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my 98 dodge 5.2 eng 4x4 is misfiring on cyl #,1 check eng light stays on. changed most everything on top of eng.
Test cylinder compression with particular attention of course to the results for cylinder no. 1. If compression test results are normal, possible causes of the misfire are a vacuum leak at the intake to that cylinder or a faulty fuel...
oil gauge going up and down
Hi Johnathan. Thanks for submitting your question today. Typically an issue like this is caused by one of two things, either the oil pressure sensor is faulty or loose, or there is an obstruction either in the filter or the...
Q: engine codes
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for sending your question today. The code that is easier to identify is the P-0740 issue. What the P0740 code means is that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected something unusual within the torque converter clutch...
I have a 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave,everything under the hood was wet now it's been 3days and still won't start
Excessive moisture and, worse, liquid water, all over the engine will cause electrical components to malfunction. The engine should be inspected to determine if it can be "dried out" and to determine which connectors and components need to be removed...
Manual transmission does nothing in 3rd or 4th
The transmission must have something broke inside the transmission like a shift fork.
what transmissions are interchangeable with my 1997 dodge ram 1500 4x4 v8 5.2
The transmission from the 1996 model year of your truck will interchange IF the Tag IDs are identical. No other model years will work, only 1996-1997. If you are looking for a transmission, simply go to Car-Part.com and you will...
Not wanting to shift in 3rd gear just change the torque converter had transmission rebuilt3months ago had transmission looked at
It is very possible that something could have gone wrong during the rebuild of the transmission. I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. You could either try getting...
Just replaced manual transmission. And will not start but just cranks.
Hi John. Thanks for the question tonight. I would agree with you that an electrical connection, likely a ground connection is the source of your non-starting issue. I would double check all connections - especially the grounds and see if...
I recently replaced my manual 5 speed transmission. We have one cord that may be keeping it from starting. The cord is quite longe
Hey John. Thanks for the question. It's really hard to help you without seeing what you're referring to - which is why an onsite inspection is needed. Perhaps if you could video what you're talking about, post it on youtube.com...
What could cause my car to die by letting go of the key?
You need to check the wiring connector to the ignition switch to make sure you wired the ignition switch correctly to the run circuit of the switch. You may have not connected the main ignition run circuit to ignition switch...
Peter, my 1995 Jeep Grd Chk has a leak but I can't tell if it's oil or something else & it's barely been driven. Got any ideas?
Hi Laura. Thanks for contacting us today. I've forwarded your question to our sales and service department, so they can review the repair notes and forward to our technician for review. They should be contacting you soon via email. ...
Part 2. Car dies after release of key
The battery should be load tested to ensure it is serviceable. If the battery fails the load test, be sure to replace it to simplify the diagnostics. Once the vehicle is running check charging system output to be be sure...
I drive a 1979 chrysler cordoba. When i first fire it up it requires me to warm up the engine and idles really rough. Why?
There may be a problem with the heat riser. There is a passage in the manifold that allows exhaust to pass under the carburetor for a quick warm up. On very old cars, (and any car with a carburetor qualifies)...
my truck was excessively low on oil the check guage light was on and my guage said no oil pressure i put oil and it seemed fine.
It is possible that your oil pressure switch may have failed. I would recommend having your oil pressure switch tested to confirm that it is not functioning properly. In the event that the oil pressure switch is not functioning properly,...
Timing issue on a 1996 ram 1500 5.2
If the valve timing was off at speed, inasmuch as the 5.2L is an interference engine, you want to first rule out mechanical damage. A way to do that is perform a compression test on all cylinders. If compression is...
Turn signals do not work but hazards do
The turn signals use fuse number 6 in interior fuse box and have a seperate flasher from the hazards. If the hazards work then the turn signals should work. You should check fuse for power at fuse box and flasher...
I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4wd v8 and it starts up fine i had a computer hooked to it and it says there’s a misfire
When an engine is misfiring on one or more cylinders, this can cause the engine to have a lesser power output than normal. Due to the Lesser output this can cause the vehicle not to achieve speeds that it normally...
my transmission is having a hard time shifting into 3rd. its a high mileage vehicle 267k miles. the fluid is brown. what do i do.?
Check the transmission throttle valve (TV) cable. There is a return spring on this assembly that sometimes is gone or faulty. Changing the fluid and filter will not cause the transmission to malfunction. However, prior to doing that, external pressures...
My transmission pan is stuck due to the previous owners over use of silicone. how can i get the pan off.?
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In cases like this, there really are only two options. First, if the pan has too much RTV on it, it's best to use a brake cleaner or other solvent to attempt to...
New fuel pump started yesterday this morning will not start no fuel getting to the filter
The fuel pump and the fuel pump electrical circuit should be tested. The malfunction could be electrical in nature or the pump itself might not be functioning. If you want the required diagnostic steps performed by a certified Mechanic, dispatched...

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