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A Buyer's Guide to the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
Although it may be one of the most recognizable cars on the road, thanks to its unique design, perhaps you’ve never considered owning a Volkswagen Beetle before. There are a number of reasons...

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Oil was put in coolant reservoir instead of antifreeze, but not used yet. We added water and sucked both out with turkey baster
A diagnostic should be performed to pinpoint the source of the leak. Typically, a mechanic will pressure test the system to find the leak using a specialized tool intended just for cooling systems. If you desire that this problem be...
P0121 02 vw beetle
You will need to have codes cleared and then the system tested again to see if it runs good or codes return. If the problem is still there then monitor data for the AAP1 and AAP2 on scanner to see...
Can you fix a broken interior door grip that I use to pull shut the driver's side door of my 2004 VW Beetle?
This would be a dealer part most likely and would need to have a mechanic check to see if entire door panel needs replaced or just the pull handle can be replaced.
Volkswagen beetle 1998. 2.0L. No shifting after battery removal.
Hi Helmer. Thanks for the question. I would agree with your friend that the battery replacement may have shortened the speed sensor or perhaps activated a security code that needs to be removed by a professional mechanic with a digital...
Received a zero 0411 code check the blower motor took the cables off removed hoses went to start came up with EPC code and won't s
If the car was starting normally prior to removing and re-installing the components (blower motor, etc.), a possibility is something was not put back properly or a component (e.g., electric terminal) not removed was simply inadvertently dislodged. If after checking...
Ok i just bought a new battery for my 2003 vw beetle it turns over but it aint starting
It is possible that the issue is related to the fuel system instead of the electrical system. Oftentimes when the vehicle cranks but will not start it is not getting enough fuel. It is possible that the fuel pump is...
Ok i had to replace my car battery for my 2003 vw beetle it cranks over but wont start so i check the oil i put a quart in it
Be sure the battery is actually fully charged and securely connected with no corrosion on the terminals. Confirm that the engine immobilizer system (security system) is not activated thus preventing the car from starting. If the immobilizer system is on,...
I just bled clutch and it worked perfectly fine before. The pedal hits the floor and I guaranteed there is no leak. please hel
Hi Alex. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, we don't have enough information from you to really offer any practical help. Did you recently replace the clutch? If so, what exactly did you replace, remove or adjust? Did you use...
Ok, I just bled the clutch master cylinder using dot 4 brake fluid. I opened the bleeder screw and once I made the first initial p
The system may still have trapped air. Also, there is the possibility of seals being damaged during bleeding as the piston in the cylinder(s) travels past the normal "stop" point that you would see in regular operation. Mechanics often use...
My 2004 vw beetle with auto transmission sort of bangs into gear on the shift from first gear to second gear. only when cold.
Hi there. Thanks for sending in your question today. If your transmission shifts hard into gear when it's cold, the issue is likely some debris stuck in the hydraulic lines of the transmission. Having the transmission fluid flushed and filter...
my vw 04 beetle ticks when idling, the ticking goes away when you give it gas.
The problem sounds like you have low oil pressure and and engine knock due to engine rod bearing or crankshaft bearings are worn. You may also want to have front crankshaft pulley checked to see if it is bad before...
My 2004 vw beetle with automatic transmission bangs into gear from the shift to first gear to second gear. Only When cold
Hey Virusboy. Thanks again for the question. It's actually a very good question. If there is an obstruction of debris inside the inner transmission hydraulic lines, it needs to be removed. In regards to the transmission (getting used to old...
my 04 vw beetle makes a whirring noise in 1st gear and while revving in park. Could it be the secondary air pump?
The best way to determine an exact cause of a noise as to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done from your home or office.
New beetle dies while driving but starts back up
Hi Pamela. Thanks for contacting us today. When diagnosing an erratic issue like you're describing, it's best to eliminate what isn't causing the issue for starters. if the vehicle has power to accessories, you can pretty much eliminate the battery...
The glow plug wire harness is not the entirety of the circuit. The circuit fault represented by P0380 could arise in the wiring to the harness that you replaced, including the ground connection. To determine the integrity of the remaining...
Started my 02 beetle and the lights flickered and it went off, now it won't start and the windows won't even close... tried jump s
The battery should be load tested to determine if it is usable. Once a confirmed good battery is installed, that is fully charged and with all battery cables clean and secure, try to start the car. If there is no...
My car had a code p0411 removed blower motor tubes and plug, now it also gives me codes p0864,u0121 and u0101
On older cars, it's not uncommon to have other problems pop up once you start working. electrical connections are getting dodgy and simply moving the pieces around is sometimes enough to cause something that was about to fail to give...
The problem is even though I reconnect to the blower motor properly those three other codes came up and a car won't start
The diagnostic trouble codes that you refer to could hold clues to the no-start circumstance you have. The best first step is to have those codes evaluated, and if they are relevant to a no start, they should be resolved....
I thought i was putting synthetic oil in my volkswagan and it was regular oil did i mess up my bug
As long as you changed out the wrong oil you may not have caused any damage to the engine. I would suggest you change the oil again with correct oils after 1000 miles to make sure all the wrong oil...
Car suddenly slows down then jerks forward speeding up
What you are describing sounds like a dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor. The mass air flow sensor monitors air intake as it is mixed with fuel prior to being injected into the motor. This sensor relays vital information...

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