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Stalling running same time
Hello. It is possible that the fuel filter is partially clogged or that the fuel pump has an intermittent problem. There is also a possibility that the mass air flow sensor is dirty and/or faulty, causing an intermittent problem. The...
Gas reset button location
Hello. Diagnostic trouble code P1631 is an indication that the theft deterrent password is incorrect. The theft deterrent feature for your vehicle will shut off the fuel to your car until the proper password is sent to the PCM. A...
Door hinges lubricated properly
Hello. I would suggest that you try using white lithium grease. This is the best way to lubricate door hinges, but it may leave a white film on the hinges. Although this may be a bit unappealing, it may be...
A/C compressor shims clutch
Hello. The amplifier draw for your air conditioning compressor should be between 10amp-20amp. I do not believe that there are shims in the clutch plate. The best thing to do would be to purchase a Chilton manual for your van....
Have no reverse and a transmission fluid leak
I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a certified transmission expert to determine the exact cause of this issue. It is very possible that some internal damage has occured to the transmission from the loss of fluid. It is...
The preferred toe setting in the front for the 2011 Savana 1500 is 0.10 degrees. However, toe can be set anywhere in the range of -0.1 to 0.3 degrees and still be acceptable. If your toe setting is outside this...
Rat under Hood.
Of course, you want to be sure that the noise is really from the serpentine belt and/or connected rotating elements. If you simply take all of the belt driven accessories out of the picture by removing the drive belt and...
My truck will not shift into the final gear. What could it possibility be?
Your vehicle has the 4L60-E transmission. Fourth gear is overdrive on your vehicle so it sounds like you are referring to failure to shift into third gear. Failure to shift into third gear is typically a clutch pack failure issue....
i have a 1997 gmc conversion van and i have white smoke coming from my tail pipe my temperature gage reads over the hot meter does
If you have white smoke from exhaust and overheating and losing coolant then the head gaskets or heads are leaking coolant into the combustion chambers and will need to have the heads removed and replace the gaskets and inspect heads...

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