Q: Should I keep using high mileage oil?

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I've been running high mileage synth blend at my trusted shop for every oil change since I bought my car two years ago. I change it every 3,000 miles. The engine is still runs well and smooth, no leaks or oil burning. I use the high mileage oil because my car has very high miles even though it's no problem for a Honda. Is it worth it for me to keep using it over the regular conventional oil? I plan on keeping this car for a while until 300k miles.

My car has 246700 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The term "High Mileage" is a marketing term only and thus has no meaning in Tribology, the relevant science one relies on to measure and evaluate the technical appropriateness of engine oils. I am not aware of any published, public domain studies proving a benefit from these "high mileage" oils, that are sold at a premium price, where the principal benefit of relevance to be measured is enhanced engine service lifetime due to the use of "high mileage" oil versus other API certified oils. The paucity of published evidence means it is not likely the claimed advantages of "high mileage" oil are meaningful, if they exist at all. I encourage you to make inquiries of your own including, most relevantly, contacting the Technical Support department at the oil vendor of interest to you and just simply ask for the published evidence (not the marketing vagaries but actual published test results from third party laboratories). If no evidence is supplied, the conclusion will be clear enough: "high mileage" is marketing fluff concocted to sell more costly engine oil to you.

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