Q: I recenlty changed the window regulator on my 2009 pontiac g5. After that, the car started to experience reduced engine power. Che

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Had to change the window regulator on my Pontiac due to an icy window that broke it. I ordered the regulator and my friend installed. The first one he installed was faulty and I bought it from O'Reilly. He put the old one back in to check and it worked. So we got a new regulator. He installed new one and it worked great! The car was on during installation and died. So we had to jump. After he left the car started acting funny and driving slow. Check engine light was on and saying Engine power reduced/Service Traction. We checked the codes and the first one said P0013-Which was Cam Shaft sensor. We replaced that and the car seemed to be working. Then it died on me when I was at a light, but started back up. So we checked the codes again and the new codes were P0641and P0106. When looked up said ECM? Can I buy a used one and just have installed or does it have to be programmed and if so is it difficult? Also could it be something as simple as a battery?

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You cannot have a used ECM installed since it was programmed to old car. You will need to have a new or remanufactured one and have it programmed to work for your car and theft system. If the battery got low on charge it can cause loss of programming and you may just need to have the original one reprogrammed. Also have battery and charging system checked for problems.

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