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I've been an automotive technician for over 10 years and have worked at a Walmart service center, Goodyear, Firestone, and an independent shop. I have a wide range of experience and love working with customers to get their cars safely back up and running.





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on July 22

Theo is awesome! It's the second time I've had him work on my cars and he is always professional and fast! Thank you Theo!

on July 22

Nice service, thank you!

on July 22

Theodore was fantastic! He let me know what was really needed on my car. I really liked that and the brakes are all good now!😊👍🏽

on July 15

He checked out the other questions I had about my car and gave me advice about it. Changed the fuel filter in a jiffy and didn't leave a trace of it having been done. He made sure everything ran smoothly before he left. Very convenient and great service!

on July 10

Theodore is very knowledgeable and professional. He arrived early for our appointment, took his time and answered all questions. I would "highly" recommend his service and we plan to use him again. On a scale of 1 to 10, he's a solid 10!

on July 06

An outstanding professional who provides a 360 view and transparency in everything he does. I had a really hard engine problem to repair (Lean System). Theodore tried A then B then C....till he identified what caused the misfire of the engine. Based on my previous horrible experiences with some local car repair shops, i can tell you for a fact that he saved me many 00's, if not 000's, of dollars. Highly recommended, will call him again for some other minor issues with a second car we have.



Volvo S40
on July 02

Theo did a great job. Not only did he arrive early (with asking first, if it was ok) he explained all of what he was doing. He also didn't mind me asking him a lot of questions. Overall, I highly recommend Theo!



Ford Fiesta
on June 29

Punctual, nice and very professional!! He also explained everything very well. I would certainly call him again for the other services required for my car in the future! Thank you Theodore!!!

on June 28

Theodore was great and showed an amazing amount of patience as I was about 35-40 minutes late to our scheduled appointment. Keep in mind that I didn't even have a way to let him know that I was running late. So hoping for the best, I'm flying through my neighborhood, turn down my street and sure enough he was still there. Theo got straight to work before I could even apologize for running so late and when I did, he simply replied oh no worries, I understand how it is, don't worry. In the end he was able to tell me what was exactly wrong with my car and where I should take it. Overall he was great and I'll definitely be using him for all my car work from now on.

on June 18

Theo was absolutely amazing! He didn't pressure me into anything but he also explained everything very well. He was even great with my kids! I will definitely ask for him the next time I need any work done!



Kia Sedona
on June 17

Awesome customer service. Friendly, very quick at making the repair. Theodore showed forethought and changed the appointment time for an earlier time to allow me to split my bill into three payment methods, because the office closed at 4, which I was not aware of. Very helpful!



Lexus GS350
on June 17

Theodore arrived when the time frame scheduled. He quickly got to work and although the repair took a little longer than expected (removing the alternator on the AWD model is slightly more difficult) he knocked it out. Once he was finished, he had me run it through a few tests and drive it around the block. He verbally reminded me of the 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty and noted potential upcoming service. Overall, very professional and courteous.

on June 14

Theodore was running late but was very polite and went right to work. He's very knowlegable about my 2002 Porsche Boxster, I would certainly use him again and highly recommend his services.

on June 08

I like Theodore. He is experienced and complete the work on his own. He is a little bit late to come in but it's in reasonable time frame. Everything goes well and smoothly. I will definitely use his service later

on July 13

Professional, dedicated to fix the problem, confident in his work and makes you feel like you're dealing with someone honest.

on June 02

I would highly recommend Theodore to anyone who needs work on their automobile. Theodore is very professional and honest. I had my 98 Honda Accord brakes done five years ago and was not sure about needing it change. Theodore worked on my rear brakes and let me know that it did not need to be replaced yet. However, the brakes only needs adjustment which he showed me how to do for future. This save me money. He also looked over my car to see if anything else needs to be done. Thank You, Theodore



Dodge Avenger
on May 28

This was the second time Theodore did work on my car and again he was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and did just great work! Really the first time I feel I can trust the mechanic working on my car and that is just priceless.



Hyundai Sonata
on June 16

Very fast and professional! Came in and did his work and car perked right up. Deffenitly having Theodore back for any dirtier maintenance

on July 12

Working with T is always a pleasure. He's fast, thorough, and always nice. I'm so glad he's in my area!!

on May 01

Very professional. Exceeded what I had in mind when it comes to mobile service. It was also a positive experience to be able to see the part that failed.

on April 26

Excellent Service. My original appointment was to replace brakes pads/discs as recommended by dealer but actually they are still good for another year minimum when inspected by Theodores. I appreciate his honesty and transparency. Instead he fixed minor issues that needed immediate attention. Highly recommend him.



Ford F-150
on March 28

Theodore was right on time. Understood exactly what was needed to be done and got right to work. I visited a few times during his work and every he was working hard without a blink. Super polite and professional, and then suggested some future sessions that would keep my truck working great. He said take it for a test drive and right away, my truck purred again. What a great service.



Hyundai Sonata
on February 03

I just discovered I decided to try its service. Theodore came a few minutes before the appointment. That does not happen with other services often! You get the 2- or 4-hour window, and serviceman shows usually up at the end of the window, or later. Theodore was better than perfect on this item. He started work immediately, and was done quickly. He explained to me the work done and his recommendations for the future. He showed me worn out parts, which was very appreciated. He asked me to test-drive the car. He noticed the worn wipers and he replaced them (I had a spare pair) for me and refused to charge me for that. He was very polite and patient. That was a great experience, and extremely convenient for me. And pricing was considerably lower than the dealer quote. The invoice came to a little less than original quote. So it is obvious that I will use this service, and Theodore's in particular, again, and encourage my family and friends to use it Thank you Theodore! The system behind the whole operation of is also impressive, from the first moment of investigating the site, to the invoice generation. It is very smooth, very modern, efficient, and thorough, with no confusion whatsoever. Quite unusual. It even notified me this morning when Theodore left for the appointment and allowed me to monitor his progress, so I was ready for him when he arrived.

on April 15

Punctual, kind and very professional. He gave me an indepth diagnosis of my car and recommended repairs. His confidence gave me relief that my car was in skilled hands. I highly recommend!

on March 13

Theo was courteous and professional in his approach to inspecting my car. He looked in and around the car, under the hood, inspected the interior, and ultimately took the car for a test drive. He checked fluid levels and coloration; tire pressure and tried depth; paint and exterior trim; and noted overall condition. All-in-all a very positive experience with a knowledgeable pro!

on March 11

Theodore was very responsive, very professional by performing all the required inspections on the car. He also gave me some tips for stick shift and was kind enough to answer all my questions.



Jeep Commander
on March 11

Theo has fixed my truck several times now. 2007 Jeep Commander with LOTS of miles on it. He has replaced the water pump when the truck overheated and had to be towed home, replaced the alternator when the truck wouldn't start, replaced battery parts when the truck wouldnt start and had to be towed home, and now he just replaced the starter when the truck would not start again! Each time he has come out, the truck is not working at all. It's always working perfectly before he leaves! He is very professional - lots of communication and I totally trust him to fix the truck in an honest way. He will tell you options if you have more than one, and he does his job quickly and very well. I really hope he is always around, because I feel like I have a mechanic I trust and one that can keep my truck running as long as possible. Thumbs way up.

on January 28

Came early. Figured out I didn't need the part that I initially thought was the problem. Found and fixed the problem and cost me less that originally thought. Nice and courteous guy.

on January 26

Theodore was on time, very professional, and polite. He answered all of my questions and finished up in a timely manner. I have never had a mechanic come to our home so did not know what to expect. I was extremely pleased!



Dodge Charger
on May 23

Theodore fixed the timing belt on my car. Infact I had previously booked him for front brake pads/rotor replacement a week earlier and as I was chatting with him about potential issues with my car (since it was over 100k+ miles), he mentioned that I should look into replacing my timing belt. I was surprised because none of the mechanics who had previously done oil changes had even mentioned that I will have to do this and I didn't even know I had a timing belt (I alwasy use forums to fix my car issues, after the fact something happens :). Anyhow, Theodore gave me the cheapest quote I could find. I scheduled him and it was a long exhausting repair, but he was done in 5 hours. The Ops Manager at work had some issues with him working in the parking lot, but Theodore found an alternate location to work on it and finish the task. This travelling mechanic resource is extremely helpful and it saves me the hassle of dropping off my car at a shop and figuring out transportation to-from work. And Theodore was awesome, he's extremely efficient, very honest (I have another issue with my car, which he gave me an honest opinion about), he's unlike the typical dealership mechanics who are only looking to make money and he is very accomodating. I will be using him again to fix the other issues with my car.

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