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Nissan 75,000 Miles Maintenance Service

Whitney showed up today early, not on time, but early, which was awesome, and took care of everything. Got the oil filter changed. Also, he found some other things that were possibly needing a little attention from him. It was a great service all around and we'll be calling him again, again, and again.


Pre-purchase Car Inspection

This is the second time we have used this company to have a pre-purchase car inspection done. The first time we also had Joseph as our mechanic and he saved us from buying a car that was in such bad shape that it probably would have broken down before we got it home. I was very pleased when he was assigned this inspection and the detail of the inspection makes it so much easier to decide if the car is worth the purchase. He was here early and finished in an hour with a full report and recommendations, I couldn't be happier with his service. Thank you.

Millisa from Layton

BMW Brake Service

I was able to sit right here and see the work being done and the parts come out. They changed the brakes and they did need to be replaced every one of them. And they performed that service. Reset the indicator light on the dashboard and I was good to go. Haven’t had a problem with that since.


Brake Pads - Front

Best experience. Tim came right on time, did awesome job on my car and I m glad I tried "your mechanic". I will definitely use this app again. Thanks

Ashish from Auburn

Stabilizer Bar Links - Front

Michael replaced my sway bar links (front) and bushings on an Infiniti M45. Now my car rides so smooth and no road noise. Excellent jod done. I would refer him to anyone with so much confidence.

LoBryant from Charlotte

Serpentine/Drive Belt

very good .one time experienced nice

Ray from Orange

Car is overheating

On time (early, actually), personable, professional, thorough and kept me informed through wvery step. 0h, if only every experience were this great! Thank you, Allen!!

Deborah from Windermere

Battery is dead

As usual Chet was able to fund the problem in minutes and fix it within a short period of time. Chet is great and always has some great pointers for me on my 67 Mustang.

Luis from Lemon Grove

Check Brake, Steering and Suspe...

Troy was great. On time, knowledgeable, proficient. So happy I called you!

Sharon from Mesa

Toyota Battery Replacement

The biggest benefit with YourMechanic was the convenience. Your car not working and waiting for it to get towed and then having to go to the dealership or the repair place just to get a diagnosis and then leaving it for a day or two, just really wasn’t an option.


Check Brake, Steering and Suspe...

Fixed truck fast. Saved me money by correctly diagnosing a problem. Made recommendations with no pressure!

Scott from San Diego

Honda Civic Brake Pads Replacement

I needed new brake pads. I called to other local places and it sounded like it was going to be like $450. YourMechanic was much more reasonable price. More convenience. They can just come and do it at your home. I don’t have to leave my car there for a day or anything.


Brake Pads - Rear

Adam was on time and very professional.

Michelle from Helotes

Mitsubishi Valve Cover Gasket & Ignition Coil Replacement

I really like that I don't have to stick around. I can go back to work. It's really convenient for me. I would recommend this service to somebody else who doesn't want to search for an auto shop to go to, doesn't want to look through Yelp reviews. Overall I've been happy with the service, so I definitely recommend it.


Serpentine/Drive Belt

Robert was great! He arrived early and finished quickly.

Jordan from Denver

Fuel Filter

Manuel was great! He was on time and super friendly! When I booked this appointment, it was estimated 3 hours and he got it done in 2! Overall great guy!

Travis from San Antonio


So kind, explained everything he was doing, and fixed my car!

Nicki from Orlando

BMW Door Lock Replacement

It ended up costing about half of what it would have cost otherwise. And then when it came time to buy another car, the mechanic came out twice to check out cars and give me a full report over the phone. Really affordable. And it really worked out well for us. We did not have to make time to take our car somewhere and drop it off to be repaired.



Great experience, I was worried because it was my first time. Overall I give an A+ 馃槉

Angela from San Diego

Change Oil and Filter


Daniel from Dublin

Spark Plugs

Matthew is very knowledgeable and professional.

Windson from Pompano Beach

Heating AC

Very professional with a great personality, he is sincere and genuine.

Allen from Orlando

Power Steering Pump

Arrived on time and finished all the job within designated time frame. Provided professional opinion and high quality service. Very satisfied and highly recommend

Yoon from San Antonio

Basic Inspection

Alfredo mas a magician, got my car running immediately, I would not hesitate to call him again.

John from Orlando

Ford Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

YourMechanic is convenient for me because of my work schedule and everything going on... It's hard for me to find time to go to the mechanic and leave my car there for a couple of days… They can come to my shop or come to my house and do the work. It's better for me that way.


Brake Rotor/Disc - Front

Excellent as usual!

Pamela from Los Angeles

Acura Water Pump & Timing Belt Replacement

The mechanic that came out to do the work, Whitney, has over 28, probably 30 years of auto repair experience and I felt very confident that he was able to do the job correctly and properly, which he did. So I'm very happy with the outcome. The bottom line was saving me over $200.


Warning Light is on

Napoleon ,to my family and I is proof 'That The Lord God-Reigns!' Unbelievable is his Skills, in automotive repair/diagnosis! We're his customer for life. You do not want to miss-out on a blessing should you need a good Automotive Mechanic. John 3:17.....yes! Verse 17-believe!

Anthony from Los Angeles

Honda Alternator Replacement

The first thing is just the transparency of the website, being able to see what the prices are upfront—being able to see the estimate for hours and parts before any work has started. The second thing is just the convenience—being able to have someone come to your home and work on it where the car is sitting right there, which is especially convenient in my case, because my car wouldn't start and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to drive it anywhere.


Infiniti Intake Manifold Gaskets Replacement

The manifold was leaking so he [the mechanic] needed to order the parts, take it apart, put it back in, and seal it properly. It's a long process… 7 to 8 hours, but when it was completed, the problem went away. So I have nothing to say [to give it] two thumbs up.


Window Motor / Regulator Assemb...

Brandon did an excellent job and repaired my broken window motor with no issues. Will definitely be reccomending and coming back myself.

Robb from Windermere

Acura 105K Mile Service

I didn’t actually realize at first, just how major a service it was, but when I heard how many hours it would take, it sort of came to me. I actually really enjoyed being able to come outside and see it as it was going on and make sure that everything looked fine. And then, at the end, I was really surprised by how inexpensive it was, considering how long it took.


Brake Pads - Front

Jeff was great he showed up 15 minutes before the appointment and was finished in 45 minutes later with everything complete and even plug my tire that had a nail in it great services from Jeff

Justin from Charlotte

Honda Timing Belt Replacement

I brought my car in for an oil change at a local mechanic shop. They told me I had a long list of repairs to be done and it would cost me about $3k. That’s when I decided to give YourMechanic a shot. They did all the repairs and it cost me about 1/3 of the price. I was actually really happy with the work that was done.


Lexus Radiator Replacement

Gary who services the cars here for North Marin County was sent out within two days of my request, and it has been very convenient. I didn't have to go find him - he came and found me [and] took care of it right at my home. He cleaned up everything. The car is already put together and that's great.


Check Engine Light is on

Very informative and super thorough. I will definitely continue with this service.

ANDRE from Riverview

Tie Rod End - Front Right Outer...

Ben came to my office and fixed everything pronto. He was early, recommended a few things I knew about and booked later, and left after making sure everything was great. Ben is coming back for more maintenance in a couple weeks. Thanks so much Ben! Dave Emerson, Georgia

David from Lithia Springs

Headlight Bulb - Driver Side Lo...

Very helpful and nice!

Alexis from Los Angeles

Trunk Latch

Amazingly knowledgeable and thorough. I had a 'check engine' problem. Peter spent time to identify the source of the problem instead of just replacing the front O2 sensor which the DTC code was indicating. Turned out it was a short in the rear O2 sensor causing the problem and once that was replaced the car ran fine. Another problem I had was the remote trunk release was not working. Again, Peter quickly identified a broken wire in the harness and rejoined it to fix the problem. I will definitely ask for Peter next time I need a mechanic.

Roy from Sun City West

Change Oil and Filter


Jamie from Houston

Brake Pads - Front

I will definitely use your mechanic again my car was fixed and back on the road in no time. Tom was great, professional, and explained everything to me. Excellent service

Carmen from San Jose

Change Oil and Filter

Mr Joe make my day, great and fast service, great friendly person, very professional with a lot of experience, work in my Land Rover LR3 and I'm very thankful. I will recuest his service very soon. Thanks Mr Joe, God bless you

Marvin from Temple Terrace

Battery Cable - Negative

Ben was quite through and addresses all of my concerns. He also checked out a few other issues I had with the car. Will ask for Ben again

Murli from Houston

Mercedes Benz AC Recharge

My mechanic… was on time, he was professional, he was knowledgeable and he did a great job. He did extra. He looked at my engine and made sure there were no leaks and that it was running fine. No other recommended repairs. I would certainly recommend YourMechanic to anyone that is seeking a repair.


Toyota Check Engine Light Inspection

The advantage of having a YourMechanic appointment is that they come to you. And so, whatever trouble that you might have down the list for your car, they can take a look at it. For mine, luckily I only had two, which is check the engine and replace the engine oil.



Did a great job and I will be using him again and would recommend him to anybody

Victoria from Louisville


Carlos worked on my bimmer on Feb 15. He did a great job, learned a lot about my car and how to keep it in the best condition. Carlos told me exactly what was wrong with my car to the best of his abilities, and did not sugar coat anything, went straight to the point in regards to the causes of failures and prices to fix them. Will definitely book for other services my car needs.

Pamela from Arlington

Spark Plugs Replacement

After doing my due diligence, I felt very comfortable in going ahead and placing the appointment. After placing the appointment, they were on time. He asked qualifying questions on what was going on. He gave thorough information that was very helpful for me, as well as future references.


Brake System Flush

Emmette was early and did great work!

Mackenzie from Alexandria

Power Steering Pressure Hose

Very professional. Friendly and went above and beyond.

Alex from Portland

Expansion Valve (Orifice Tube)

Tyler was very professional. Explained everything that was wrong with my air conditioner on my truck. I would highly recommend Tyler to my friends. He is an asset to your company. I am a happy camper. Thanks Tyler for taking care of my problem.

Daniel from Houston

Basic Tune-up and Brakes

I think that YourMechanic is especially useful for someone with my lifestyle, because I’m very busy. I wasn’t totally sure about the problem. I just had the check engine light come up. I had YourMechanic come in and I just said, "Fix everything." The mechanic took care of all of it within a few hours.


Jaguar Thermostat Replacement

I really like Whitney because he really took a personal interest in the car and explained to me everything he was going to do with the car... and what problems I might have with something that I hadn't even noticed like the headlights. Nobody's done that for me before and I've had this car for 12 years. Whitney's the best mechanic I've ever seen.


Oil/Fluid Leak

Problem much worse then I originally thought.

Frank from Fort Lauderdale

Change Oil and Filter

Jason is very professional and walked me through the details of oil change and inspection. He also gave me few tips on hybrid battery performance and maintenance. He thoroughly checked engine, coolant levels, oil leaks and tyre pressure to make sure everything is good. I really don't want to go to dealers any more and I am very happy with the service and strongly recommend him to my friends.

Sai from Morgan Hill

Brake Shoes (Rear)

Solid FIVE star! Best mechanic ever!

Congwei from Los Angeles

Heating AC


Francisco from Orlando

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

I bought my (used) car with YourMechanic’s inspection recommendation and I’m very happy with their services. I’m sure that I’ll use YourMechanic’s services again in the future.


Wheel Hub Assembly - Driver Sid...

Arrived on time. Knowledgeable and communicative. Replaced my wheel hub assembly in minutes.

Jason from Marietta

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

Knowledgeable and on time.

Harry from Atlantic Beach

Service Battery/cables

In the printing trade, there are press operators and there are pressmen, in other words, people who know where the buttons are and people who know how they work and how to fix them. If Russ was a printer, he would be a five star pressman. Our initial request was for him to replace the water pump on an old, barely working '85 Chev truck. By the time he was done, it sounded and drove like new. When the truck wouldn't start, the computer said the starter wasn't working, when he took it off, he could see that it was working OK and put it back on. He determined that the battery was the culprit and got a replacement. Shazam, the truck came back to life. When you find a mechanic that honest, that upstanding, that reliable and that hard working, you don't want to ever let him go.

Roger from Vancouver

Volkswagen Thermostat Replacement

I booked Master Technician Whitney as my YourMechanic. He came and checked my car... He gave clear details about what's happening and the problem, which made me very happy and knowledgeable. I got to know my car very well… He was very honest. I could trust him. So my next service goes to him from YourMechanic.


Mini Oil Change

My biggest issue with my car is not having the time to maintenance it... I went to the YourMechanic website, told them what was wrong with my car and selected a time and place that would work for my schedule… on Monday afternoon, and in less than an hour, my oil had been changed… The whole transaction was quick, easy, and super transparent.


Chevrolet Strut Replacement

I would definitely recommend YourMechanic. I’ve actually recommended them to several of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work done and you don’t need to take the car anywhere or deal with your car not being available when you need it is great.


Brake Pads - Rear

Joe was on time and serviced my vehicle promptly. Fully satisfied customer will use him in the future.

Meredith from Pittsburgh

Audi Thermostat Assembly Replacement

Gary (the mechanic) is very professional. He even cleaned up my garage because of the coolant leak. I wasn't expecting that from a mechanic. The customer service, professionalism, and the respect that he provided, [was very impressive].


Pontiac 50 Point Inspection

The mechanic Gary came out. He pretty much ran me through what needed to be done… He looked through the electrical systems… He was very nice and very talkative. We will definitely use this service again.

Cassie & Caleb

Window Motor / Regulator Assemb...

I am planning to use YourMechanic for my future car needs. It is very convenient for busy people like myself who don't have the time to bring their car to a shop and sit and wait for the service to be done. Brilliant idea, and good work.

Charles from Saint Petersburg

Chevrolet Coolant System Flush

I like YourMechanic, because I don't have to risk driving the car and [making] the situation worse. Having a mechanic come down to your home makes it a lot easier on yourself, especially when you have a family.



Junard was amazing. He made sure everything was in working order and answered every question I had. I would recommend him to anyone.

John from Jamesburg

Wheel Bearings - Driver Side Fr...

Fantastic work! Excellent service! Great person and quick job! Would definitely call on again!

David from Charlotte

Basic Inspection

A honest mechanic

Michael from Campbell

Subaru Brake Pads Replacement

Called up They got in touch with me right away... Problem was repaired right in front of my house within an hour. I agreed to the price ahead of time, which was right. Everything worked out really well. I was happy.


Suspension Strut Mount - Rear

Great service, friendly, super knowledgeable and did an amazing job.

TJ from Arvada

BMW Window Regulator Replacement

I'm really happy. This would have taken me 3 hours of going to the mechanic and sitting at their office, just not really getting anything done—whereas now it has taken me 15 minutes of walking out, handing the keys to the mechanic, coming out, inspecting the repair, and making sure it works. I'm just tickled pink that I saved so much time!


Pre-purchase Car Inspection

Even though i was not there for the inspection he made sure i knew everything that was wrong with the vehicle

Takosha from Smyrna

Power Steering Pump

Jose was excellent! Highly recommend scheduling with him. He took the time to help me understand the situation and performed the task flawlessly. Jose was courteous, profesional and very knowledable. Thank you for the great experience!

Ronald from Miramar

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