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How much does Oxygen Sensor Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement pricing for various cars

CarsEstimateParts CostLabor CostSavingsAverage Dealer Price
2015 Toyota Corolla$367$220.87$145.99-11%$328.37
2016 Toyota Yaris$346$199.93$145.99-12%$307.43
2016 Volkswagen GTI$445$299.12$145.99-9%$406.62
2011 Mercedes-Benz G550$1202$1055.92$145.99-3%$1163.42
2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport$605$458.96$145.99-6%$566.46
2014 Porsche Cayenne$1011$806.84$204.38-5%$957.34

Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service

What Does the Oxygen Sensor Do?

With each new model year, manufacturers are adding more oxygen, or O2 sensors to better manage engine operation. Some high performance engines have an O2 sensor for each cylinder as well as one for the rear of each catalytic converter.

The sensors are located either underneath the hood or underneath the car. The O2 sensors are connected (screwed) to the exhaust pipe, either in front or back of the catalytic converter. The purpose of the front O2 sensor(s) is to measure how rich or lean the gasses are as the gasses exit the combustion chamber.

Rear (downstream) sensors are located behind the catalytic converter. The purpose of the rear O2 sensor(s) is to monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust gasses leaving the catalytic convertor.

If one or more of the O2 sensors are faulty, your car willnot pass the emissions test. If you drive your car with a faulty oxygen sensor, you may get poor gas mileage and it can damage the catalytic converter.

Oxygen Sensor-MATROX-1

Is it Safe to Drive with a Bad O2 Sensor?

A faulty O2 sensor does not pose an immediate threat to everyday driving. Because vehicles depend on an ideal fuel-to-air ratio to function optimally, the O2 sensors are leaned on for engine performance. When your oxygen sensors fail your car will run less smoothly, get worse mileage, and have worse emissions.

Symptoms of a Faulty O2 Sensor

Some common symptoms of a faulty O2 sensor are as follows:

When Replacing the O2 Sensor Remember

  • Many O2 sensors are damaged by leaking oil or coolant. If that is the case, the cause of that leak needs to be identified and repaired, or else the replacement O2 sensor will be damaged as well.
  • New vehicles require specific O2 sensors, and not the universal sensors that were common prior to 1996.

How an O2 Sensor Replacement is Done at YourMechanic

A mobile mechanic from YourMechanic will come to your home or office at your convenience and follow these general steps to inspect and repair your O2 sensor:

  1. Scan the computer in the car for trouble codes
  2. Inspect for vacuum leaks and holes in the exhaust system
  3. Remove and replace the O2 sensor if it is bad
  4. Check electrical connections
  5. Check for proper operation of O2 sensors
  6. Clear diagnostic codes
  7. Test drive car

Additional Comments & Considerations

We recommend keeping up with regular tune-ups. If the Check Engine Light is on, don't drive the car too long without getting it inspected. If the Check Engine Light is flashing, pull over and get the car towed to avoid costly repairs. Ask the mechanic to inspect the vacuum hoses and leaks in the exhaust system. If the vacuum hose or exhaust system is leaking, it will display an oxygen sensor fault code. Replacing an O2 sensor may not fix the problem.

If you notice any of the symptoms above and suspect a problem with the O2 sensor, contact YourMechanic immediately to get a quote. We’ll send a mobile mechanic in your area to you whenever it works best to perform a diagnostic and O2 sensor replacement.

Recent Oxygen Sensor Replacement reviews

Excellent Rating


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17 years of experience
1794 reviews
17 years of experience
Toyota 4Runner V6-3.4L - Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Front/Upper/Upstream) - Sammamish, Washington
I am very happy with the service on my 2001 Toyota 4 Runner. Theodor replaced my Oxygen Sensor that was causing my check engine light to be on. He was very fast. I was given a price under what it would have been hsad I taken it to the dealer.


20 years of experience
1104 reviews
20 years of experience
Toyota Matrix L4-2.4L - Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Rear/Lower/Downstream) - Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Very reliable. Explains the work he did, so you can be reassured that he's legit. Travels to you making car maintenance accessible for nearly home bound immunocompromised people like me.


18 years of experience
575 reviews
18 years of experience
Chrysler PT Cruiser L4-2.4L - Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Front/Upper/Upstream, Rear/Lower/Downstream) - San Antonio, Texas
He arrived early and assured me that the O2 sensors would be replaced. He did notify me that if there was additional issues that the Cat would need to be replaced.


18 years of experience
2 reviews
18 years of experience
Nissan Rogue L4-2.5L - Oxygen Sensor Replacement (Front/Upper/Upstream) - Raleigh, North Carolina
Just doing above and beyond with the repairs in my car he noticed that the part I got was incorrect so he took me to AutoZone to switch out the part and that's above and beyond for me he didn't have to do it.

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