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I have had many trust issues with mechanics over the years as they ALWAYS seem to "find" problems that were NOT there. However, the Your Mechanic Zandro Arcilla was VERY good, and he answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and did a great job fixing my car. The price was very reasonable! Hopefully I will not need their services again, but if I do I am calling Your Mechanic and requesting Zandro do the work.

He was super nice and polite, but when trying to fix door popped out the door panel a bit and never put it back. I didn't notice till I left, bet he left my jeep in worse shape than before he showed up. He unfortunately couldn't tell me what was wrong or fix so it was not a great experience, but he was super nice and seems knowledgeable about fords...I just didn't have a ford.

Richard went above and beyond the call of duty. YM was originally supposed to order my parts for me, but on the day I was supposed to get my car serviced, ended up not having them. I opted to buy the parts myself from a local auto shop and Richard kindly went to go pick them up for me. He arrived in a timely fashion and was VERY communicative the entire time, explaining every process of his work to me as he went. He stayed longer than he was being paid to ensure that he had covered all the parts of the job and left nothing out and even spoke to my mechanic from back home to get pointers on the job and my cars history. Even though my car could not be totally fixed that day because another problem was discovered, Richard gave top rate service. EXCELLENT MECHANIC!
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