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I was driving on the freeway and suddenly my truck stopped accelerating I would try to accelerate and it sounded like if I was on
Check the fluid level in the transmission to rule out low fluid as a cause. If the truck moves in 4WD but not in other modes, the fault is in the transmission and/or transfer case. If there is lack of...
Car shuts off still like battery is dead, new alternator and battery
The output of the charging system should be verified as well as the charge status of the "new" battery. Batteries purchased at retail are not necessarily fully charged so the battery really can't be ruled out until everything is tested....
Can I change the pcm of a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2 to a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.9
Hi Rich. Thanks for sending us the question tonight. Unfortunately, we only offer technical, service and repair advice for 100% OEM applications - so we really can't help since you've swapped OEM components. You would be better served to contact...
What is a P04330 code?
A P0430 code indicates that there is an issue with the performance of the catalytic converter on bank 2. It is also possible that a bad downstream o2 sensor could be giving false readings. I would recommend having your exhaust...
I purchased a engine from a 2004 buick park avenue and plan to get installed in my 1997 buick park avenue what priblem may I have
The main problem in such a swap is the engine computers for the two engines you are referring to are not interchangeable. And, you cannot flash re-program your existing computer to work with the new engine because the two use...
I have a,1997 Hinds accord and when I start the engine it starts but then the shift will not shift to park or reverse.
The fault causing the failure to shift could be in any component from the shift linkage on to the manual lever on the transmission case. To have the cause pinpointed, and estimated for repair, please request a vehicle shift failure...
1997. Nissan Quest has a whining noise the first start, snell of gas and high fuel consumption.
Whining noises are often associated with the power steering pump or other accessory drives such as the alternator. Sometimes a malfunctioning IAC valve can cause a whining noise, though. The fuel odor is due to a leak and thus is...
You Ford E350 van 5.4 engine no oil pressure and won't turn over. Good battery, engine start to turn over but stops.
Hi Live. Thanks for contacting us today. If you are not getting any oil pressure, then it's likely that you have either a damaged oil pump or an internal engine component like a timing chain is damaged. It's also possible...
Trip odometer will not reset help
It is possible that the button that resets the trip odometer has failed. Many times small plastic gears and buttons are used to make up the odometer system. Many times these get brittle over time and can break. Unfortunately it...
P0300 P0301 P0303. Loss of power, high fuel consumption, rough idle. New plugs, coils, and wires.
Hi Amber. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The root code that might be the most important one of the ones you've listed is the P-0300, which indicates a random misfire. The other codes indicate specific cylinders - which based on...
sepenrtine belt snapped and i replaced it now my car wont idol
The serpentine belt would not cause an idle problem by itself but if the battery was dead or disconnected the computer will need to relearn the idle speeds again and you may have to keep it running and slowly let...
The car won't start, it shutters I'm not sure if it's an oil problem or spark plug problem
Hi Galen. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing I would do is check the oil level to ensure this is not the problem. If your oil level is good, and the oil is clean (meaning it does not...
I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4wd v8 and it starts up fine i had a computer hooked to it and it says there’s a misfire
When an engine is misfiring on one or more cylinders, this can cause the engine to have a lesser power output than normal. Due to the Lesser output this can cause the vehicle not to achieve speeds that it normally...
What if i have replaced my battery and alternator in a 97 honda accord it cranks and drives a while but after that it wont cut bac
I would recommend having your starting and charging system inspected by a qualified professional to determine if any issues exist. It is possible that a missing gas cap could cause issues with your vehicle. I would recommend installing a gas...
Wont start or stay started
Hi Max. Thanks for sending your question tonight. Some of the usual suspects in a situation like this would include a faulty throttle body, fuel filter installed backwards, clogged fuel injectors, faulty mass air flow sensor, EGR valve that is...
I have some rockers left.not much. Should I keep driving on them? Will my Jeep Cherokee bend in the middle? Or since it’s unibody
If there is significant rust on the vehicle, a more immediate concern would be the condition of the brake and fuel lines. You are more likely to have a mishap due to a brake line blow-out, due to corrosion perforating...
My Honda prelude keeps turning off randomly while I’m driving won’t allow me to shift or give it gas and the steering wheel will
When the car stalls, if the lights (tail and turn signals) don't work at that moment that might be an indication that a "common" electrical issue exists. If not, the causes of the engine stalling and the malfunctioning lights, although...
I have a 1997 Chevy lumina my stabilizer bar broke I'm trying to buy a new one but I do not know what does the meaning means opt
OPT (optional) in your application means "equipped with heavy duty suspension". If your vehicle was factory equipped with heavy duty suspension use GM stabilizer bar part number 26024362. If you do not have heavy duty suspension on your vehicle, use...
Wont start in park but will start in neutral
You may have a worn shift tube bushing in the steering column or loose shift lever at bottom of steering column inside van. Check the tube where shift cable connects to column and may need shift tube replaced.
I have a 97 ford aspire, that sounds like it miss firing and losing power
It is possible that the mass airflow sensor itself could be causing this issue. I would recommend having the mass airflow sensor tested by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. If not, I would recommend having...

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