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99 ram 1500 4x4 5.9 gas auto tranny. Abs, brake, airbag light are all on odometer and speedo is not working
It is possible that the cluster in your vehicle has failed. This can cause many lights and other malfunctions of the gauges to occur. I would recommend having your cluster inspected by a qualified professional to determine if it is...
1999 ford escort. Not getting enough fuel or to much air. Replaced fuel filter and pump. No change. Not enough fuel power to drive
Hi Joanne. Thanks for contacting us tonight. At first glance, I would assume that the mass air flow sensor or your Escort is the root source of your acceleration issues. However, faulty O2 sensors or clogged catalytic converter can also...
99 sliverado no crank starter and battery checked out good. truck died while i was driving hasn't started sense.
Hi there. Thanks for sending your question to us today. When you have the single clicking sound when turning the ignition, it is typically due to a damaged electrical relay. If your battery tested good (meaning it had enough cranking...
will go When I start but only for 30 sec then
It is possible that something could have gone wrong during the replacement of the transmission components. I would recommend retracing your steps to determine if anything may have gone wrong during the replacement. You could also consult with a qualified...
I have a p0300 code changed all but the cat could that cause the code at all I fixed egr and spark plugs already and the cat smoke
The catalytic converter may certainly cause the P0300 random misfire code to show up due to the inability for the exhaust to properly breathe, which can cause un-burnt exhaust gases to reignite inside the catalytic converter. A clogged or failing...
My 1999 Ford F-150 shakes when I accelerate over 75MPH
Shaking on acceleration at high speed can be caused by tire imbalance, tire defects, faults in the suspension, worn motor mounts or an engine management fault (ignition, fuel, air induction, etc. but also including uneven cylinder compression and mechanical issues)....
Hi my mom has a 99 toyota Camry and she just replaced her battery and now nothing works
There might be a pigtail cable on the battery cable that has been damaged. The battery cables usually have one or two smaller gauge wires that come off of the cable to power up other circuits. You can look at...
Car not starting
At 180 thousand miles it could be just about anything. But the first thing I always check for is air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without passing through the Mass Air Flow Meter will lean out the...
New transmission fluid and filter. Will go forward fine but won't go in reverse. Possible solenoid problem?
What you are describing may be a result of a faulty speed sensor, potentially low transmission fluid or a even a faulty transmission control solenoid. As your vehicle travels down the road, the computer analyzes data being sent by vehicle...
Hard steering while driving
If you are losing engine RPM, that itself will cause loss of steering assist, but in that scenario the engine has a stalling, or loss of power, problem. The potential causes in that scenario are quite varied and numerous. If...
secondary air pump
There should be an emissions control label in the under hood area with a diagram showing the two connections. Sometimes it is on the underside of the hood. If there is no label, when the pump is powered on, simply...
If the noise is due to worn brakes alone, the pad material may be completely gone and thus the metal backing plate is grinding against the brake rotor when you apply the brakes. It's possible there is part interference as...
Why Does My 1999 Chevy Blazer 4x4 Keep Overheating I Changed The Gas Manifold Intake And New Thermostat
If the smoking is a bit of a white or steam colored smoke, this may indicate a leaking or damaged cylinder head gasket. cylinders will generally cause a misfire and potentially compression leaks from one cylinder into another. Low compression...
Balancer shaft belt broke, do i need the whole timing belt kit replaced?
Unless the timing belt, water pump, and related pulleys are relatively new, all should be replaced when the engine is opened up to replace the balancer belt. A reason for that is much of the labor is common to both...
Can l cut the power steering belt on a 1999 Toyota sienna and drive it with no problem
If you take off power steering belt if it is only thing running on the belt then it will not affect any other system. You will not have any power assist when steering and it will be hard to steer....
Power steering pressure hose leak
Your power steering is driven by one belt that does not drive any other accessories. I would suggest having the power steering pressure hose leak looked at by one of our expert mechanics, as power steering fluid can be flammable...
I recently had a timing belt kit and water pump and my check engine light is flashing
A flashing check engine light usually signifies cylinder misfiring (downloading the OBD-II trouble codes can confirm if misfiring is occurring). Driving a car that is actively misfiring is strongly discouraged due to the potential for causing additional damage to the...
There are some engine controls, such as the throttle position sensor, that affect shift points. As far as the governor solenoid, or the shift solenoids on the valve body, those are electronically controlled and so can be tested to rule...
Theft light is not blinking in 99 Mercury Marquis car won't start fuel pump and crank shaft has been replaced also have a new batt
No cranking means no starter motor operation. If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check...
fuel gauge is stuck
The gauge needles on the dash are often controlled by gears in the instrument cluster. Unfortunately many times he's gears are made of plastic. Overtime this plastic can become brittle and break. This will cause the gears not to work...

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