Q: New beetle dies while driving but starts back up

asked by on February 20, 2018

First of all I want to sincerely thank whoever takes their time to help out someone in need. I truly appreciate it. My problem started when my husband took my car to work. He drives on the freeway and he reached his destination and when he stopped at a stop sign the engine stopped working. Everything stayed on, like the radio, lights, etc. But the engine. So he turned the key back and started the car again and it was like nothing happened. He checked the battery fuses and they are fine. He drives back home, takes the freeway and merges on the exit and before he makes a full stop the car dies again. Again, he started it with no problem. He gets home and before he does the car dies. He tries to start it again and this time she doesn't start. No cranking noise, no sound or smell whatsoever. So ever since that one time, the car turns over fine. It still dies while driving. What can it be? Crankshaft sensor? Camshaft sensor? Fuel filter? Injectors? Please help me out. I sincerely appreciate

My car has 91000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Pamela. Thanks for contacting us today. When diagnosing an erratic issue like you’re describing, it’s best to eliminate what isn’t causing the issue for starters. if the vehicle has power to accessories, you can pretty much eliminate the battery or fuses from the list. However, if it stalls when coming to a stop, then it’s likely going to be a fuel-system or ignition-system related component. The key item I picked up on was that your husband attempted to start it once and the engine didn’t crank over. This might indicate a faulty or loose ignition relay, which can also disable the ignition system and stall the vehicle. However, it can also be a hard to diagnose electrical or security system glitch, or an exposed wire somewhere creating a short circuit. Since there are so many possibilities, having a professional mechanic complete an on-site inspection is the best way to correctly diagnose this issue, so the right repairs can resolve the problem.

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