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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2009 Mazda Tribute Hybrid
2009 marked the end of the very short life of the Mazda Tribute Hybrid. All told, the automaker produced fewer than 700 models, and it was ultimately retired well before the Tribute...

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My engine is dead , due to oil pressure sensor and no oil replaced
On your engine, there is no need to drain the engine oil to access, remove and replace the oil pressure sensor. If the dealership drained the engine oil, that would have been an optional step and would have to have...
I can't start my 2009 Ford Edge someone cut my auto seat wiers
This can be repaired and resolved, at your location, if you request a no start diagnostic. If the re-connections are clear enough, they can be made immediately, otherwise the required diagnostic work will be performed to ensure that all wires...
Can you explain in detail what the transmission fluid service provides? What renewal percentage does it cause the fluid? etc
If you are referring to YourMechanic's transmission fluid/filter drain and replacement service, if you request a quote at that service page, the fluid quantity for your vehicle is stated as "1 Qt x 8", that is 8 quarts are removed...
Took my car to the only VW dealership in my town to get inspected. Was told to come pick my car back up as they did not have time
The N80 valve is a "purge valve" located on top of the engine. It is a very simple component in the EVAP system and indeed you can easily replace it yourself. The only way to ensure that the N80 valve...
After taken car to body shop for paint job... I received my car with a check engine light and slow take off in gear
The non functioning reverse lights could be due to anything from blown out bulbs to a switch or wiring malfunction. That problem can be resolved if you request an electric problems inspection. With regard to the loss of power, inasmuch...
2009 VW CC won't crank, lights all work do not dim, windows ok, battery is good. No clicking sound. Horn does not beep when locked
The most likely cause of this issue would be the starter motor. Oftentimes the starter motor can fail I'm not cause a clicking sound when the vehicle is being attempted to start. I would recommend having a car will not...
Have an 09 Ford escape hybrid and the check break system comes on sometimes but when it does there are no power breaks it seams
Hi Christian. Thanks for the question today. When a warning light is activated, it is due to the ECU detecting a fault, storing a code and indicating the source of an issue. The brake warning light and the reduced braking...
P2097, P0420, P0008, P0430, P0420 codes on Buick Enclave. Is this really just the intake manifold gasket?
OBD-II trouble codes do not constitute a diagnostic or identification of failed parts. The print-out that you received should have stated, "the parts referred to in these trouble codes must be actually tested on your vehicle to determine which parts,...
valve cover gasket warranty for cracked valve cover
Unless you could prove that the mechanic cracked the valve cover and it was not already cracked before they did the gasket. This would be hard to prove since it may take a few months for a leak to show...
On a Ford edge my tire sensor fault just came on what's that mean?
Hi Nora. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The “Tire pressure sensor fault” warning means that a sensor isn’t communicating with the rest of the system. It's typically due to the sensor being damaged. It's recommended to replace these sensors anytime...
steering wheel and ignition is locked, wheel and key wont turn either way
Hi Anna. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Sometimes when the ignition and steering wheel are stuck, it's simply a matter of "jiggling" it around to get the ignition and steering wheel to unlock. In other instances, the ignition cylinder will...
Electric power steering not working
Hi Jimmy. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When an EPS system is not working all the time, it's typically due to a sensor or electrical connection failure. The "removing the battery terminals" trick will work sometimes, but in the end,...
My Honda Odyssey doesn’t have a daytime light fuse, it that why my DRL not working?
Hi Daisy. Thanks for contacting us today. The daytime running light system on the Odyssey is activated through a module and relay switch and is not an independently powered system requiring a fuse. If this system is not working, it's...
My car will start up and idles fine, but will stall when i put it in gear. Will drive fine if i accelerate but stalls at stops
You will need to have the computer tested again for codes. If getting O2 sensor codes then the engine may have a vacuum leak causing the stall and o2 sensor codes. Have engine checked by a mechanic like one from...
Do you have a mechanic that specializes mostly on hybrid vehicles?
The specific faults that can cause trouble code P2195 to set can easily cause rough idling and indeed can cause the engine to misfire. Most importantly, in diagnostics generally, but clearly with regard to this particular code, all codes must...
how do I adjust the headlight automatic shut off timer? it's a 2009 saturn aura.
You can de-activate the headlights on feature by using the instructions on page 3-14 of the 2009 Saturn Aura Owner's Manual. The feature can be turned on or off, there is no user selectable time interval. The normal on interval...
Hello, can someone help me which transmission fluid I should use for my 2009 Honda Civic . I just bought it off someone and it’s o
Hi Mohammed. Thanks for contacting us. Certain, one of our mobile mechanics could most likely complete a transmission fluid service for you without a problem. Simply click this link to request an estimate for this service. From that page, you...
2009 dodge caravan red lightning bolt and check engine light but checked codes with the key and not reading any codes
Hi Corey. Thanks for contacting us today. The red lightning bolt warning light indicates an issue with the charging system. In order to download the codes, you'll need a professional digital scanner. If you'd like to have one of our...
My car starts up but when put into drive it won’t move i have a 09 Chevy Impala what’s wrong with it?
Hi Kemi. Thanks for contacting us tonight. What you're describing sounds a lot like either an inner transmission failure, damaged seal leak or perhaps a shift solenoid failure. It is also possible that you have debris trapped inside the hydraulic...
Every time i turn on my car i see a message saying to "service stabiltrak" then "service traction control" then "service brakes".
It is possible that this issue is related to a faulty wheel speed sensor. If a wheel speed sensor fails, this will cause the ABS brake system and the traction control system to disable themselves. This would explain the warning...

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