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How much does Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement pricing for various cars

CarsEstimateParts CostLabor CostSavingsAverage Dealer Price
1979 Cadillac Seville$215$68.82$145.99-21%$176.32
1989 Mercedes-Benz 260E$305$158.64$145.99-14%$266.14
1992 Jaguar Vanden Plas$223$77.19$145.99-20%$184.69
1981 Plymouth Reliant$190$44.19$145.99-25%$151.69
1986 Pontiac Sunburst$221$74.80$145.99-21%$182.30
1981 Dodge B350$195$49.25$145.99-24%$156.75

Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement Service

What are the Distributor Rotor and Cap all about?

When the engine is running, high voltage created by the ignition coil travels through the coil wire to the ignition rotor. As the ignition rotor turns in the distributor, the rotor distributes the spark by sending it in a synchronized order through the spark plug wires to the spark plug located in each of the engine's cylinders.

The distributor is a main component of the ignition system. It takes very high voltage and delivers it to fire the spark plugs.

Keep in mind:

  • When the distributor rotor and cap are replaced, the entire ignition system should be inspected.
  • After replacing the distributor rotor and cap, the ignition wires will need to be reinstalled.

How it's done:

  • Check the ignition system.
  • Replace the cap and rotor if found faulty.
  • Re-check the ignition system.
  • Check ignition timing if needed.

Our recommendation:

Whenever your vehicle has routine maintenance or servicing, the ignition system should be inspected thoroughly. If you ever notice your ignition system having a hard time (such as your car having trouble turning on or staying on), then you should schedule an inspection.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Distributor Rotor and Cap?

  • Engine misfires.
  • Car does not start.
  • Noises from the engine.
  • Check engine light is on.

How important is this service?

The distributor rotor and cap is used when the engine is running. During this time, high voltage is created by the ignition coil, and sent through the coil wire to the ignition rotor. This rotor turns inside the distributor, and as it does so, it evenly distributes sparks to the spark plugs, through the spark plug wires. The spark plugs then use this spark to ignite the fuel mixture, which allows the engine to keep running.

If the distributor rotor and cap malfunction, the voltage from the ignition coil won’t be redistributed to the spark plugs, and your engine will either have a hard time running, or won’t run at all.

Recent Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement reviews

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6 years of experience
103 reviews
6 years of experience
Honda Accord L4-2.3L - Distributor Rotor and Cap - San Antonio, Texas
Hes great very nice an very knowledgeable mechanically he does great work and makes u feel like your vehicle is in good hands he explained details of what went on even answered questions about other issues i wasnt sure about ive used this company before got 2 good mechanics an one that seemed like he just came to do the bare minimal an then add little suggestions to make himself money but not ryan he was awesome i hope to get him any time i need work done


33 years of experience
67 reviews
33 years of experience
GMC Sonoma V6-4.3L - Distributor Rotor and Cap - El Mirage, Arizona
Keith showed up on time and was very polite and always very professional.He did a fantastic job on my car repair Thank you very much.


11 years of experience
34 reviews
11 years of experience
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V6-4.3L - Distributor Rotor and Cap - Memphis, Tennessee
Undre was nothing like I thought very respectful guy was on time and to top it off did an excellent job his overall attitude was great keep up the good work Undre..


34 years of experience
1579 reviews
34 years of experience
Jeep Cherokee L6-4.0L - Distributor Rotor and Cap - Austin, Texas
Just wanted to say thanks again for working on my jeep. Was able to narrow down the problem and figure out what was wrong.

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