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I have a 2008 dodge magnum I just got just yesterday the check engine light came on the car is shaking and now it is smoking
When the check engine light comes on, it means that the Electronic Control Unit has detected a fault in the system. If the light is flashing, it means that continuing to drive the car could damage the catalyst. It also...
Misfire and low oil pressure
The oil light comes on when the oil pressure drops below a certain level: usually about 8 psi. Since the oil pressure will depend to some degree on how fast the oil pump is turning, you are probably seeing it...
Engine making clunking noise on re start
You can disconnect the serpentine belt after the engine is hot and try starting it and see if the noise goes away. Run the engine only for a moment though, so that it doesn't overheat. That tactic will rule in...
Car cranks but doesn't start has fuel pressure in rail
You should have the computer scanned for codes and check fuel pressure is within specifications. You may have a bad crank sensor or even a bad fuel pump.
Problem started when s2 wires shredded P0139, P0140, P2237, P2626 i changed both sensors, 12v from harness s1 and 6v on s2.
It is possible that the wiring connector that the O2 sensor plugs into was damaged when this happened. I would recommend giving a visual inspection to the connector to determine if it is damaged in any way. If the electrical...
08 colbt transmission Doesn’t have reverse but has every other gear
You will need to have the transmission system scanned to monitor the solenoids to see if they are being activated and see if all transmission gears are working. You may have damaged the valve body.
I can’t find the factory amp on my 2007 Dodge Caliber
If a car comes with a factory subwoofer, the app for it is typically located near where the subwoofer is mounted. It is also possible that the amplifier can be integrated into the head unit for the radio. I would...
I have an 08 toyota Camry in my keys r locked in the trunk and the trunk latch not working is there any way I can get in the trunk
Hi Nicole. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, while your Toyota Camry likely has the split-back folding rear seats, you have to release the latch from inside the trunk to accomplish this task. I think your best option here is...
I Have A 08 Ford Taurus My Thieft light Is Blinking And My Car Won’t Crank How I Can Get It Off I Tried Everything
Hi Keosha. Thanks for contacting us today. When a theft code is activated, it will disable the ignition and fuel system to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Unfortunately, this is something that needs to be removed by a Ford...
My Lighting Bolt
Hi Terra. Thanks for the question tonight. The lightning bolt warning light on a Chrysler Sebring often indicates a problem with the charging system, ranging from the battery to the alternator or the wires connected to these components. I'm not...
Front Strut Mount Replacement
You can get a complete strut replacement that comes with the strut, spring and the top strut mount. You can get the individual pieces but recommend to replace complete usit and then have an alignment.
Car is shaking on idle on a cold start
Hi Imperia. Thanks for contacting us today. As fuel system components age and are continually used, they will begin to clog with carbon deposits from fuel. When this occurs, they essentially become like clogged arteries, and can lead to fuel...
Would I be able to put a 16 inch donut tire on my car with 17 inch regular tires?
As long as the tire is the same height top to bottom and bolt pattern is the same you should be able to use it. You should put it on and may sure it spins freely and not hit anything...
Non-working front passenger side power window switch on a 2008 Escalade. Only the lock/unlock function works.
Wire breaks are often in the door hinge area (in the rubber boot connecting the door cavity to the pillar), because the wires are frequently extended and compressed as you open and close the door. To diagnose this yourself, and...
Awful gas mileage, loud ticking, fluctuating RPMs, poor acceleration
The RPM fluctuation, inconsistent idle, lack of acceleration, and poor fuel economy are all consistent with faults such as vacuum leaks, EGR system malfunctions, malfunctioning oxygen sensors, dirty fuel injectors, fuel pump malfunction, faulty spark plugs, a faulty mass airflow...
starter engages while pressing clutch
On manual transmission equipped vehicles, a clutch safety switch is installed to prevent the engine from being accidentally started if the car is in gear. On account of this switch, every time you depress and release the clutch pedal, you...
Hi, I just replaced the alternator and now I’m driving and it’s not changing gears, ford diesel...helpp
Hi Letty. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you've completed the alternator replacement yourself, and have a professional digital scanner, I would start by downloading any stored error codes as it's possible that your transmission has entered a 'limp mode',...
Intermittent grinding when turning right Doesn't grind through entire turn only at certain points Never occurs when brakes applied
Hi Mikal. Thanks for contacting us tonight. At first glance, what you're describing is often an indication of a wheel bearing hub that is wearing. However, being that this is an Avalanche, it may be a worn stabilizer bar bushing,...
I need to know where on the engine is the left bank oil flow control valve on a 2008 kia sorento 3.3l located?
The left bank of the engine in your application is the cylinder head on the driver side (left side of car). The oil control valve is installed in that left side cylinder head. Note that if the oil control valve...
Can I swap a 2006 2.2 Ecotec into a 2008 Cobalt
Neither the engine, nor the engine computer, on these two model years are interchangeable. If you carry over the ECU and harness from the 2006 to the 2008 (to overcome the incompatibilities) you might still have issues because there are...

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