has come on, there may be stored trouble codes and those codes will help resolve this. The loss of power you are experiencing may just be coincidental to the rear brake work. If the rear...

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