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Can you help me pick out a vapor canister silinoid for a 2003 chevy impala, along with brake lines and a fuel line?
Your vehicle uses GM vapor canister part number 17113690. The vapor canister should not be replaced unless an actual defect or malfunction is in evidence. If a vapor canister is defective, using the GM part will ensure proper fit and...
My chrysler town and country stops accelerating sometimes while I'm driving on the highway
The lack of response to the accelerator pedal has quite a few potential causes that would have to be sorted out in a diagnostic including, just as a few examples, plugged fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter,...
Changed the oil sensor an the car sounds an drives fine but when i rev an take my foot off the gas oil psi drops almost to 0
Although there is some variance across engine types, minimum oil pressure at idle is typically fairly low to begin with, typically in the range of 4 to 10 PSI. If idle speed drops below normal, so will oil pressure. Gauge...
My windows will go down sometimes but when I get it back up I have to push the glass down to have it go up
This sort of issue is usually due to a fault with the window regulator and track mechanism and possibly the electric motor as well if you have power windows. The window could be binding in the in door mechanism, track,...
No start
A large voltage drop is going to be a bad cable or connections either at battery or starter and engine grounds. Try doing a voltage drop for the positive and negative cables and also try using a jump to the...
My 2003 silverado will not releasefirst gear. Do I need a new transmission??
Hi Lili. Thanks for contacting us today. It's possible that you have a shift solenoid failure or just an obstruction of debris inside the hydraulic lines of the transmission. It's also possible that you have inner seals damaged or other...
03 saturn ion replaced fuel pump and the previous owner lost keys i replaced ignition cylinder and switch will start but shuts off
You will need to have the new key programmed into the theft system so it can enable the fuel pump.
My f150 bogs down to about 400 rpms when I put in reverse or drive and instantly goes back to normal idle
I would recommend having the transmission fluid flushed and replace fluid. The solenoids may need to be replaced if they are sticking.
I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey with engine light flashing and my TCS light is on. I had the codes ran and it said misfired on Cylinde
Although you have a number of issues, the misfiring should be diagnosed and resolved first as misfiring can cause damage to the catalytic converter. Among the causes of cylinder misfiring are faulty spark plugs, low compression, damage or excessive wear...
my 2003 ford focus needs a block
According to the on-line Ford parts catalog, the bare blocks in the two models years (2000 versus 2003), as well as the short blocks, are identical. By identical I mean the Ford part numbers are the same for both model...
I added blue devil head gasket sealer and now my car is overheating
Many times when a head gasket fails it can cause the engine to overheat. Oftentimes head gasket sealer products do not work and therefore the same symptoms of a faulty head gasket will still exist. If you have a faulty...
My battery light in my car keeps turning on and off and when I’m idling there is a winding noise
Charging system output should be verified against factory specifications as the alternator may have failed thus accounting for both the noise and the battery light. It is also possible that the noise could be from a failed serpentine belt that...
I poured motor oil in my transmission can I drive it 5 miles to the repair shop
The engine should NOT be turned on. If you request transmission fluid/filter drain and replacement service, the responding certified mechanic will take care of this promptly right at your location without you needing to move the car anywhere. If you...
2003 ford taurus 3.0L V6 check engine light flashing and seems to be coolant issue .
If the engine is not overheating, then there is no reason to suspect the thermostat or water pump. As far as the rough idle, the best thing to do is follow up on the trouble codes that are stored inasmuch...
Replaced radiator, thermostat,ect sensor, and cooling fan. Now no heat and the car is still running hot???
The lack of heat in the cabin means that either there is trapped air in the cooling system which blocks normal coolant circulation (and, as well, if air is trapped that can cause overheating) or the heater control valve is...
Transmission has been slipping, now i have smoke coming from under hood, when i tried to drive to nearest mechanic it stalled out
The malfunctions that you have described are not "all" connected but there might be a relation between the hard starting and a faulty idle air control valve (if the valve is faulty; that remains to be seen and hard starting...
Found an 06 trailblazer for parts sale. I currently have an 03 trailblazer will the parts be compatible if I buy the 06?
The engines, computers and wiring harnesses do NOT interchange for the 2003 and 2006 model years, at least not for the sub models I checked (there are many Trailer blazer sub-models; I do not know which sub-models you are referring...
I have a Lexus ES300 2003, It makes a very loud noise when I drive it.
The exhaust may have a bad flex pipe and leaking exhaust and should have the system inspected.
I have 2003 ford ranger 4wd, 150K miles. A month ago, i had the battery, fuel filter and fuel pump replaced. Yesterday it would no
Starters sometimes develop "bad spots" on the armature (of the starter motor). That causes intermittent, unreliable operation just like what you are experiencing. The problem is easily diagnosed and the solution can be implemented at the same time (install a...
Car won't start after battery was plugged in and whilst changing thermostat, something sparked and the car won't start.
If the screeching noise is from the starter motor, that should be investigated and resolved first, although even a noisy starter can potentially turn an engine over fast enough to get it started. In any event, the screeching noise should...

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