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My name is Jason I've been an automotive repair business for 27 years I do everything from rebuild motors to electrical work I'd be happy to serve you.





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on February 18

Jason arrived on time as scheduled and completed the job as requested flawlessly. Great job. Will use him in the future. Thank you.

on January 15

Jason was friendly and very knowledgeable. I asked a million questions and he answered all of them. He showed up on time and fixed everything in a timely manner.



Dodge Ram 1500

on January 04

Knowledable and knew what he talking about. Quick service, had my water pump switched out very quickly, no more leaks and over heating! Thanks!

on December 13

Showed up early! Very professional and personable. Really knows his stuff and did a great diagnostic. Worked with me to find an affordable solution.

on August 11

Jason was on time, very professional and all around nice guy! I did purchase the van based on Jason's inspection and recommendations. I look forward to having Jason fo necessary work and feel confident that he will keep my van running smoothly for the years to come!!

on January 24

Jason's service was all that one could ask for. Thank you Jason. And I'm still happy with that aspect even though he gave me some bad news about my car.



Buick LeSabre

on February 24

Arrived on time at 6:15 PM on the dot. Very knowledgeable and was fun and easy to talk to during the service. Jason went above and beyond in checking out a couple of other parts of my vehicle and gave a quick diagnosis as to what was wrong/what it needed.

on February 15

First time that Jason has serviced my truck. He was on-time for the scheduled appointment. He is personable and great to talk to. Very professional and knowledgeable in his work. He gave great advice of when additional work may be required, but not immediately. I highly recommend him to service your vehicle and you should not be disappointed.

on April 09

Personable encounter, I will definitely recommend him again, very knowledgeable and straight arrow. I will be recommending him to my friends and family. Grade = A

on April 15

Jason did a fine job, always does more than he is required to do. Gives advice and tips to keep the vehicle running well. Couldn't have asked for more. C. Ross

on April 17

He did the job quickly and explained thoroughly the condition of the replaced parts - Please bear in mind that I still haven't tried the vehicle after the repair.

on February 13

He's extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. If something's not wrong, he's not gonna try to get you to do it. I trust Jason with all of my car needs.

on December 22

Jason was on time , courteous, diagnosed the problem . Haven't decided if I want to repair it or not a little pricy so I'm thinking it over . He explained how everything was soppuse to work and what happened to cause the code . With my understanding of engines it made sense why the fault codes came on . Way less than the local shops for a diagnosis. Will use him again if I have car troubles well actually when I have car troubles .

on May 15

Wonderful person and a fantastic mechanic. He was very honest and forthcoming with all information related to what is needed to repair. If I ever need repairs, I won't hesitate to ask for him.

on October 16

Jason was very polite, respectful and professional. Arrived on time and explained the details and answered all my questions. Most of all we appreciated that the repair could be completed on Sunday.

on April 03

Jason was great! After seeing his other reviews and years of experience, I felt confident my vehicle was in good hands. After I met Jason in person, I felt even more comfortable and confident. Not only did the original quote beat the quote I got from the auto shop for parts and labor, after Jason inspected my vehicle, he told me there was nothing wrong with the engine mounts as I had been told and put in the job order for. I described the noise and issues I was experiencing to him and he took my vehicle for a test drive and told me it was the wheel bearing. I had to wait until the next day for him to get the part in and for him to complete the repair, but that was not an issue at all! He finished in less time than promised, and when he was finished, he showed me the old part and what was wrong with it. It turned out I only needed one wheel bearing fixed instead of two. This ended up making the repair cheaper than the original job quote! The best part is that I was confident that Jason was honest because not only did he not just do the job I selected based upon an auto shop repair quote, he found the real problem and didn't just install two wheel bearings because he could. I will definitely be calling Jason next time I need work on my vehicle!!! P.s. The fact that he comes to you is super convenient!

on August 20

Knew what he was doing. Helpful. Kind. On time. Gave fast response to my needs at a late time (8pm on a Saturday), and gave great advice to avoid a similar problem in the future. Made my problem become simple with a fast diagnosis and gave additional repairs. Making that additional repair to my battery cable saved me a lot of time and expense. The added advice was invaluable.

on October 23

I made an appointment for scheduled maintenance (replace timing belt/water pump/etc.) on a 2002 Honda Accord V6 (what a great car) because it was a bit overdue (but car is running great). Jason arrived on time and got right to work. Soon we were discussing the "almost like new condition" of those parts (they had been serviced several years earlier on schedule) and agreed that it was almost certainly not yet time to due this service. He then pressed on with some other inspection items and discussed in depth what he found (I do a lot of the routine work and small repairs on cars myself, so we were able to go into some detail). He made excellent recommendations of things to do (via both YourMechanic and on my own) in the near future. This was all very, very helpful, and certainly saved me significant money by NOT replacing parts that do not seem to need it yet (I'm fairly certain if I had taken the car into a dealer or other shop they would have replaced the timing belt/water pump/etc. without letting me know that it would probably be fine to wait at least another 15-20k miles). Even if he had replaced the timing belt etc., it would have been several hundred dollars less than quotes I had from local shops/dealers. A really good experience from my perspective; and Jason was very clearly knowledgeable and accommodating.

on November 19

Very professional and very friendly and would highly recommend to all of my friends and family. Took the time to show me the report and explained the codes if found. Recommended an oil treatment to eliminate knocking noise. Great job and will contact again if I have anymore problems on any of my vehicles.

on November 13

Jason was a pleasure to work with. He was on time and ready to work right away. Explained what he was doing and why. Very professional and result of his work was great. I would request him again if needed. Thanks

on April 27

Jason went to pre-inspect a vehicle for an out-of-state purchase, I didn't meet him but I did talk with him by phone and he was descriptive about the vehicles condition.



Honda CR-V

on July 10

Jason was on time, very professional and asked me exactly what problems I was having. After I explained the situation he got right to work and completed the job in about an hour and half. He explained to me what he did and was very personable. He didn't try to hurry and leave after being paid, but talked on a personal level. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or call Jason for any mechanical repairs.



Kia Spectra5

on January 25

Highly recommend for any maintenance needed for your vehicle, quick, knowledgeable and friendly. Great person to have a good conversation with while maintenance is being done but he still stays focused on repairing the issues you have requested! Very happy with my services



Nissan Xterra

on July 09

Jason arrived on time, was super friendly, and replaced the alternator on my vehicle in no time at all. The fact that he was able to fix my car on sight saved me the stress of having to get it towed! Seriously great service. I recommend YourMechanic and Jason to everyone who needs their car serviced.


  • 50 Point Inspection


Kia Amanti

on June 30

Initially booked appointment thinking alternator needed to be replaced, however it did not. Jason completed full inspection and noted only A/C freon needed. Vehicle will be garaged for summer, so I can wait on repair. Jason was knowledgeable and was able to detect troubleshoot issue quickly.

on February 01

Jason is very professional and courteous. He was on time and made sure that everything was done. I have had a lot of work done on my car and am very pleased with the service and cost. I especially like the convenience of having him come to the house. I have told all of my friends about my great experience with YourMechanic.



Ford Ranger

on January 27

I have a 2002 PT Cruiser (not a Ford Ranger). This is the first time I used YourMechanic.com and the work I wanted done was to replace the radiator that had a leak and the upper and lower hoses. The quote I got online was about $200 less than the auto repair shop and I was a little worried but went ahead with it anyway. I...am...impressed! Not only with the ease of the online system but with the mechanic. Jason was great-friendly, professional, extremely competent. He went above and beyond by explaining a variety of functions and when I told him I also planned to use YourMechanic after the first of the month after I got my retirement check to get the serpentine and timing belt replaced, he said he would check out their condition. When it was time to pay the bill it was even LESS than the online quote! Jason said the upper hose looked almost new, no wear and tear so he deducted the cost of the hose and his labor for that part from the online quote. AMAZING! As for the two belt replacements, he said they looked fine and were good for another 30,000 miles. Double AMAZING! Would I use YourMechanic and Jason again? YOU BET! In fact, when my son-in-law came by while Jason was working on my car he commented on the good job he was doing so I recommended he use YourMechanic and Jason when he needed any car repair.


  • Car Inspection


Ford Mustang

on December 12

Jason was on time and honest. It turned out the problem with the car was misdiagnosed by another mechanic. Jason, by no fault of his, was not able to repair the car. He old us the problem and it is a job your mechanic does not provide.

on September 19

Jason arrived on time and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. This was the first time a mechanic took the time to explain what was happening and what needed to be done. I have a certain distrust with auto repair shops and have always found it difficult to find a servicing center. With Jason and YourMechanic.com I no longer have that issue.

on October 04

I wanted to have my timing belt and water pump and serpentine belt replaced on my V8 4Runner. Hard to find decent mechanics in my community so I looked online and chose My Mechanic. Prices were good and booked the appointment with Jason. Jason showed up on time and was courteous and explained all what would be done. It was a good experience and we were happy and will use Jason again for brakes and other maintenance on my cars.

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