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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2009 Mazda Tribute Hybrid
2009 marked the end of the very short life of the Mazda Tribute Hybrid. All told, the automaker produced fewer than 700 models, and it was ultimately retired well before the Tribute...

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Purchasing a car that, due to motor issues, everything was taken from another one and placed in that one.Potentially a problem car
I do recommend getting the pre purchase inspection so all items can be verified and the correct parts are installed and done correctly. Anytime major components are replaced you may have problems with the parts installed since they were used....
I have a 2009 Maxima is dead,have a replacement key and can't unlock it at all
Hi Gabriel. Thanks for contacting us today. I'm not quite clear on the issue you're having. If the key you currently have will not open the vehicle, then you'll need to call a locksmith to open the car or head...
Steering wheel won't turn
It is unclear if you are referring to a locked steering column versus a circumstance where there is loss of power assist or perhaps failure of a steering linkage that is causing the steering wheel to bind. Regardless of which...
On my 2009 Ford Escape, the steering wheel vibrates/shakes harshly when car is turned on & continues while in P, D, R, N, all gear
Hi Tiffany. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several moving parts that comprise the steering and suspension system on your Ford Escape. One or a few of them could be loose or damaged and be causing this issue. However,...
car won't start after timing chain replaced
This would depend on the value of the vehicle and how much money you have into it all together. Oftentimes if the vehicle's value is lower than the amount of money that you have into it it is often better...
Car will only start after a few tries of trying to start it
It is possible that you are having problems with your ignition switch. I would recommend having your ignition switch tested by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. The ignition switch is what allows power to go...
All my dashboard lights came on my Audi Q5 and the emergency brake comes on it’s own
What you are describing stems from an electrical malfunction, possibly "global" in nature, that is affecting multiple systems on your car. To resolve that, an electrical diagnostic will have to be performed. YourMechanic offers mobile electrical diagnostic services. If you...
why does my transmission shift hard from 2nd to 3rd
Hi Samuel. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In this case, I would tend to agree with the transmission specialist. The 2009 Ford Fusion and Focus (along with a few other years) are notorious for having a rather aggressive shifting automatic...
2009 dodge caravan red lightning bolt and check engine light but checked codes with the key and not reading any codes
Hi Corey. Thanks for contacting us today. The red lightning bolt warning light indicates an issue with the charging system. In order to download the codes, you'll need a professional digital scanner. If you'd like to have one of our...
Does fan clutch sqeak
The fan clutch bearing and/or the pulley can be a source of squeaking noises however there are other pulleys and components in the belt circuit that could just as easily account for the noise and all off that should be...
Heater fan comes on when engine is shut off. 2009 Mazda CX 9 AWD
If you are referring to the blower motor in the passenger cabin, a faulty (stuck on) relay is a possible cause but the exact cause would have to be determined in a circuit trace. If the circuit is powered even...
I recenlty changed the window regulator on my 2009 pontiac g5. After that, the car started to experience reduced engine power. Che
You cannot have a used ECM installed since it was programmed to old car. You will need to have a new or remanufactured one and have it programmed to work for your car and theft system. If the battery got...
2009 VW cc check engine light code p0234
Hi Slewion. Thanks for contacting us today. The P0234 generic OBD-II code is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the intake boost pressure sensor input signals intake pressure above the maximum specified pressure by 4 psi for...
Just replace timing chain now im getting missfires codes
If the valve timing is off by a tooth or so, you might be able to detect that by checking the level of intake manifold vacuum. Intake vacuum will often read on the low side and maybe out of range...
Noises happening when car is driving but stops when car stops.
The noise sounds like your brakes are worn out and the brake sensor is scraping when you hit the brakes. Have the brakes checked and see if they need repairs. The noise over bumps may be the sway bar links...
2009 Honda Fit key turned on D is lit up instead of P car won’t start and key won’t come out.
The shift cable and mechanism should be inspected first to determine if the vehicle is in fact in the gear selected. If the issue is not mechanical, then there is an electrical problem with the interlock. If you desire to...
Car starts and runs . When I first start it I get fuel intake and plenty of RPM but if I put it in gear no movement and no RPM
It is possible that you have an electronic throttle body that is malfunctioning once the vehicle is put into gear. It is also possible that there is an issue with the transmission itself. I would recommend having your transmission inspected...
Car making loud roaring noise when braking at slow speeds
If the noise only occurs when you press the brake pedal, the brake pads may be worn down to the steel backing plate and what you are hearing is the steel backing plate of the pad grinding against the brake...
Rough idle. P0304 and P0353 codes.
Hi Steve. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, these two codes (one from cylinder 3 and 4) are caused by a failed ignition coil or a faulty electrical connection. The first thing I'd do is double check your...
How to reset HVAC on 2009 ford f150
If there is a fault in the HVAC control module, or associated body control module, a Ford scan tool is required to download the diagnostic trouble codes. Without the scan tool, the only re-set that you can do will affect...

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