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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Mitsubishi Galant
If you’re in the market for a midsize sedan and want the best price possible, you may be thinking about visiting a Honda or Toyota dealership. Before you do, check out the 2012...

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my galant transmission select in reverse neutral but not in drive
If the shift of your transmission from park into drive is delayed or not occurring at all, it is very possible that there could be an electrical issue with your transmission. I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a...
Passenger mirror replaced
To obtain the requested quote, please visit YourMechanic’s door mirror replacement service page. Once on that page, click on "Get a Quote" and enter your vehicle information (year, make, model). You are welcome to buy your own parts and book...
Car wont start, lights come on have new battery and altenator. When we jump start it itll work for a bit then die out.
If the engine is stalling immediately (almost runs but dies) typical causes for such immediate stalling are a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty engine coolant temperature switch/sensor (typically at cold start only), faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark...
I have a EGR malfunction
The EGR malfunction might not be a "sole" cause of the no start. And, whether the EGR malfunction is a partial (contributing) cause or not depends on what the exact malfunction is with the worst circumstance being the EGR valve...
car sputters as I accelerate. Check engine light is on.
Hi Keith. Thanks for contacting us today. When the check engine light illuminates, it's due to an OBD-II trouble code being triggered and stored in the ECU. This code will likely lead to the faulty components that are causing the...
My car won't start it's a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES 2.4 l. And the code was P0403
Hi Sergio. Thanks for contacting us today. The code you've provided us leads pretty clear to the source of your problem. P0403 is an OBD-II generic code that indicates that the engine control module (ECM) has detected the engine exhaust...
Balancer shaft belt broke, do i need the whole timing belt kit replaced?
Unless the timing belt, water pump, and related pulleys are relatively new, all should be replaced when the engine is opened up to replace the balancer belt. A reason for that is much of the labor is common to both...
I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant Es with a broken remote transponder. The actual key is still intact but car will not start without
The key and transponder that you are referring to are routinely vended by Automotive locksmiths, as well as on Ebay, Amazon, and so forth. All of these units require programming but that can be performed by local, albeit specialized, locksmiths...
I got hit from the rear side by the passenger door and now my wheel is bent will is leaning in and I can't drive it
Hi Anthony. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you were in an accident, you should probably contact your insurance company first to ask them what their process is for diagnosing damage and completing repairs. Since we don't offer mechanical repairs...
If tdc is on exhaust stroke will it have 10psi on cylinder 1
Most engines will need at least a minimum of 100 psi per cylinder in order to run. In addition, for the motor to run efficiently, this also requires a variance of less than 10% from cylinder to cylinder on this...
iwhen we start my car it ideals at 2000 rpms but when you put it in drive it drops to 1000 rpm
Normal idle speed for your vehicle, once the engine is warm, should be around 750 RPM (roughly). Two thousand RPM is significantly out of range high, even for a cold engine. The occurrence of this high idle speed might be...
Code Miss fire #4 new plugs, wires, coils. Idles bad only in drive. runs normal. New clatter noise like bad gas? when excelling
You may have a camshaft problem or low compression in the cylinder and will need to have the compression checked on that cylinder? If compression in engine is even across all cylinders then you may have a carbon buildup in...
why wont it go anywhere once it is warmed up?
It is not clear from your description if this is an engine loss of power issue or a transmission malfunction. Your vehicle might be going into limp mode once warmed up. Check for any OBD-II stored trouble codes that might...
My oil light is on and it keeps going on and off.my car cuts off while driving. Light turn off if I go over 40 mph 2007 Mitsubishi
Check the engine oil level and condition. If the oil level is adequate, the oil pressure should be measured with an external gauge to determine if oil pressure is above the minimum required at all engine speeds. If oil pressure...
My valve gasket was done wrong so it leaked into spark plug wells. Then my battery died and the coils are now bad. What happened?
Hi A.S. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically, when oil leaks into the spark plug holes, it will create an electrical short and cause the plugs and wires to fail. The solution to this issue is to resolve the oil...
I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Galant SE I've had tire rods done I've had the front brakes done front rotors done but now I smell a burn
Whenever a tie rod is removed from a vehicle, upon re-installation (of a new or used tie rod), the toe-in (a key front end alignment specification) must be carefully adjusted. Based on factory specifications, the preferred toe-in setting for your...
Need help determining if alternator is bad
Sometimes alternators can fail slowly. This means they will charge properly for a while then less and less as time goes by. This is not always the case as alternators can fail immediately as well. Many times the alternator has...
My car is running hot but I already got the thermostat and the hose change what could be the problem
The most common causes of overheating include low coolant level (including that due to leaks), a faulty thermostat, a plugged radiator, a faulty radiator pressure cap, collapsed hoses, non functioning cooling fans, and a faulty water pump or drive belt....
2006 Mitsubishi Galant GT is sputtering when idle and will not start until hours later when shut off...it only cranks..
Hi Rodney. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few possible reasons why you're having these problems, most of them related to fuel system components. If you smell gasoline, then a damaged mass air flow sensor or damaged fuel...

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