Q: Car wont start or crank

asked by on February 05, 2018

My car was running/driving perfect. Woke up and tried to start it: nothing. I turn my key over and it makes no noise. My dash and outside lights come on (they are bright & normal, do not flicker) but my inside overhead light, radio does not work. My dash is reading power steering pump but my check engine light is not on. My dash is also reading low fuel when I have a full tank.

My battery is in my trunk and I found water in my trunk where the battery is located. I changed my battery and car still would not start. Checked fuses and they are all good. Tried tapping starter and turning the key over that did not work either. (P.S just in case this helps a little more: My security light on my dash has never worked. Never comes on. That's normal for me.) My car has an automatic transmission.

You need to verify the shift cable has not come off the transmission causing the car to not be in park so it can start. If this is okay then you may have a theft system problem if light is not coming on and also the check engine light not coming on is a problem where the computer is not turning on. This will require the system to be scanned to see if it is being powered on and need more diagnosis.

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