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08 colbt transmission Doesn’t have reverse but has every other gear
You will need to have the transmission system scanned to monitor the solenoids to see if they are being activated and see if all transmission gears are working. You may have damaged the valve body.
2000 Chevy Cobalt will start for about one maybe two seconds and then stalls out
If the car is starting with no issue but the problem is immediate stalling typical causes for such immediate stalling are a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty engine coolant temperature switch/sensor (typically at cold start only), faulty camshaft or crankshaft...
My two back tires are leaning in at the top.
Hi Autumn. Thank you for contacting us tonight. Just like your front end, the rear suspension must also be aligned straight and correct. If it's not aligned, it will cause additional heat build-up on either the inner or outer edge...
Press the gas and my rpm go up to 4000
Hi Sammi. Thanks for sending your question today. I'm not quite certain what issue you're having with the Cobalt. If you press the throttle and the car does not move, but the RPM goes to 4,000 RPM, then you likely...
fuel injection service
Hi Mike. Thanks for submitting your question. Generally speaking the pricing you offered is within industry standard. However, if the check engine light returned, it's possible and quite likely that the original code may not have been resolved. I'm actually...
Oil coming out exhaust
Claimed by Kevin Gainer
Oil contamination
If you drive the car mostly on short trips and/or the engine operating temperature is very low due to a stuck open thermostat, condensation can form in the engine and create oil contamination which manifests as an oil/water emulsion (milky...
CV Axle will not lock in
If you have compared the stub shaft of the old and new inner joint to be exactly the same then you may need to put shaft in until it stops and then using a rubber mallet press in on shaft...
Wobble in front left tire
Hi Andy. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically a wobble that occurs from 40 to 60 mph is going to be caused by tire balance issues, wheel bearing failure, or a loose tie rod, or CV joint. You might want...
My 2007 manual cobalt is very difficult to shift in the cold.
This may suggest the transmission synchros may be wearing out. Your transmission has small gear synchronizer rings that help to move the transmission in and out of the various gears. When these begin to wear out, you may notice it...
Will the throttle body parts match
The only way to guarantee compatibility, fit, function, durability and service life, and so forth, of any vehicle part, is to buy the OEM part as vended by a GM dealer in your case. If you elect to use other...
I had spark plugs, coils replaced,
Once a vehicle is repaired, the check engine light will go out immediately (or can be commanded off after the repair) and the light will not return unless a new issue arises or if the original issue was not fully...
So I have a chevy colbalt 2.2 2007 and I re did my rear brakes now they no longer work I checked the cables but won't engage still
The problem sounds like you have not adjusted the rear brakes out enough or not hooked up the parking brake correctly to the rear shoes. If adjusting rear brakes tighter does not help then have a mechanic like one from...
Q: Car wont start or crank
You need to verify the shift cable has not come off the transmission causing the car to not be in park so it can start. If this is okay then you may have a theft system problem if light is...
can a P0700 and a P0717 Code cause a P0010 and a P0011 Code in a 2009 Chevy cobalt?
It is very possible that one check engine light code can be related to another check engine light code. Since multiple codes are present, I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause...
Oil in coolant, and vice versa. But NO bubbles in reservoir when I crank the car. Head gasket or another issue?
Hi Morty. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing I would assume based on your description would be a cracked engine block (since you have oil mixed with the coolant). It is possible that you have a head gasket...
My car starts to shake when its idling and when I give it gas and the check engine light goes on and off, car acts like it wants t
Hi Theresa. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few possible reasons why your Cobalt is having these issues. Typically the vibration and shake is caused by either a vacuum leak, engine misfire or even loose engine mounts. I...
My car has this check engine light on and won’t start, whenever the ignition key is turned their is some smoke that comes out of t
If the starting motor is turning the engine over, but the engine won't run, there is likely a fuel or ignition problem. If you see smoke, probably best not to keep trying to start it because it's possible the starter...
Does my 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt have 2 timing chains?
Hi Tiffany. Thanks for contacting us today. I think your mechanic is simply confused with the nomenclature, but there are (2) chains that comprise the timing system on a 2.2 Ecotec engine. The first is the timing chain, which is...
Can I swap a 2006 2.2 Ecotec into a 2008 Cobalt
Neither the engine, nor the engine computer, on these two model years are interchangeable. If you carry over the ECU and harness from the 2006 to the 2008 (to overcome the incompatibilities) you might still have issues because there are...

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