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Car shuts off still like battery is dead, new alternator and battery
The output of the charging system should be verified as well as the charge status of the "new" battery. Batteries purchased at retail are not necessarily fully charged so the battery really can't be ruled out until everything is tested....
Dash lights are all on
It is possible that some damage may have occurred to the electrical system due to weather or animals while the battery was disconnected. Normally when a battery is disconnected for any period of time the symptoms you are experiencing do...
is it the waterpump going out or gone out
Hi Linda. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Typically, water leaking from the water pump location is an indication of damaged inner seals, which means the pump is damaged. It's recommended to replace the water pump when this happens.
I have a,1997 Hinds accord and when I start the engine it starts but then the shift will not shift to park or reverse.
The fault causing the failure to shift could be in any component from the shift linkage on to the manual lever on the transmission case. To have the cause pinpointed, and estimated for repair, please request a vehicle shift failure...
Radiator fans won't turn on and ac won't turn on at all
If this problem did not exist prior to the mechanic servicing your vehicle, it is very likely that the new problem is related. I would recommend Consulting with that mechanic to determine if anything may have gone wrong during the...
PO420 Efficiency below threshold bank 1. Catalytic converter or O2 Sensor?
Hi Justin. Thanks for contacting us today. At first glance, the numbers you listed indicate that the catalytic converter is likely clogged. You might want to read this article about the OBD-II trouble code you've listed, as it will give...
Oil in coolant, and vice versa. But NO bubbles in reservoir when I crank the car. Head gasket or another issue?
Hi Morty. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing I would assume based on your description would be a cracked engine block (since you have oil mixed with the coolant). It is possible that you have a head gasket...
Can I swap a 2006 2.2 Ecotec into a 2008 Cobalt
Neither the engine, nor the engine computer, on these two model years are interchangeable. If you carry over the ECU and harness from the 2006 to the 2008 (to overcome the incompatibilities) you might still have issues because there are...
Back right turn signal won't flash- 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier
If the bulb filament in the right rear turn signal bulb is intact, the reason the bulb does not light is the bulb holder is not making contacting with the bulb base or there is just no power to the...
I have 99 canary 2.2 ltr. While accelerating and when transmission shift makes a rattling noise
Although an engine/transmission component would seem most likely as the source of the noise, the chassis of a vehicle and even exhaust system components, are sometimes the origin of rattling noises. Consequently, the number of possible sources of the noise...
I recenlty changed the window regulator on my 2009 pontiac g5. After that, the car started to experience reduced engine power. Che
You cannot have a used ECM installed since it was programmed to old car. You will need to have a new or remanufactured one and have it programmed to work for your car and theft system. If the battery got...
My car attempts to turn over but it won’t
If the problem is weak operation of the starter motor, or no operation at all, the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and...
03 saturn ion replaced fuel pump and the previous owner lost keys i replaced ignition cylinder and switch will start but shuts off
You will need to have the new key programmed into the theft system so it can enable the fuel pump.
so i was driving my 1993 honda accord and then smoke started coming from my engine and it smelled like oil. The oil light then tur
Hi Emilio. Thanks for contacting us today. It's really hard to tell you exactly what has happened to your Accord, however, anytime you smell oil, you see a check engine light and you can't start the car again, it's an...
My Honda prelude keeps turning off randomly while I’m driving won’t allow me to shift or give it gas and the steering wheel will
When the car stalls, if the lights (tail and turn signals) don't work at that moment that might be an indication that a "common" electrical issue exists. If not, the causes of the engine stalling and the malfunctioning lights, although...
Noises happening when car is driving but stops when car stops.
The noise sounds like your brakes are worn out and the brake sensor is scraping when you hit the brakes. Have the brakes checked and see if they need repairs. The noise over bumps may be the sway bar links...
My car just stop when I stop at red light or go down the speed but but it can restar after that
Idle speed may be too low but that in turn can be due to malfunctions in various control systems. Stalling at idle could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs,...
Crank, no start
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us today. The crankshaft position sensor is located near the front of your Saturn's motor, near the front crankshaft pulley. It is possible that this is the source of your hard to start issue, however,...
I replace the fuel pump n filter n got a new battery it started right up n shut off n then started up for s second n shut off agai
This problem may be caused by the oil pressure switch or a computer theft system malfunction. I would recommend having the power to fuel pump from oil pressure switch checked first and replace switch if no power after it starts...
I think my main relay for fuel pump went out again! Just replaced two days ago. My 93 Honda accord is not turning over.
If the engine is not cranking, that is a starter motor or starter motor circuit issue. If the engine cranks (turns over) but there is no fuel pressure on the fuel rail, a faulty relay is a possibility and so...

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