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Understanding the Mercury Intelligent Oil Life Monitor and Service Indicator Lights
Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. The Mercury Intelligent Oil Life Monitor indicates when and what service your car needs.
Mercury Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Program
Drivers who are shopping around for a used Mercury vehicle may want to check out cars under their certified pre-owned program. Many manufacturers have a certified pre-owned (CPO) program, and each one is...

Related questions

I have a similar issue with my 1961 Mercury M100 (basically a F100) with a 6 cylinder 223 engine. Engine starts right up and
Hi Hector. Thanks for contacting us today. Issues like you have described can be caused by multiple issues, ranging from debris trapped in the fuel system or fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator or dirty fuel filter. A dirty air filter...
Car car is leaking gas. Engine light stays on and now says check fuel inlet. How much and how long will this take to fix
Leaking gasoline is a fire/explosion hazard so be sure to have this leak repaired at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, be sure not to park in a confined space, such as a garage, because gasoline vapors could accumulate and...
Replaced speed sensor now only has reverse and third gear. What happened?
Hi Ronny. Thanks for submitting your question tonight. Unfortunately, without knowing what code you downloaded, it's hard to tell you what possibly might be the actually issue. OBD-II error codes provide a starting point for diagnosis, but often are triggered...
Attempted theft on my 95 grand marquis.
If only the lock cylinder was damaged, that is repairable without having to buy the whole column. The steering column, if needed, is available at used car parts sites such as Car-Part.com. The only risk of continuing to use a...
Gas pedal is loose on my 1991 Mercury Grand Marques
Both the pedal mounting bracket and the accelerator cable assembly should be evaluated. Typically, the cable and/or the throttle plate to which the cable is attached, are under spring tension and if there is a fault there it might affect...
rusted out subframe to point where inside is exposed on Mercury Mariner Hybrid 2007
Of course, be sure you have no recourse through the warranty or any other written/contractual agreement you had with the seller. If you have to pay out of pocket, this type of repair can be performed on a mobile basis,...
My car runs and drives but won’t make sharp turns like I can only turn half way before I can’t turn anymore
Hello Almighty T. If you know that the suspension is out of alignment, then I would suspect that your root issue is that some suspension component is either bent, broken or loose. It's also possible that the steering rack is...
I'm thinking about buying a car with a bad head gasket but I'm wondering if its worth it
The only motor vehicles not worth repairing are those with rusted out frames. All other vehicles are absolutely repairable although be wary of buying cars that have been in crashes. Although perhaps not "rusty", those cars are too risky to...
The solenoid on my 1991 grand marquis is smoking
Hi Liz. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, a solenoid will smoke when an electrical circuit remains open and it's receiving the constant flow of electricity. This creates an overheating problem with the solenoid and can cause additional...
Shuddering with antitheft light
Hi Amanda. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Although the security light is coming on around the same time as the vibration - I'm not 100% certain that this is related. The type of vibration you're describing is often caused by...
Hey I have a 97mrecury Sable transmission speed sensor what is this
The transmission speed sensor is used as an input to the computer and instrument cluster speedometer to operate the speedometer and proper transmission shifting. If one of these sensors were bad may turn on check engine light, cause erratic shifting...
Will I have to take out the whole transmission or apart just to get to to that piece (transmission speed sensor
The output speed sensor is replaced from outside the transmission and is located on rear of transmission. No need to remove transmission.
My car shakes violently when the brakes are applied
Hi Grace. Thanks for contacting us tonight. We are a bit confused by the description of your vibration; so let's provide a bit of detail for you. If the shaking occurs when you are fully stopped, then the shaking issue...
my 2005 mercury sable platinum addition LS has a knock in the eingen but it starts good
A clicking or ticking noise is often from the valve train and possible causes are component wear and/or inadequate lubrication due to low engine oil pressure. If you hear a knocking noise that is more typical of lower end faults...
I got an new gas tank for my car it's a 2009 mercury Marnier what's the name of the canister part above the gas tank
Hi Heather. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I think the part you are referring to is the EVAP vapor canister. Although you should refer to your service and repair manual for the exact steps to remove and install, this article...
I just got a new gas tank 4 my car. It's a easy fuel so has no gas cap my check fuel inlet light came on how do I fix it can it da
It is possible that you got the wrong fuel tank for the vehicle. I would cross reference the part numbers to verify that the correct tank was installed.
I just got a new gas tank for my car. The old one was cracked leaking gas and engine light was one. I have a cap less easy fuel ta
Your new tank will not be damaged. There could be a vapor leak, due to a poor connection, in the EVAP system. However, inasmuch as the fuel system was open as you carried out the repair, which creates the possibility...
Check fuel inlet
It sounds like you may have an issue with the tank venting properly. I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at the vehicle to properly diagnose and repair.
Car does not start
Depending on whether or not the vehicle will turn over will determine what the next step should be. If the engine does not turn over, I would recommend checking all connections related to the battery and check to be sure...
The rattling noise and the codes P0420 and P0430 are an indication the catalytic converters are rattling and causing loss of power and those codes. You will need to have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to verify the noise...

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