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Q: Wont stay started
Hi there. It's more likely than not that your Dodge Stratus is experiencing multiple, independent electrical or mechanical faults causing these issues. I think it might be best to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a...
I had a factory mopar transmission installed & put 1000 miles on it car went into limp mode so I replaced the speed sensors & it f
I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient in transmission diagnosis to determine the exact cause of this issue. If the transmission was remanufactured, it is possible that the quality control could be the...
my 2003 dodge stratus is in limp mode. I replace the speed sensors & shift pack selonoid & ecm & trans harness still in limp mode
You will need to supply the failure codes for the engine and transmission so I can narrow down the cause of the system going into limp mode? It could be going into limp mode for several different causes and the...
codes are po888 po700
Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us today. You might want to read these two articles on the P-0888 OBD-II Trouble Code and the P-0700 Trouble Code to learn about the reasons and possible solutions to resolve these two codes. ...
My brother has a dodge stratus and the alternator and battery are both good but the car won't turn on
Hello, thank you for writing in. If the battery power is reaching the starter, and the starter is not turning the engine over, the starter has failed. You can test how much power is going to the starter with a...
My car is a 2003 dodge stratus and it wont go over 30 miles an hour
Hi There, What you are describing sounds like you may have a clogged or damaged catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts toxic exhaust gases into less harmful pollutants that are suitable to be expelled into the atmosphere. When the catalytic...
2006 dodge Stratus wouldn't start and radio was off. Changed my fuses it started right back up. But it's two days later and the sa
The circuit that the fuse is failing on has an excess current draw due to either a short to ground or possibly a faulty component that itself is internally shorted or shorted to ground. A mechanic would just simply determine...
Cold start idle isn't working and poor fuel economy!
Hi Jason. Thanks for the question today. It is quite possible that you have a faulty mass air flow sensor (assuming it was not replaced during your recent tune up), damaged idle control valve or perhaps even a loose or...
There were three different engines used on the Stratus, so a precise answer would depend on exactly which engine you have. Despite that, the water pump is not visible in any of the three applications and requires considerable disassembly to...
2001 dodge stratus coupe does not turn off when key is removed from ignition
This sounds like the problem is caused by the aftermarket alarm keeping power to the ignition even after key is turned off. You will either need to have the aftermarket system taken out and wiring put back together back to...
Door ajar chime for 96 Dodge Stratus will not stop when all doors are firmly closed, what can I do to stop it?
Hi Evan. Thanks for contacting us today. The Door ajar chime is a safety system and by law can't be disabled by a mechanic. However, it's possible to repair this problem. Usually it's caused by a damaged door sensor or...
Dodge stratus. Driver side front vibrates on acceleration. Is this most likely a half shaft or could in be a ball joint or control
This can be due to the axle shaft joints or broken motor or transmission mounts. You should replace any broken mounts and inspect axle joints and replace axle if mounts do not fix issue.
I was wondering how much it would be to replace vehicle speed sensor and serpentine belt. 2005 dodge stratus SXT 2.4L.
Your engine have more than one belt and the cause of the noise could be any one of them and also could be the tensioners for the belts not holding enough tension on the belts. The speedometer may be a...
How do I put a serpentine belt on a 2005 dodge stratus set. Both belts are missing from my car
Your vehicle uses one serpentine belt to drive all accessories. If you have not removed and reinstalled one of these belts before, it can be done for you at low cost on a mobile basis by a certified mechanic if...
Speedometer not working all gears selected and not shifting out of 2nd.
Hi Samantha. Thanks for contacting us today. The OBD-II trouble code you provided is a Dodge-specific code that indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) unable to communicate with Transmission Control Module (TCM). This could be due to bad electrical...
2003 dodge status rt. No crank no start. Battery and fuses/relays are good. Start motor is fine. Could it be my ignition switch?
Hi Gavyn. Thanks for contacting us today. Based on your question, I would start by checking your ignition or starter relay, as this is commonly the source of this type of problem. If the relay's (and fuses) are all good,...
Car creaks when turning while driving and just moving steering wheel back and forth .
Creaking on turning the front wheels can be due to sticking or failed strut mount bearings and/or faults in the tie rods (inner or outer) or even ball joints. It is also possible that the outer CV joints are worm...
When I parked my car, I heard a loud fan noise. When I came back from work after about 10 hours, the car was completed dead.
Hi Ewelina. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It is quite possible that the noise you're hearing is the radiator fan that is stuck open. This can occur when an electrical relay is damaged, but it can also be caused by...
You will need to supply more information on the problem and sensor you are wanting information on? There is no sensor to start the car unless you are talking about a specific problem you are having and may be the...
I have a new battery in my car 2006 Dodge Stratus 2.7L can I fix the alternator if it's not working
The alternator is an electrical system component. To work on the electrical system, be sure to disconnect the battery. Prior to replacing the alternator, you should measure the output of the existing alternator to be sure it is really faulty....

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