People Say The Nicest Things

Car is not starting

Thank u so much for your service and expertise.

Michelle from Douglasville

Serpentine/Drive Belt

Cool dude, very helpful.

William from Katy

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

It was a pleasure having Christopher inspect my vehicle. He was very knowledgeable and provided the exact service I was looking for. I recommend him and look forward to his help on future repairs.

Brian from Lakeland

Mercedes Benz AC Recharge

My mechanic… was on time, he was professional, he was knowledgeable and he did a great job. He did extra. He looked at my engine and made sure there were no leaks and that it was running fine. No other recommended repairs. I would certainly recommend YourMechanic to anyone that is seeking a repair.


Pre-purchase Car Inspection

Jose was extremely professional. He arrived on time and did a thorough analysis of my vehicle. He called me to explain his findings and then sent a point by point view of the car's status with pictures. Thank you Jose for a very efficient job!!!

Rick from Opa-locka

Chevrolet Strut Replacement

I would definitely recommend YourMechanic. I’ve actually recommended them to several of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work done and you don’t need to take the car anywhere or deal with your car not being available when you need it is great.


Toyota Check Engine Light Inspection

The advantage of having a YourMechanic appointment is that they come to you. And so, whatever trouble that you might have down the list for your car, they can take a look at it. For mine, luckily I only had two, which is check the engine and replace the engine oil.


Change Oil and Filter

Only reason he didn't arrive on time is because of traffic, and he called to let me know he would be a little late.

Kimberly from San Antonio

Basic Inspection

Jeff showed up on time and was very professional and informative. He completed the job within an hour and saved me tons of money. Highly recommended. Thanks again!

Rod from Elk Grove

Change Oil and Filter

I was pleasantly surprised to find this to-your-door service exists. Sure enough, it does. Tien was on time, swift, professional, and friendly. He had honest recommendations and I never felt like he was trying to up-sale like done mechanics might. The whole experience was pleasant, convenient, and I plan to take advantage of the service again .

Luz from Oakland

Change Oil and Filter

Jason was thorough and knows his stuff. Really appreciate the job done right and information on what to watch.

Colleen from San Jose

Water Pump

Jose came two hours earlier, which would have been okay, but I was not ready. Being too early is as bad as being too late. I would expect an email or phone call asking if a change on time would be okay. Also, they didn't give to him enough coolant to completely fill the cooling system, which was completed with tap water. This wasn't his fault, since the system calculates the parts and order them automatically. However, my car now doesn't have the 50/50 water and coolant ratio. Plus tap water is not as good as distilled water. Other than this, he did an excellent job.

Orlando from Alpharetta

Check Brake, Steering and Suspe...

Competent, efficient; tells you what the needed repairs and why. Highly recommended.

Henrique from Castro Valley

Headlight Bulb - Driver Side Lo...

Very knowledgeable. Did a great job.

Don from Franklin

Brakes, Steering and Suspension...

Very professional and friendly. Got in and got the job done. Great experience.

Antonio from Concord

Basic Inspection

Jose was great !

Lucien from Alpharetta

Axle / CV Shaft Assembly - Pass...

Excellent. He was on time, very knowledgeable and fixed it right the first time. Where have you guys been!!!! So glad to have found your service!

James from Plano

Headlight Bulb - Driver Side Lo...

He showed up on time, and completed the work in a timely manner.

Richard from Portland

Camshaft Position Sensor

He was very nice and out going great attitude and personality he does a great job

Tamika from Orlando

Acura Water Pump & Timing Belt Replacement

The mechanic that came out to do the work, Whitney, has over 28, probably 30 years of auto repair experience and I felt very confident that he was able to do the job correctly and properly, which he did. So I'm very happy with the outcome. The bottom line was saving me over $200.


BMW Brake Service

I was able to sit right here and see the work being done and the parts come out. They changed the brakes and they did need to be replaced every one of them. And they performed that service. Reset the indicator light on the dashboard and I was good to go. Haven’t had a problem with that since.


Check Brake, Steering and Suspe...

Love this service. Email and text reminders of appointment time we're very helpful. Carlos is very knowledgable and explains everything thoroughly. The price was so much better than the dealership and a local repair shop. Would recommend Carlos to anyone. We will definitely use him again.

Kerry from Keller


Very nice and professional

Richard from Irvine

Jaguar Thermostat Replacement

I really like Whitney because he really took a personal interest in the car and explained to me everything he was going to do with the car... and what problems I might have with something that I hadn't even noticed like the headlights. Nobody's done that for me before and I've had this car for 12 years. Whitney's the best mechanic I've ever seen.


Mitsubishi Valve Cover Gasket & Ignition Coil Replacement

I really like that I don't have to stick around. I can go back to work. It's really convenient for me. I would recommend this service to somebody else who doesn't want to search for an auto shop to go to, doesn't want to look through Yelp reviews. Overall I've been happy with the service, so I definitely recommend it.


Inspection / Diagnostics

whitney is great, he could pin point the exact location of trouble,and get it done.he is punctual and very respectful,i wish i had known him all these years,i could have saved tons of money.

Meera from San Carlos

Subaru Brake Pads Replacement

Called up They got in touch with me right away... Problem was repaired right in front of my house within an hour. I agreed to the price ahead of time, which was right. Everything worked out really well. I was happy.


Pontiac 50 Point Inspection

The mechanic Gary came out. He pretty much ran me through what needed to be done… He looked through the electrical systems… He was very nice and very talkative. We will definitely use this service again.

Cassie & Caleb

Spark Plugs

Great experience! He's very professional. Called me to let me know he was heading to my house. I will definitely use your mechanic for other repairs! Thank you!

Natasha from Chapel Hill

Spark Plugs

Very good fast reliable service

Kareem from Tolleson

Change Oil and Filter

Chris is so thorough! One of the best mechanics that I have ever seen working!

Ashley from Burbank

Lexus Radiator Replacement

Gary who services the cars here for North Marin County was sent out within two days of my request, and it has been very convenient. I didn't have to go find him - he came and found me [and] took care of it right at my home. He cleaned up everything. The car is already put together and that's great.


Oil/Fluid Leak

Honest and very knowledgeable.

Alex from New Orleans

Honda Alternator Replacement

The first thing is just the transparency of the website, being able to see what the prices are upfront—being able to see the estimate for hours and parts before any work has started. The second thing is just the convenience—being able to have someone come to your home and work on it where the car is sitting right there, which is especially convenient in my case, because my car wouldn't start and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to drive it anywhere.


BMW Window Regulator Replacement

I'm really happy. This would have taken me 3 hours of going to the mechanic and sitting at their office, just not really getting anything done—whereas now it has taken me 15 minutes of walking out, handing the keys to the mechanic, coming out, inspecting the repair, and making sure it works. I'm just tickled pink that I saved so much time!


Brakes, Steering and Suspension...

Overall a good experience, turns out our brakes were not bad...I sure do wish the squeeking would stop though. It is a great mystery. Melvin was courteous, didn't try to upsell or sell me on something we didn't need. Will use him again.

Matthew from Virginia Beach

Brake Pads - Front

Great reliable work on my brakes!

Cesar from South Gate

Volkswagen Thermostat Replacement

I booked Master Technician Whitney as my YourMechanic. He came and checked my car... He gave clear details about what's happening and the problem, which made me very happy and knowledgeable. I got to know my car very well… He was very honest. I could trust him. So my next service goes to him from YourMechanic.


Acura 105K Mile Service

I didn’t actually realize at first, just how major a service it was, but when I heard how many hours it would take, it sort of came to me. I actually really enjoyed being able to come outside and see it as it was going on and make sure that everything looked fine. And then, at the end, I was really surprised by how inexpensive it was, considering how long it took.


Windshield Wiper Motor - Front

I had a great experience working with John. He maintained great communication throughout the appointment from the time he arrived at our pre-determined location to explaining the work he did. He worked fast and his experience was evident throughout the entire appointment. He answered all of my questions and eased my concerns. I highly recommend John and I will be requesting him again in the future for additional work on my vehicle. Thanks again for your help, John!

Carolyn from Lexington

Spark Plugs Replacement

After doing my due diligence, I felt very comfortable in going ahead and placing the appointment. After placing the appointment, they were on time. He asked qualifying questions on what was going on. He gave thorough information that was very helpful for me, as well as future references.


Mini Oil Change

My biggest issue with my car is not having the time to maintenance it... I went to the YourMechanic website, told them what was wrong with my car and selected a time and place that would work for my schedule… on Monday afternoon, and in less than an hour, my oil had been changed… The whole transaction was quick, easy, and super transparent.


Pre-purchase Car Inspection

I bought my (used) car with YourMechanic’s inspection recommendation and I’m very happy with their services. I’m sure that I’ll use YourMechanic’s services again in the future.



We had a communication problem on where to meet (all my fault). but once we got to where the car was at he was able to verify and fix the starter on my car in a very quick fashion. He was very polite and very professional. Ive never had a mechanic work on my car who was that concerned about making sure the car is working properly. I will call on Him and for now on for all my repair needs on my car!

Damian from Everett

Water Pump

Gary was Awesome! He was very professional and super informative of the repair work he was doing. When he got there I explained to him that I had a major oil leak where oil would leak out immediately as it poured in. Before starting job he looked over the engine to make sure the cam shaft seal was actually the cause of the problem which was very reassuring to me. After he started job he noticed that the shaft balance seal was actually the problem so he replaced both seals in a timely manner and even took care to test drive and thoroughly clean up area. I would reuse him in a heartbeat!

Brandon from Marietta

Nissan 75,000 Miles Maintenance Service

Whitney showed up today early, not on time, but early, which was awesome, and took care of everything. Got the oil filter changed. Also, he found some other things that were possibly needing a little attention from him. It was a great service all around and we'll be calling him again, again, and again.


Change Oil and Filter

Erick was very helpful, friendly, and efficient.

Shamik from San Jose

Infiniti Intake Manifold Gaskets Replacement

The manifold was leaking so he [the mechanic] needed to order the parts, take it apart, put it back in, and seal it properly. It's a long process… 7 to 8 hours, but when it was completed, the problem went away. So I have nothing to say [to give it] two thumbs up.


Audi Thermostat Assembly Replacement

Gary (the mechanic) is very professional. He even cleaned up my garage because of the coolant leak. I wasn't expecting that from a mechanic. The customer service, professionalism, and the respect that he provided, [was very impressive].



Amor is very knowledgeable and could answer any question i asked about my maxima. He's very friendly and courteous and FAST! I will have him work on my Nissan in the future! Thanks Amor!

Mark from Livermore

Engine Mount - Front

First class! Thorough, makes sure the job is done and done right.

Patrick from Oro Valley

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

By far the best repair person I've ever worked with. Honest, extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a really nice guy to boot. Saved us a lot of money and hassle by finding a significant transmission issue with our potential used car purchase and advising us to return it before our 3-day money back guarantee expired. Absolutely planning to contact him to inspect our next purchase.

Rikin from Stanford

Headlight Bulb - Driver Side Lo...

Great experience.

Natman from Tucson

BMW Door Lock Replacement

It ended up costing about half of what it would have cost otherwise. And then when it came time to buy another car, the mechanic came out twice to check out cars and give me a full report over the phone. Really affordable. And it really worked out well for us. We did not have to make time to take our car somewhere and drop it off to be repaired.


Windshield Wiper Motor - Front

Very professional and friendly.

Jeff from Forest Park

Top off coolant

Charles was very pleasant and knew exactly what was wrong and was very truthful about the repairs.

Armida from Austin


Michael is THE MAN! After having my water pump break on my VW, I was looking at a steep repair bill with a typical mechanic/garage. Good thing I checked out YourMechanic, because this great service was able to save me $400 on what I would have paid at a typical repair shop. Michael was an incredible resource and provided EXCELLENT service. Specifically, my HOA was not pleased I hired YourMechanic to do the repair in my apartment garage, but Michael handled the situation like a true professional. Instead of it becoming an issue, he found me an alternate location to have the car towed to so he could finish the repair. Amazing service. I couldn't be happier and I can't wait till you guys come to SF fulltime!

Justin from Palo Alto

Brake System Flush

Emmette did a great job with the brake and power steering flush. He is professional, helpful and knows his stuff. I have already booked my next service with him.

Daniel from Woodbridge

Coolant Reservoir

Rocco was wonderful. He showed up in a timely manner, was courteous and got my car fixed in half the amount of time I thought it would take. He was very thorough in both the repairs and explaining everything to me. Would definitely recommend him and work with him again!

Brock from Torrance

Ford Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

YourMechanic is convenient for me because of my work schedule and everything going on... It's hard for me to find time to go to the mechanic and leave my car there for a couple of days… They can come to my shop or come to my house and do the work. It's better for me that way.


Change Oil and Filter

Stefan is always very helpful and professional. I've had him service my care on several occasions and he always does a great and thorough job.

Alex from Antioch

Air Filter

David over came unforeseen obstacles in a timely manner. He was conscientious about his work and was thorough and methodical in his approach. David did not come up short on tools for the task at hand.

Lenard from Pacifica

Honda Timing Belt Replacement

I brought my car in for an oil change at a local mechanic shop. They told me I had a long list of repairs to be done and it would cost me about $3k. That’s when I decided to give YourMechanic a shot. They did all the repairs and it cost me about 1/3 of the price. I was actually really happy with the work that was done.


Check Cooling System

Always a pleasure having Melvin work on my car. He shows pride in his work and is knowledgeable of the mantintence my car needs.

Stephanie from Suffolk

Honda Civic Brake Pads Replacement

I needed new brake pads. I called to other local places and it sounded like it was going to be like $450. YourMechanic was much more reasonable price. More convenience. They can just come and do it at your home. I don’t have to leave my car there for a day or anything.


Wheel Stud - Rear

Great guy and very prepared and knowledgeable.

Tony from Columbia

Change Oil and Filter

Great service, friendly, and he answered all my questions.

Michael from Katy

Toyota Battery Replacement

The biggest benefit with YourMechanic was the convenience. Your car not working and waiting for it to get towed and then having to go to the dealership or the repair place just to get a diagnosis and then leaving it for a day or two, just really wasn’t an option.


Car is not starting

Jeff is a great mechanic and great guy, came out in the pouring rain and got my truck running almost immediately.

James from Charlotte

Basic Tune-up and Brakes

I think that YourMechanic is especially useful for someone with my lifestyle, because I’m very busy. I wasn’t totally sure about the problem. I just had the check engine light come up. I had YourMechanic come in and I just said, "Fix everything." The mechanic took care of all of it within a few hours.


Water Pump

Matt took the time to explain what was repaired and how he repaired it. Great service!

Lisa from Shawnee Mission

Check Engine Light is on

Richard to the Rescue! I was VERY displeased with the service I received from a different "your mechanic" and was literally not able to drive for 5 days. In less than an hour Richard was able to diagnose and repair the issue!! I will Richard will forever be "my" mechanic if I use this service in the future.

Denise from Atlanta

Serpentine/Drive Belt

Good and efficent service with customer as priority

Michael from Houston

Change Oil and Filter

Would use again

Bobby from Scottsdale

Oil/Fluid Leak

James was on time and very knowledgeable. He preformed a full check of the cooling system and confirmed the radiator need to be replaced. I highly recommend James as a mechanic to work on all Five of our cars!

Mark from Dacula

Serpentine/Drive Belt

Very professional he knows his job......Great job very happy.

Jennifer from Ocala

Chevrolet Coolant System Flush

I like YourMechanic, because I don't have to risk driving the car and [making] the situation worse. Having a mechanic come down to your home makes it a lot easier on yourself, especially when you have a family.


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