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1st, Jose was early, (good thing!) and we talked about what was going on with the car and the reason I wanted the vehicle serviced. Jose is thorough in explaining what he was going to do, in his experience, in how the cooling system works. He is also professional, polite, and friendly.

What a pleasure! Michael was on time and UNDER BUDGET! I was going to have the brake pads replaced, but, Michael informed me that I didn't need them. I just bought this car and am not used to the brakes. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity displayed by this young man . I highly recommend Michael Fink. He will now be my personal mechanic from now on. Thanks again Michael, see you in 3500 miles.

Zach was awesome. He was punctual and very knowledgeable with cars. He did an amazing job and was efficient. Getting the additional inspection is so helpful because it pointed out any other potential issues. I never once felt Zach was about selling add-ons. He was genuinely interested in doing what needed to be done. I will definitely be requesting him in the future.
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