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I got hit from the rear side by the passenger door and now my wheel is bent will is leaning in and I can't drive it
Hi Anthony. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you were in an accident, you should probably contact your insurance company first to ask them what their process is for diagnosing damage and completing repairs. Since we don't offer mechanical repairs...
2012 Dodge Journey-front windows wont roll down rear is fine, moonroof wont open and my phone doesnt connect
The electrical (power windows, moon roof) and phone issues are probably not related but whether they are or not will be known for sure once a diagnostic is performed. To have the electrical issues resolved, just request an electrical system/circuit...
Nissan fontier wont run after runing out of oil attempting home repair
After adding sufficient engine oil, attempt to restart the engine. If the engine does not start and you simply want to obtain a diagnostic that pinpoints the fault, so that you can effect your own repairs, please request a no...
Car doesn't crank after Tcm swap
The TCM has to be programmed to match your vehicle. Mechanics who have a GM bi-directional scan tool, or other appropriate GM programming tools and software, can perform that service for you. To determine availability of the programming service in...
2005 Honda Crv. One-side ofthe car seemshigherthanthe other. My front wheel right side somehow is way higher than the rest
Hi Kay. Thanks for the question today. Typically, when the car leans to one side more than another, it's an indication of faulty or worn struts, strut mounts or other vehicle suspension components. The AC issue could be a faulty...
My oil light is on and it keeps going on and off.my car cuts off while driving. Light turn off if I go over 40 mph 2007 Mitsubishi
Check the engine oil level and condition. If the oil level is adequate, the oil pressure should be measured with an external gauge to determine if oil pressure is above the minimum required at all engine speeds. If oil pressure...
What is entailed when replacing my rear wheel hub on 2011 kia Sorento?
Yes, you have listed the basic components. In addition, the ABS connector has to be removed. If you do not have steel jack stands (safety stands) do not attempt this repair. It is not well understood that a hydraulic jack,...
have to pump to start and now recent keeps cranking aftre i let off the key to try to start
The starter motor should stop once you release the ignition key. If the starter motor doesn't stop, that means there is an electrical malfunction somewhere in the starting electrical circuit but that fault can be pinpointed and fixed. If the...
Lock lever isn’t locking the wheel in place. Wheel is moving up
The tilt mechanism and lock (often not even used by most consumers) should exceed the lifetime of the vehicle by many orders of magnitude. Furthermore, that assembly is a key safety related component, that is we are not talking about...
My my 01 pt cruiser died while in reverse backing up what could cause this?
There may be a couple different causes and would first need to see if problem was caused by the transmission or the engine. Have the transmission and engine scanned for stored codes to see if there is an internal transmission...
No brakes in reverse for 05 jeep liberty
It sounds like you may have a brake fluid leak. This could be due to a rusted out steel brake line, cracked rubber brake hose, or dried out square cut O-rings in the brake caliper. I would recommend having your...
Can bad engine mounts cause vibration in the car? Front rotors and pad are replaced.
Engine mounts normally cause vibration when the vehicle is stopped and idling or during acceleration. Vibration during braking is normally related to Warped brake rotors or loose suspension parts. These parts could include but are not limited to control arm...
Car cranks but doesn't start has fuel pressure in rail
You should have the computer scanned for codes and check fuel pressure is within specifications. You may have a bad crank sensor or even a bad fuel pump.
2004 Acura TSX Temperature Gauge Rises To Near Hot in Idle
It is very possible that your electric cooling fans are beginning to fail. The electric cooling fans are intended to keep the engine cool while it is idling and at a stop. When the vehicle is being driven at higher...
what cable is connected to positive battery terminal from fuse box on 2003 toyota camry
In the Toyota parts catalog, the cable that you are referring to is simply called the "positive battery cable". If your Camry was built in Japan, the positive battery cable is Toyota OEM part no. 82122-33050. If your Camry was...
Car wont crank. Turn key over lights and radio comes on. Replaced battery started 3 or 4 times then started doing the same thing
A possibility is a faulty starter motor. If the battery is discharged though, and that is the cause of the no start, the only reason a battery will discharge is if the charging system is not working properly or if...
Slight power steering fluid leak on the outside of inner tie rod boot. Possibly from rack and pinion. Should I replace the rack?
Hi Josh. Thanks for contacting us tonight. While I'm a big fan of the brand you mentioned, the truth is that 'stop leak' products are temporary fixes at best. In many instances, the product will seal a small leak for...
2005 Honda CR-V: Oil or VSA problem
Hi Brad. Thanks for sending the question today. I think you might want to read this article about the P-2646 OBD-II trouble code, as there are several possible sources and repair solutions. Most of the time, the issue is not...
Code Miss fire #4 new plugs, wires, coils. Idles bad only in drive. runs normal. New clatter noise like bad gas? when excelling
You may have a camshaft problem or low compression in the cylinder and will need to have the compression checked on that cylinder? If compression in engine is even across all cylinders then you may have a carbon buildup in...
I have a Honda Accord 2013 LX it does the same hesitation when almost coming to a full stop and it does it big time when I press o
You might have a problem in the torque converter lock up clutch. Most car made after about 2000 have a clutch in the torque converter to stop slippage at speed and save gas. That clutch is supposed to disengage when...

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