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Just got both o2 sensors on my car changed but when I went to autozone the same code keep popping up. What should I do?
OBD-II trouble codes, including all codes that refer to oxygen sensors, do not constitute a diagnostic or identification of specific failed parts. Consequently, you cannot use the codes as the sole basis to replace vehicle parts. Codes are clues only....
High rpms while in park
Hi Jessica. Thanks for contacting us today. When the engine RPM is unusually high as you've described, there are typically three sources. Either there is a vacuum leak, the idle control valve on the throttle body is damaged, or there...
I was driving today an my car completely stopped in the middle of traffic my steering wheel locks up an battery dead
Hi Rebecca. Thanks for reaching out to us tonight. When a vehicle stalls and loses electrical power like you've described, it can be very tricky to diagnose, since there are so many possible sources. In many cases, this can be...
99fordmustang. Wentover somemakeshift speedbump, bottomedout mediumhard, instantlysmelled burnnow no smell.rattleswhenidle@decline
It is possible that one of the heat shields on your exhaust has come loose. I would recommend having your exhaust system inspected by a qualified professional to make sure that all heat shields are securely fastened. Heat shields are...
How long will it take my air mass flow sensor to wk right i have a 96 buick lesabre
Hi Dorian. Thanks for contacting us today. The mass air flow sensor itself is an on or off type of component, meaning it either works or it won't. It doesn't take time for the sensor to 'break in'. The issue...
I need a part identified
The part in the picture looks like it is the PIP sensor also called cam sensor. The sensor is located in the top of the engine in front of intake manifold and is used to provide a cam signal to...
car keep misfiring
When the engine oil was changed, the maintenance reminder was probably not re-set. Be sure that the level of engine oil is adequate as measured on the dipstick. Misfiring can cause engine and catalytic converter damage so be sure to...
My car want start turns over strong but want start
A possibility is a failed fuel pump. You can easily check for fuel pressure on the fuel rail to rule that out but if there is adequate fuel pressure you have to further test the fuel injectors to determine if...
Temp gauge almost always below cold
The actual engine coolant temperature should be measured using an infrared thermometer or possibly a scan tool although your car may be OBD-I, not OBD-II which means direct reading of the coolant temperature might not be an available function. At...
Did My Clutch Go Out Or Did My Transmission Go Out?
Faults in either the clutch or transmission, or both, could account for what you are describing. Unless the input shaft to the transmission is broken, or the splines are sheared off, typically the problem is simply a failure of the...
Clutch won’t allow me to shift gears. Everything has been replaced but the clutch pedal and transmission
If the clutch is functioning and thus ruled out, and there is adequate gear oil in the transmission and the shift linkage is not faulty, then the likely cause is worn synchronizers, hub gear and so forth. The transmission will...
98 Pontiac Bonneville. Replaced alternator, battery, fuel pump. Car still won't start. Part of electrical don't like seats windows
Confirm that the engine immobilizer system (security system) is not activated thus preventing the car from starting. If the immobilizer system is on, you may see a security warning light. If the warning light is on, to temporarily override the...
Hey I was wondering if I do a muffler delete is it OK could a drive it like that with out straight pipe for two or three weeks? An
Hi Jay. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Removing the muffler or catalytic converter and "straight-piping" the exhaust will create multiple engine issues. A modern car's engine is monitored and fine-tuned on the fly by the ECU, which factors emissions and...
My chrysler town and country stops accelerating sometimes while I'm driving on the highway
The lack of response to the accelerator pedal has quite a few potential causes that would have to be sorted out in a diagnostic including, just as a few examples, plugged fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter,...
I have a 2002 chevy impala 3.8 engine i placed a new belt on and i drove atleast a couple of miles and the belt jumped off and aom
Hi Crystal. Thanks for contacting us today. Most of the time, when a new belt comes off, it's due to either the tensioner pulley not being tight enough, a pulley failure or in some instances, the belt is too tight....
My windows will go down sometimes but when I get it back up I have to push the glass down to have it go up
This sort of issue is usually due to a fault with the window regulator and track mechanism and possibly the electric motor as well if you have power windows. The window could be binding in the in door mechanism, track,...
I have a 98 mustang and the steering sticks past 10 and 2.
Lowering the vehicle alters the alignment and steering geometry. The best thing to do is restore the suspension to the original design and in the course of that the steering system would be inspected and the binding issue resolved. The...
My car keeps overheating constantly and it sounds like a cracking sound I’ve put in coolant and everything
Although the cooling system must be full for proper operation, there are some circumstances under which the flow of coolant within the engine can be blocked and, as well, there are certain engine malfunctions that can cause overheating. Some of...
Transmission has been slipping, now i have smoke coming from under hood, when i tried to drive to nearest mechanic it stalled out
The malfunctions that you have described are not "all" connected but there might be a relation between the hard starting and a faulty idle air control valve (if the valve is faulty; that remains to be seen and hard starting...
Does YourMechanic have AES specialist certification?
In Everett, the state certifications that you are referring to are held by 42 different brick and mortar retail facilities. See the database at the Washington State Emission Testing Website. There is absolutely no reason why you will need a...

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