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Understanding the Oldsmobile Oil Life System and Service Indicator Lights
Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. The Oldsmobile Oil Life System indicates when and what service your car needs.
Oldsmobile Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Program
If you are in the market for a used Oldsmobile vehicle, it may be that you have considered a Certified Pre-Owned, or CPO, vehicle. CPO programs allow owners of used cars to drive...

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My cutlass was running rough before I found out it was leaking coolant from the water pump they fixed that and still leaking have
If your vehicle is having rough running symptoms, it is very likely that trouble codes are stored in the vehicle's on-board diagnostic system. Depending on whether your vehicle has OBD1 or OBD2 it should be fairly easy to determine if...
Car is running rough like hesitating it’s vibrating more little louder on the front maybe the pipe need to be replaced Idk
It is possible that something could have gone wrong during a previous repair on your vehicle. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected again to determine if any warranty issues may be present. Most Automotive repairs have a warranty on...
Hard steering while driving
If you are losing engine RPM, that itself will cause loss of steering assist, but in that scenario the engine has a stalling, or loss of power, problem. The potential causes in that scenario are quite varied and numerous. If...
Misfire that got worse after coil pack and spark plugs were changed
The engine can be diagnosed, and the fault pinpointed, if you request a Check Engine Light diagnostic. Trouble codes that refer to parts, in this instance a coil, do not necessarily mean that the part has failed. For example, if...
Just did a tune up on my 84 olds cutlass supreme. 3.8. Afterward got a static sounds from stereo, then it died on the freeway
When you operated the car right after the tune-up, the coil somehow "found" a good enough path to ground for the ignition to function, but it was probably a high resistance path. That would have increased the load on the...
1996 Olds Aurora OBDII P0603 PCM keep alive memory, car is in limp mode and running like it's off timing
Correct the ground connection first, in case that problem is a cause of the trouble code. P0603 does represent an electrical system fault. In practice, this particular fault might be found as battery terminal corrosion or loose connections, Keep Alive...
My ac/heater won’t turn on in my 1987 cutlass it was working yesterday but now nothing
Hi Johnnie. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If your AC/Heater will not turn on (meaning the blower motor), then it's likely that you have a blown fuse or damaged electrical relay that powers the blower motor is likely the cause....
My car drove fine until about 3 hours ago. Check engine came on. Let it idle too long it stalls
There are a number of things that may cause the vehicle to stall while driving. This can happen for any number of reasons such as fuel supply issues such as a bad fuel pump, vacuum leaks, electrical faults or various...
2001 olds intrigue getting code 0446 after replacing air pump and crank position sensor
The code can be caused by many different components pertaining to the fuel vapor system. You can have a leak in the fuel vapor system such as a leaking or loose gas cap or a bad leaking purge valve. ...
My car started to overheat and the antifreeze started coming out of the top. Upon getting home I added more antifreeze for it just
Hi Luke. Thanks for contacting us today. The belt is likely the serpentine belt, which powers the water pump among other systems on your car. It's more than likely that the belt breaking caused the water pump to fail, and...
Thank you Tim for your input..It actually is not the serpentine belt as it is on the other side of the car right next to the engin
Hi Luke. Thanks for the reply. If I'm understanding you correctly, the other belt (which I believe is on the driver side of the engine, near the front) is referred to as the accessory belt. This belt is the one...
when I turn my car off the radio, heat/ac and certain lights continue to stay on. When I come back in the morning the battery is c
Of course, be sure to command those circuits off - the radio, heat, lights and so forth. If you cannot turn them off, whether the car is on or not, that means there is some sort of electrical malfunction. To...
What could be wrong with my Oldsmobile bravado if the car is on but doesn’t move ..I can’t put it in different gears but it still
Hi Latisha. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically this issue is caused by either an electrical fault with a transmission sensor or solenoid or internal damage to inner seals, other internal components, or a transmission fluid leak. It's probably best...
I replaced thermostat and thermostat sensor hose collapsed and I just changed the upper radiator hoses but haven’t tested it if it
Radiator hose collapse is from a leaking intake manifold gasket or radiator cap is bad and not letting the system draw fluid from overflow. Replace the cap and pressure test system to see if it has a leak in the...
having a leak problem
Coolant can leak from hoses, the radiator, the water pump, thermostat housing and so forth. I recommend that you request a cooling system leak diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will get the leak or leaks repaired. With regard to...
I have an oldsmobile alero and it won’t go over 35mph whats wrong and could it be the fuel filter
Fuel system restrictions are a possibility but such is easily ruled in or out by measuring fuel system pressure and output on the fuel rail. What you have is referred to as "reduced power". If you request a reduced engine...
The rear tire is leaning inward at the top on my 2000 Alaro Oldsmobile
It could be that you have damage to the rear strut, or maybe that the bolts that attach the lower part of the strut have loosened up and allowed the adjustment to slip. This might be a dangerous situation, so...
Car whent into limp mode I belive but once I turned it off it wouldent turn back over
The problem may be something to do with the engine charging system not recharging the battery. You mention it will not start but did not mention it cranks and won't start or will not crank at all.
You have a coolant leak and overheating. Sometimes, coolant leaks are a consequence of overheating but it is also possible for the leak to be a, or "the", cause of the overheating. A diagnostic must be performed to determine which...
My car attempts to turn over but it won’t
If the problem is weak operation of the starter motor, or no operation at all, the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and...

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