Nissan 300ZX Repair & Maintenance Estimates

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Nissan 300ZX ranges from $70 to $1041, with an average of $172.

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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1995 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0L TurboService typeStrut Assembly - Rear ReplacementYourMechanic Price$391.56Shop/Dealer Price$480.52 - $649.36
1990 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0L TurboService typeBrake Shoe Replacement (Rear)YourMechanic Price$166.28Shop/Dealer Price$204.93 - $288.08
1988 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0LService typeValve Cover Gasket ReplacementYourMechanic Price$306.44Shop/Dealer Price$371.52 - $439.15
1995 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0LService typeEngine Mount - Rear ReplacementYourMechanic Price$219.93Shop/Dealer Price$271.98 - $395.35
1986 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0L TurboService typeOil Pan Gasket ReplacementYourMechanic Price$420.14Shop/Dealer Price$509.59 - $606.29
1987 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0LService typeEngine Mount - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$219.03Shop/Dealer Price$270.51 - $389.01
1991 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0L TurboService typeStrut Assembly - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$364.40Shop/Dealer Price$447.98 - $613.27
1990 Nissan 300ZXV6-3.0LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementYourMechanic Price$787.49Shop/Dealer Price$967.17 - $1312.58
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Common services completed on the Nissan 300ZX

Oil changes may be the most frequent service every car needs, but the following services reflect the most common needs of the Nissan 300ZX.

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Patrick was exceptional! Kind, courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable, Personable, every thing I could ask for that I have NOT found at any auto repair shop!!!! The price was actually less and they come to my house! Win Win! Thank you Patrick!
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This is my first time using this service, and I wasn't sure what to expect. When Joseph arrived he had an extremely pleasant demeanor! He asked about the problems I was experiencing with my car, and asked if I had any questions. After that, he went right to work. A little while later he called me out and showed me the work he'd done, and even told me an extra service I booked wasn't needed, which saved me money. He noticed some corrosion on my battery and some loose wires and fixed that up as well. Joseph was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable knowing he was there to help, not just to make money off of me. What a great service to have for busy moms like me who don't have time to wait around at a shop. I highly recommend Joseph to anyone he's a great mechanic!
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Patrick is amazing. Super professional, courteous, and boy did he find some issues with a car that looked pristine (ran great) but had some hidden issues I would have never caught. As a result I was able to go back to the dealer with Patrick's recommendations, photos, voice recordings to help me show the issues to the dealer, and am being given special treatment/assistance finding a similar car with less issues. You better bet I will have Patrick check in on that car too. Dishonest car sellers beware!!! Patrick is out there!!! :D Oh I also needed someone ASAP. I was looking for someone on a whim (bad of me) but was glad to see her was available an hour and a half after I booked. He messaged me and asked if he could come by immediately. On-demand mechanic! You can't beat that for the price!
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He came early, was nice, courteous and informative.
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