BMW 535i Repair & Maintenance Estimates

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a BMW 535i ranges from $70 to $2073, with an average of $192.

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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1992 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typeWheel Bearings - Passenger Side Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$271.50Shop/Dealer Price$351.23 - $504.69
2012 BMW 535iL6-3.0L TurboService typeBrake Rotor/Disc - Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$404.89Shop/Dealer Price$518.16 - $771.80
1990 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typeWheel Bearings - Driver Side Front ReplacementYourMechanic Price$268.42Shop/Dealer Price$347.45 - $498.64
1992 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typePower Steering Pressure Hose ReplacementYourMechanic Price$227.61Shop/Dealer Price$292.50 - $429.83
1987 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typePower Steering Pump ReplacementYourMechanic Price$394.59Shop/Dealer Price$503.54 - $756.03
1988 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typeRadiator Hose - Upper ReplacementYourMechanic Price$108.88Shop/Dealer Price$144.01 - $192.22
2010 BMW 535iL6-3.0L TurboService typeValve Cover Gasket ReplacementYourMechanic Price$530.60Shop/Dealer Price$717.26 - $891.90
1990 BMW 535iL6-3.5LService typeOxygen Sensor - Rear/Lower/Downstream ReplacementYourMechanic Price$241.22Shop/Dealer Price$309.56 - $457.12
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BMW 535i annual maintenance costs

The annual cost estimate to maintain a BMW 535i is approximately $732**, depending on your service provider.

** The price is calculated based on our current data, which may not be complete for certain cars. We continuously improve our data accuracy.

Common services completed on the BMW 535i

Oil changes may be the most frequent service every car needs, but the following services reflect the most common needs of the BMW 535i.

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395 reviews
18 years of experience
After locating my battery in a compartment in the trunk that was almost impossible to open Tien made quick work of replacing the battery and most importantly clearing the computer codes that Beamer owners are driven crazy by. Great calm and thoughtful work at a cost that was 60 less than the Weatherford quote!! Will continue to use Tien and My Mechanic!
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344 reviews
26 years of experience
Robert is a good mechanic. He came on time and did a good job in replacing the gaskets. It's been two days I didn't see any oil leak. Though my only concern was after the repair Robert forgot to clean the spilled oil on the parking spot. I am not exactly sure, whether the mechanic is responsible for cleaning the already leaked oil on the engine and on engine splash shield. But I expected it be cleaned. Apart from cleaning the oil, he had done a great job. If the cleaning part is not his job, I will definitely give 4.5 stars for his repair. As I expected it be complete giving him 3 stars.
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47 reviews
10 years of experience
Joseph is a top shelf in both terms of professionalism and knowledge. Highly recommend.
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331 reviews
15 years of experience
RE: write a review hey i couldn't get to the write a review page for Jamahl. so please post this for hime to his thing. Jamahl is a well spoken well mannered individual. His working manners are excellent. his job description satisfies all auto works criteria. he is neat and careful minded in his work. i recommend Jamahl to anyone whom needs auto repairs on their vehicles. I needed a brake job, and wheels are spinning with no squeaks. thanks to Jamahl awesome works. recommeded to all in need. thanks again. henry here
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