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Question about a damaged hose i found today to A/c compressor when it was all replaced not even a year ago
Depending on what hose you replaced and the part used it may have failed again if rubbed through. If not then you may have a warranty claim if hose itself failed.
P1336 code, crankshaft position sensor variation not learned
The code that you are referring to typically means there is an electrical problem in the crankshaft position sensor circuit. The issue is not necessarily the sensor itself and thus the output of the sensor must be viewed on a...
I have a 99 Cadillac deville that keeps over heating.I've replaced the water pump and thermostat its still running hot
The most common causes of overheating include low coolant level (including that due to leaks), a faulty thermostat, a plugged radiator, a faulty radiator pressure cap, collapsed hoses, non functioning cooling fans, and a faulty water pump or drive belt....
99 Grand am SE has a squeak all the time. Belts are tight and tried belt dressing. Also when the heater is on the engine shakes.
It is possible that you have a vacuum leak somewhere. Many climate control systems are vacuum operated. If there is a leak in the vacuum system, this can cause the engine to run very bad. I would recommend having your...
Dtc no memory but engine quits when put in gear
At 200 thousand miles, it could be just about anything. The first thing I would check for though is always air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels will lean out the mixture and...
My car started to overheat and the antifreeze started coming out of the top. Upon getting home I added more antifreeze for it just
Hi Luke. Thanks for contacting us today. The belt is likely the serpentine belt, which powers the water pump among other systems on your car. It's more than likely that the belt breaking caused the water pump to fail, and...
Thank you Tim for your input..It actually is not the serpentine belt as it is on the other side of the car right next to the engin
Hi Luke. Thanks for the reply. If I'm understanding you correctly, the other belt (which I believe is on the driver side of the engine, near the front) is referred to as the accessory belt. This belt is the one...
Little amount of white smoke coming out from exhaust everytime i start the car
Some smoke at start up can be normal, particularly white smoke from condensation. If you were to observe continuous smoking after the first few minutes that would signify a problem with the engine that you should seek to have identified...
99fordmustang. Wentover somemakeshift speedbump, bottomedout mediumhard, instantlysmelled burnnow no smell.rattleswhenidle@decline
It is possible that one of the heat shields on your exhaust has come loose. I would recommend having your exhaust system inspected by a qualified professional to make sure that all heat shields are securely fastened. Heat shields are...
1999 gti will run when it’s cold and stall when it’s warm
It is possible that your fuel pump is overheating. I would recommend having your fuel pressure checked by a qualified professional with the engine at operating temperature to determine if the fuel pump is functioning properly. Consider YourMechanic as this...
Mg 1999 nissian quest acted weird and makes a clicking sound when i reverse what does that mean check engine light is on
You may have an internal transmission problem and would need to have the computer scanned to get the stored codes to see if they point to the transmission problem. You may need transmission overhaul or replacement.
I have 99 canary 2.2 ltr. While accelerating and when transmission shift makes a rattling noise
Although an engine/transmission component would seem most likely as the source of the noise, the chassis of a vehicle and even exhaust system components, are sometimes the origin of rattling noises. Consequently, the number of possible sources of the noise...
yaba bdadd ooo
When you have a vehicle repair question then let us know so we can help you?
Battery is totally drained van not saying nothing
If the battery passes a load test and charging system output has been measured and is within factory specifications, the only reason a battery will discharge is if the car sits for a long period of time (batteries will self-discharge...
Belts keep shredding
The rotating elements need to all be in the same plane and rotating straight (no bent shafts). A pulley, at least, is probably out of plane with the rest of the rotating elements and that causes a side load on...
99 Saturn sl2. Engiin shake sounds like a go kart car dies while idling
Hi Kevin. Thanks for contacting us today. First off, four-quarts is a LOT of oil to add. If your engine was that low on oil, then it's likely that inner engine damage has already occurred. The blue smoke is often...
Have a p0300 code
Hi Wayne. Thanks for contacting us today. The P-0300 OBD-II trouble code indicates a random cylinder misfire. This can occur after replacing fuel injectors or wiring, if one of them is loose-fitting or connected incorrectly. I would double check all...
No crank no start this it’s ignition switch
Hi Jaclynn. Thanks for contacting us today. Based on what you're describing, it's quite possible that you have a damaged ignition switch or faulty ignition relay. To know for certain, an on-site inspection by a professional mechanic can help diagnose...
I just drove through a bit of flooding, and the car seemed fine driving home as soon as I could, the only thing that I noticed was
Most likely this issue will resolve itself if the water is the only cause. However depending on the amount of water that the system was in contact with, it could potentially ruin the electrical system all together. If the issues...
Steam coming from under the hood but my temp is not rising.just had my heater core n o2 sensor repaired
It is possible that the hose connections for the heater core are dripping coolant onto the exhaust. I would recommend having the technician who replace the heater core double check the hose connections to ensure that no coolant is leaking...

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