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Related questions

2010 ford mustang gt dies when stopped
Stalling at idle could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter, injectors, faulty fuel pump or pump...
Intake manifold cracked?
Hi Somatic. Thanks for sending us your question tonight. A cracked intake manifold would be rather easy to notice, as it will have a considerable build-up of coolant, rust, and caked-on debris, while also causing overheating problems as you've indicated...
Humming noise when starting car and accelerating
It is possible that one of the pulley bearings on your engine could be making noise. I would recommend having the serpentine belt system inspected by a qualified professional to determine if the noise is related to that system. Consider...
Where is the egr solenoid located on a 94 ford mustang gt
Most EGR solenoids on these engines are mounted on the back side of intake manifold. Follow the vacuum hose from the EGR valve and it will lead you direct to the EGR solenoid.
Carburetor help
It sounds like the idle circuit in the carburetor is functioning. Once engine speed increases, other circuits within the carburetor come into play, that is once you move the throttle plate. The issue might be in those other circuits. Fuel...
I unplugged a line from the inter cooler on my 2010 mustang and pressured air shot out of it I don’t know what it is
The intercooler should have compressed air in it as that air is delivered by the Turbo for cooling in the intercooler. If you are trying to diagnose an intercooler or turbo failure, or simply re-assemble the system, you can request...
99fordmustang. Wentover somemakeshift speedbump, bottomedout mediumhard, instantlysmelled burnnow no smell.rattleswhenidle@decline
It is possible that one of the heat shields on your exhaust has come loose. I would recommend having your exhaust system inspected by a qualified professional to make sure that all heat shields are securely fastened. Heat shields are...
Can a BBK X-Pipe go on a 2004 mustang v6 3.8L?
Hey Ryan. Thanks for sending the question. Unfortunately, we can't help you with this question, as we only deal with OEM repairs, maintenance, and service issues. Your best option is to seek out guidance from a Mustang owner online forum....
Replaced spark plugs and wires now its shaking and wont hardly accelerate
If the symptoms did not exist prior to the plug/wires replacement, perhaps something has been left disconnected so rule out that possibility first. Check to be sure the plugs you used are the EXACT part number required (look at plug,...
I have 2003 Ford Mustang with 147,000 miles, the car only drives when its in reverse and no other gears. The gears shift easily.
Hi Abril. Thanks for contacting us today. An automatic transmission is a hydraulic system. If it's low on transmission fluid, the pressure needed to power the transmission, allow it to shift and propel the vehicle is lacking. This might be...
I need a part identified
The part in the picture looks like it is the PIP sensor also called cam sensor. The sensor is located in the top of the engine in front of intake manifold and is used to provide a cam signal to...
Throttle cable
The sheath (exterior covering) of the cable represents a stop and would be attached to an accelerator cable bracket. There should be an adjusting screw that allows you to take up slack in the cable but the extent of the...
Impossible to find budget heads for a 4.6?
Hi George. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, this really isn't our cup of tea or area of expertise. We focus only on OEM repairs, maintenance and service tips. You would be better served to contact a Ford performance mechanic...
Temp gauge almost always below cold
The actual engine coolant temperature should be measured using an infrared thermometer or possibly a scan tool although your car may be OBD-I, not OBD-II which means direct reading of the coolant temperature might not be an available function. At...
Did My Clutch Go Out Or Did My Transmission Go Out?
Faults in either the clutch or transmission, or both, could account for what you are describing. Unless the input shaft to the transmission is broken, or the splines are sheared off, typically the problem is simply a failure of the...
Clutch won’t allow me to shift gears. Everything has been replaced but the clutch pedal and transmission
If the clutch is functioning and thus ruled out, and there is adequate gear oil in the transmission and the shift linkage is not faulty, then the likely cause is worn synchronizers, hub gear and so forth. The transmission will...
I need to have a complete timing job done, my question is should I have new cylinder heads installed? I had the car since 40,000..
I would recommend having the head gaskets replaced and all the intake gaskets replaced along with oil pan and rear main seal replaced. This is all when the engine is removed so you will have no problems with it when...
Engine will fire up but won't stay running
You will need to have any wiring fixed first and then have the computer scanned for codes and go from there. Anytime problems like this with incorrect previous repairs are done it may take more diagnosis and repairs that can...
I have a 98 mustang and the steering sticks past 10 and 2.
Lowering the vehicle alters the alignment and steering geometry. The best thing to do is restore the suspension to the original design and in the course of that the steering system would be inspected and the binding issue resolved. The...

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