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I've been an automotive technician for over 10 years and have worked at a Walmart service center, Goodyear, Firestone, and an independent shop. I have a wide range of experience and love working with customers to get their cars safely back up and running.





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on October 21

I was unable to meet him in person but I loved the texts letting me know that he was on the way, arrived, and prompt report with pictures when he was done. The pre-purchase inspection of the used car I ultimately ended up buying was a great investment - less expensive than local mechanics that would have required me taking the car to them.

on October 22

Theodore was great, efficient and thorough he came through when another mechanic cancelled on a short notice and he had a great attitude even though it was very late! He completed the work at 12:45am the day of my 60th birthday so that I would have my car running for it! Highly recommend him!

on October 18

This guy was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable and he went out of his way to grab a battery for me and when he came back with the wrong one, he went out again to grab the correct one. This was, by far, the greatest experience I have had with an auto mechanic in my life. He even had a great personality as well. We talked while he was working on my battery cable. This guy was fantastic. I highly recommend him to anyone needing auto mechanic services.



Toyota Solara
on October 15

Theodores is experienced and detail on every single items and parts. He has no problem flxing one of the major maintenance for car, which is replacing timing belt. He is able to answer every question and explained every detail in the car. One of the best tech i have meet so far and being very honest on everything. Strongly recommended and will seek him again.

on October 17

Theodore is great. Friendly and very informative. Due to weather on day of appointment, he's is coming back to work on my car tomorrow, i will let you all know how it goes.

on October 12

Theodore is a very experienced mechanic and he guides very good. As suggested by authorized dealers I planned for Air filter changes which was marked as red in review but when Theodore checked it was in very good condition as he suggested not to replace it. I had a valve gasket repair on my Hyundai sonata for oil leakage. Theodore replaced it very cleanly and guided me for further issues in my car also. I will recommend him for any repairs on any car. Satisfied with service provided from yourmechanic.

on October 06

Theodore was very professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate his work and would not only recommend him but will welcome him to work on our vehicles in the future. Thank you Theodore!!!

on October 04

Texted me when he would arrive. Discussed the repair plainly and did it efficiently. We discussed the efficacy of the repair. I would recommend him highly.

on October 04

Very friendly. Very professional. Very thorough. I don't have to add much more because I booked him based on the testimonials, and they've all said it already. Will gladly use him again when needed.

on October 01

Theodore is knowledgeable and professional. He arrived well before time and spent some time to understand problem. He was very friendly and was describing me what he was doing all way along. Hey, I should know about it since its my car, right? Liked that part very much. He also inspected the car and provided his feedback about different aspects. I spent no time telling about him to a couple of friends who are looking to get some work done on their cars.

on October 17

Theodore replaced my Front Brake Pads/Rotors and Coolant Thermostat. He was inquisitive about why the Thermostat needed to be replaced and what steps I had previously taken to arrive at this conclusion. I appreciated this level of attention, he was there to diagnose/fix my car and help me save myself from unnecessary repairs, rather than only do what the invoice/quote said. Turnaround was quick and service was polite. At the end of my service the Front Suspension was still making some noises, he offered to take a quick look again but didn't quite find the problem. He suggested making a second appointment with YourMechanic to look into the issue further. A few hours after he left I found that one of the heat-shields on the front brakes was rubbing on the rotor, something that he had checked. Nevertheless, I bent it back with a screw driver and the noise was gone. Despite this slight oversight, I would recommend Theodore for excellent/fast/punctual work.

on October 05

Super attitude and service as per usual an excellent experience timely and accurate. I recommend everyone I know who needs a Mechanic, Call Theo



Audi Q7
on September 23

Theodore was awesome! He did he job fast and did it well. Super pleasant when I asked questions about other stuff. I look forward to using yourmechanic again in the future.



Toyota Camry
on September 19

Theodore performed great work on my rear brakes today. He was extremely fast and completed the job below the time allowed. With his "free" time, he performed a complete inspection, cleaned up my battery terminal that showed corrosion and showed me a slight coolant fluid leak that could be an issue down the line at no extra charge. Theodore is not the kind of repairman that would nickel and dime you. I feel like he really cares about my vehicle and wants to see my vehicle last a long time. Highly recommend Theodore for your car repair if you live on the Eastside.

on September 26

Woke up on a Sunday and my car could not start. Theodore showed up that day in a matter of hours, diagnosed and fixed the problem. would recommend

on October 08

Theodre service was above expectations. He also helped with other things I requested ad-hoc like help changing a side mirror on my car.



Toyota Matrix
on September 16

Theodore came right on time. It took him 5 minutes to diagnose the problem. He went to buy the part, and came back to replace it. took him 1 hour total. He didn't charge me for any additional labor since I had already paid for this hour. Great experience!

on September 14

Theodore did a great job with my BMW. He changed the front brakes (pads and rotors), brake fluid flush, and oil change. He was on time, and did an excellent job. I'd definitely recommend Theodore and I will continue to give him my business in the future.

on September 14

I am beyond grateful to Theodore for his thorough inspection of my Miata. I am a first time car buyer and I wanted to get to know my 95' Miata better and make sure I replaced any worn or leaking parts. Lucky for me, Theodore is also a Miata owner and he walked me through all the ins and outs of my vehicle. He answered all of my questions, replaced my valve cover gasket with expert precision, and even solved a few of the minor issues I was coming across like the cigarette lighter fuse. Theodore saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs that I would've otherwise gotten done by telling me exactly what needed repair soon and what repairs could wait. He is extremely honest and friendly and he will be my go-to mechanic from now on. Thank you so much Theodore for welcoming me to the Miata club so kindly!

on September 17

This was my 3rd experience with Your Mechanic, and my 2nd with Theodore. He is awesome. I haven't needed any service for over a year and totally did not think he would remember me, because I am sure they have lots of customers. He totally remembered me, remembered my truck and personal details! He was very communicative and messaged me about his schedule before arriving. My truck was making a terrible noise and sounded like chipmunks were being murdered. Then it engine light came on and it totally over heated - water everywhere in the engine.. so I had no idea what was wrong and ended up having to get it towed home, because I knew I'd get yourmechanic because I've been very happy with past services. Theo came out on a Sunday evening - he is very easy going and explains everything to you. He examined the engine and did a bunch of tests on it, then determined the water pump needed to be replaced. He pointed out the evidence to support his theory and then found the part, went to pick it up, came back and replaced it, all on Sunday night, within a couple hours. After the fix, he showed me how everything was running and the truck was good to go! I love Theodore, I would always want him. He's replaced my water pump and alternator now. It's been a week and the truck is running perfect and sounds better than it has in years. Thumbs way UP!

on September 17

Notified that he would not be arriving at the beginning of the appointment window, and when he was on his way, about 30 minutes in. Friendly and informative, job was done quickly.

on September 08

Theodore went above and beyond what services I needed for my car! Also gave a lot of honest and great advice on possible future repairs I might need. He's awesome!!!



Honda Passport
on September 09

I am very satisfied with his outstanding work and will have all my car repairing job done by him if possible. I am proud of you have such a professional auto repair personnel! Thank you Theodore !

on September 08

Theodore was great! I hadn't had working blinkers in a little over a month (sheer miracle I hadn't been in an accident!) and the book my father had purchased so we could try to do simple fixes at home was no help. When we spoke to the closest Nissan Dealership they said it could be 6 or 7 different things and that we'd have to come in for a $150 diagnostic. So instead of getting ripped off through the dealership I requested a quote from Your Mechanic and booked an appointment ASAP. Theodore was very prompt and courteous! He ran the diagnostic and replaced the part so quickly! He even took the time to do an inspection and gave me a quote for getting my radiator fixed! Which is better than the last mechanic's shop had quoted me for!

on August 29

Theodore is fantastic! He has worked on my car several times over the last six and every time I have been happy with his work. Thanks for keeping my old car running!!

on August 25

We were very happy with Theodore's service. Our van had a slightly different oil pan plug than normal (from the last oil change), which made the oil plug gasket we bought not work, but Theodore had a even better part in his truck. Theodore obviously has a lot of experience, and was able to give us good advice on what to do about a couple of things in the car that might/might not need further fixing. I was concerned about the "generic" level of the parts that were going to be supplied in the Yourmechanic quote, but Theodore mentioned that we can upgrade those parts as needed. He sounds very flexible, as does the Yourmechanic platform. He was able to schedule me for an appointment to replace an EGR solenoid in about 30 seconds, from his phone. (We knew we needed something like this when we scheduled this inspection.) You can tell from his comments that his highest concern is getting the job done right (as opposed to doing it quick, or following some rigid standard of what should be done.)

on August 22

Theadore was on time and did great inspection on my car. He was very professional and gave me an estimate for repairs that needed to be done. Most of the fluid levels were low and he put fluid in all the areas that was indicated. I found him to be very knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend to anyone who needed a mechanic.

on August 20

Theodore was on time, accommodating and friendly. I had a lot of add-ons to my service and he was more than willing to fix the issues and go get any parts or tools necessary to get things taken care of in one visit. Greatly appreciated and convenient.

on October 12

Great. He was quick. He even left me the leftover oil which was nice. Will definitely recommend and use him again.

on August 17

Finally, I came across a mechanic who is extremely competent and gets job done on time. Very professional, Theodore is on time and meticulous. I had my oxygen sensor replaced. He also said I have to change the spark plug. We got that done and soon other minor stuff. I have a 2008 Camry with 160000miles on it. If you have any questions about the problem, Theodore patiently answers them. I am very impressed and seriously recommend you get his services. HE IS THE BEST OUT THERE!

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