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on April 20

Inspected vehicle, conducted a code test and #7 piston needs repairs.

on April 23

Ronnie did an excellent job

on April 07

as always .. good work.

on April 07

Ronnie knows what he’s doing and is quick and efficient. He communicates well and will text you when he’s coming. I couldn’t have been happier.

on March 14

Ronnie was punctual and professional fixed my problem in less than an hour.



Nissan Altima

on March 02

Great experience



Subaru Outback

on February 22

Got the job done fast and easy.

on February 05

Great job

on January 29

I was a a little skeptical going into a mobile mechanic appointment, but Ronnie was awesome! I would definitely use him again.

on January 09

He's a pro. We'd have been up the creek with someone less experienced. The job was a lot more complex than I anticipated (my car's all-wheel-drive and rear seat A/C made a lot more disassembly necessary than I'd expected to get at the high pressure power steering hose he came to replace). The weather was poor, but Ronnie brought the right part, knew how to do this complex job, and did it right.

on December 29

What I appreciated the most was how he took the time to explain to me and check quotes for additional work I wanted to find out about. Excellent service.



Lexus GX470

on January 03

Ronnie is personable, knowledgeable, and honest! Great work completed on my Lexus GX 470. He spotted a couple of items on the inspection that need to be completed in the future and I greatly appreciate his professionalism! I will definitely use him in the near future.

on January 08

He has good knowledge and very competent

on December 07

Ronnie did a thorough job but was unable to completely resolve problem. Radio had to be disabled to avoid battery discharge. Seems battery installed by YourMechanic last year was not high quality. Should be able to support devices longer than 1 yr.



Nissan Quest

on January 08

Great person with tons of knowledge on cars.

on December 12

The scheduling process was efficient through the website. But dealing with Ronnie directly made all the difference. He was very thorough in both the examination of my vehicle and in explaining his findings. He did not just focus on my current issue (starter malfunction) but advised me on how to prevent other issues from occurring. Even when the problem did not seem apparent (due to starter's off/on intermittent functionality) he still stayed, probed and kept me in the loop with his progress. The bonus was his willingness to engage personally and speak to my level of understanding. We had a budget and I would've paid all of it for his services. However, without his knowing that, he was able to come in under our budget. All of this was within two visits and a few communications in-between, so I am confident in all the aforementioned being true and anyone else that gets Ronnie will surely verify the same. NOTE: I'd prefer not switch mechanics if I should use this service again. Thank you Ronnie!

on December 07

Ronnie found where the oil was leaking from my engine and stopped it! I am happy!

on November 29

excellent ..

on December 04

Ronnie was a great help!



Kia Optima

on November 30

Good person.

on November 20

Excellent work, and would highly recommend!

on November 27



  • Initial Safety Inspection


Mercedes-Benz E350

on November 19

Great job, highly recommend!

on November 19

Great job very knowledgeable and efficient !

on November 13

Extremely knowledgeable great and very professional

on November 07




Nissan Frontier

on November 03

Ronnie did excellent work in a professional manner.

on November 06

Extremely knowledgeable & very experienced Engines and transmissions

on November 04

Great job! Good insights! It is the second time Ronnie helps me with my car; I am pleased with both experiences !

on October 26

Very Cordial and efficient. Got the job done in a timely fashion.

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