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What cause the water gets inside the front driver and passenger floor
Water intrusion can come from a number of places. If the water you see is actually coolant, it would have a sweet smell and more than likely be caused by a leaking heater core. The heater core is generally located...
how much for rear brake pads, turn rotors on a 2015 Infinity Q70?
Hi there. If you would like to receive a price estimate for this service, please click this link and then select the blue Get a Quote button on that page. Once we receive your vehicle data and location, we'll be...
Check engine light and grinding sound when start.
Hi there. Since the sound is only occurring when the vehicle is started up, then most likely the timing chain tensioner(s) are worn or the actuator is sticking and causing the timing chain to be loose until enough engine oil...
I just purchased a Lexus gs450h 2007 on Friday and already it says check hybrid system I got it scanned and it says battery determine.
Hi there. When the warning message comes on for the Hybrid battery, then either the battery could be low on charge or the battery may have a burned cell. I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your...
How much is a 70000 miles complete service for MB S400 Hybrid
Hi Mark. Thanks for contacting us today. We have a great online tool that allows you to look up all the recommended maintenance and repairs that are recommended for your Mercedes at all mileage intervals. Simply click this link and...
What type of engine oil I need to change for my Mercedes E400 2013
Hi There, Your vehicle should use the 5W40 synthetic motor oil. You will want to verify with your local Mercedes dealer to be certain, but that is usually standard for that model.
P0016p0017p0301p0303 code show up on my GS 450h and even my Chinese shop doesn't want to fix it for two years now, something crank
Hi There, It sounds like you may have a number of problems with your vehicle, some of which may be related and causing other codes to be triggered. The codes are as follows: Code P0016 and P0017 - Crankshaft position...

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