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Understanding the Mercury Intelligent Oil Life Monitor and Service Indicator Lights
Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. The Mercury Intelligent Oil Life Monitor indicates when and what service your car needs.
Mercury Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Program
Drivers who are shopping around for a used Mercury vehicle may want to check out cars under their certified pre-owned program. Many manufacturers have a certified pre-owned (CPO) program, and each one is...

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My 2007 mercury milan will click but not start
Hi Robert. Thanks for contacting us today. While you might have enough battery juice to power the accessories and lights, it's quite possible that your battery doesn't have enough cranking amps to activate the starter. This is typically what the...
Wired radio while driving car shut down
The cause of this malfunction is undoubtedly electrical in nature and perhaps includes blown fuses. Regardless of the underlying cause, if you request a no start diagnostic the responding certified mechanic will get the problem diagnosed and repaired for you...
My 97 grand marquis start but after accelerating and I let go the car will turn off or it will idle what do.you think the resaon?
Stalling in the circumstance that you are describing could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter, injectors,...
Warning chime sounds with key out of ignition
If a device is powered, after it has been commanded off, the only way to find out where power is entering the circuit is through a circuit trace using the factory wiring diagram. A possibility is a stuck on relay...
Theft light is not blinking in 99 Mercury Marquis car won't start fuel pump and crank shaft has been replaced also have a new batt
No cranking means no starter motor operation. If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check...
I was given a lincoln town car wheel and tire for my 2001 Grand Marquis but its look like its touching my rotors well it scrub
The wheel is probably not a catalog interchange. Obviously, if there is interference do not use the wheel. If you search Car-Part.com and/or submit an on-line request at that site, you will be able to find rims that are an...
What is a P04330 code?
A P0430 code indicates that there is an issue with the performance of the catalytic converter on bank 2. It is also possible that a bad downstream o2 sensor could be giving false readings. I would recommend having your exhaust...
Engine is misfiring on cylinder 8, when car is up to temperature it shakes when accelerating. The shaking stops when I stop accele
It seems like you are on the right track. If water is able to get onto the ignition coil, this can cause the ignition coil to fail. It is very likely that the ignition coil is the cause of this...
I noticed my starter sounds like it's having trouble catching the engine. is it the starter or just the solenoid?
Hi Karla. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If the starter solenoid has been changed before the actual starter has been, it's likely that the starter is what's causing the gear to have issues connecting to the flywheel. However, before you...
Does the harness for the leftrear light have anything to do with it not working
With one exception, the brake light circuit, wiring and harness, if defective, will only affect the operation of the brake lights. The one exception is if the brake light switch, which is part of the brake light circuit, is defective...
Front Strut Mount Replacement
You can get a complete strut replacement that comes with the strut, spring and the top strut mount. You can get the individual pieces but recommend to replace complete usit and then have an alignment.
I have a 05 mercury mariner all wheel drive it will crank and run but wont move in any gear
Hi Carrie. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when you have difficulty shifting a vehicle into a gear, it's caused by one of three possible sources; damage to the shift linkage, a faulty shift solenoid, or internal transmission...
car keeps cutting off mid drive while accelerating and braking despite having changed the trottle body
Hi Stephanie. Thanks for contacting us today. While in most cases a damaged throttle body will exhibit these symptoms, it's just one piece to the fuel system puzzle. It's possible that additional fuel or ignition system components are also dirty...
I just passed my emission test in 3 hours later my check engine light came on saying misfire in cylinder 2 I replace my ignition c
Hi Diana. Thanks for contacting us today. Depending on the state in which you live, when an emissions test is completed, the ECU is hooked up to an on-board diagnostic scanning computer, which accesses the ECU's codes and settings. In...
After replacing the ECM in a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer what will be the reason for it not to fire or start
On cars built after the late 1990's, replacing an ECU is a much bigger deal than just plugging in a new box. The ECU has to recognize the serial number of the car and the other modules in the car....
The part of my frame where the sway bar attaches rusted off and is now hanging freely.
If you drive locally at low speeds, and the car is controllable, it is probably OK to use on a short term basis. I'd be reluctant to more specifically state that it is "safe to drive" though for two reasons:...
2006 mercy grand marquis squeak then my car slammed to the ground on passenger side. What could be wrong??
The strut assembly may have collapsed or the strut bearing plate may have detached from the vehicle. Another possibility is the strut detached from the steering knuckle or the control arm has detached from the frame and/or the knuckle. In...
I have a 1998 grand marquis as I was driving to night my head lights dash board lights and tail lights started flicking as I was
The symptoms you are describing are typically due to either a battery/charging system fault or a "global" fault in key vehicle circuits. To diagnose this issue, the battery and charging system output would first be tested. If no fault is...
My battery is less than 18 months old, and I parked in an alley, now suddenly none of the electric components have electricity
It sounds like you may have a weak battery, a failing voltage regulator or failing alternator. As you may know, the alternator charges the battery while the engine runs by generating amperage and recharging the battery while the engine turns...
Airbag lights go on when it rains. Takes out auto shifting in trans.
I would recommend having your airbag system inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient in airbag system Diagnostics. An issue such as this is very likely electrical related and may require vigorous testing of different circuits to determine the...

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