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My name is Jason I've been an automotive repair business for 27 years I do everything from rebuild motors to electrical work I'd be happy to serve you.





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Honda Pilot
on January 12

Jason was friendly, professional and completed the job in great time!

on January 07

Jason arrived on time and performed the necessary inspection on my car. He diagnosed what I needed and seemed very knowledgeable. As soon as my estimate comes in I'll be scheduling the repair.

on December 22

Jason was on time , courteous, diagnosed the problem . Haven't decided if I want to repair it or not a little pricy so I'm thinking it over . He explained how everything was soppuse to work and what happened to cause the code . With my understanding of engines it made sense why the fault codes came on . Way less than the local shops for a diagnosis. Will use him again if I have car troubles well actually when I have car troubles .

on January 05

Much to my surprise, I couldn't expect to have better service,,,, and at my front door. Extremely knowledgeable professional mechanic.


  • Car Inspection


Ford Mustang
on December 12

Jason was on time and honest. It turned out the problem with the car was misdiagnosed by another mechanic. Jason, by no fault of his, was not able to repair the car. He old us the problem and it is a job your mechanic does not provide.

on November 23

Jason was very friendly and quite knowledgeable. He did exactly what he came to do with no problems. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. If he can work on my 12 cylinder Jaguar, I think he can work on anything!

on November 19

Very professional and very friendly and would highly recommend to all of my friends and family. Took the time to show me the report and explained the codes if found. Recommended an oil treatment to eliminate knocking noise. Great job and will contact again if I have anymore problems on any of my vehicles.

on November 13

Jason was a pleasure to work with. He was on time and ready to work right away. Explained what he was doing and why. Very professional and result of his work was great. I would request him again if needed. Thanks

on October 23

I made an appointment for scheduled maintenance (replace timing belt/water pump/etc.) on a 2002 Honda Accord V6 (what a great car) because it was a bit overdue (but car is running great). Jason arrived on time and got right to work. Soon we were discussing the "almost like new condition" of those parts (they had been serviced several years earlier on schedule) and agreed that it was almost certainly not yet time to due this service. He then pressed on with some other inspection items and discussed in depth what he found (I do a lot of the routine work and small repairs on cars myself, so we were able to go into some detail). He made excellent recommendations of things to do (via both YourMechanic and on my own) in the near future. This was all very, very helpful, and certainly saved me significant money by NOT replacing parts that do not seem to need it yet (I'm fairly certain if I had taken the car into a dealer or other shop they would have replaced the timing belt/water pump/etc. without letting me know that it would probably be fine to wait at least another 15-20k miles). Even if he had replaced the timing belt etc., it would have been several hundred dollars less than quotes I had from local shops/dealers. A really good experience from my perspective; and Jason was very clearly knowledgeable and accommodating.

on November 07

Jason was prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable. He used all available hi-tech tools to diagnose the check engine light error code.



Dodge Stratus
on October 01

Because of the way my car died I was scared of how much it would cost to repair it and I was frightened to drive my car in case it happened again. I was thinking I might have to give up driving and take the bus. Jason came already prepared and familiar with the make and model of my car. He listened to my description of what happened and was genuinely concerned. If it was the alternator, replacing the battery wouldn't help. He tested the alternator first. I was relieved to learn the alternator was fine. Since the battery is located behind the tire, he showed me the wear on the brake pads and he said he would email me a quote for it but that I had time to budget for that repair. Jason educated me about the make and model of my car and what probably happened to the battery so that I have a greater appreciation now for my own car. Because Jason is an experienced, certified professional mechanic, I can drive my car now with confidence. Because Jason was honest and didn't use high pressure sales tactics, I can afford to keep driving and plan ahead to budget for future maintenance and repairs. I trust Jason and highly recommend him to anyone.

on October 04

I wanted to have my timing belt and water pump and serpentine belt replaced on my V8 4Runner. Hard to find decent mechanics in my community so I looked online and chose My Mechanic. Prices were good and booked the appointment with Jason. Jason showed up on time and was courteous and explained all what would be done. It was a good experience and we were happy and will use Jason again for brakes and other maintenance on my cars.

on September 19

Jason arrived on time and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. This was the first time a mechanic took the time to explain what was happening and what needed to be done. I have a certain distrust with auto repair shops and have always found it difficult to find a servicing center. With Jason and YourMechanic.com I no longer have that issue.

on December 05

Jason was prompt, friendly, and explained what he was doing. We will use Jason again in the future.

on August 18

Jason is one of the better mechanics I have come across in Tucson. Knowledgeable, thorough and honest. Definitely would use him again.

on September 27

Great experience using YourMechanic, Jason was great and was able to pinpoint the problem. He suggested different things to try out and now my pathfinder is running like she used to. Thanks, will use this service again



Mazda 3
on November 30

Arrived on time, very informative and help explain the repair. Did a great job in less time.

on October 29

This is the second time Jason has provided service, has been very professional, and I'll be requesting him again.


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Honda Fit
on August 06

A good experience. Jason was courtious, on time and efficient. No negatives. Would deffinatelly use him again. C.M.

on August 23

very nice he was thorough and knowledgeable with my inspection will use him again if the need arises



Acura RSX
on December 29

Jason was a great guy and completed work quickly.



Dodge Stratus
on December 08

Great job done. I will get Jason if I need help. Thank you.



GMC S15 Jimmy
on December 19

Came early which was great, and did a great job.

on September 07

Jason was a very nice guy - he tried his best, but his best wasn't enough. Jason came out ($70) and "diagnosed" my issue pretty quickly - stating that I had a bad throttle body ($286) and it needed to be replaced. We agreed to meet later in the day and he would install the new part. Everything was going good - Jason got the part, installed it and .... the truck still didn't start. This puzzled Jason (a mechanic of 25 years), which ultimately worried me. Jason looked around at the truck but still could not figure out what was going on, so he told me I had to get my truck towed to the dealer and have them "flash" my ECM ($130) because the computer needed to be reprogrammed. So, at this point, I had spent $486 to get my truck working...except when the dealer "flashed" the truck, it still did not start. I ended up spending an additional $130 at the dealership for a true diagnosis (bad fuel pump - $400). So, when it was all said and done, my total amount paid was $1016. The problem is, I don't know if the throttle body was truly needing to be replaced, and I know for a fact that the "flash" wasn't necessary. Basically, when Jason's idea didn't work, he pawned me off onto the dealership. I feel like I paid for services and parts that I did not need. I contacted the company about this and they told me I'd hear back from them...they never contacted me. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

on August 12

Professional and in depth preinspection. Would def wok with Jason again.

on August 28

Super friendly, experienced, and helpful.


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Ford Fusion
on November 25




Chevrolet Tahoe
on August 26

Awesome, friendly, fast, perfect

on September 07

Exceptional! Thank you!



Kia Amanti
on August 26

Nice and professional

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