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If i replace both o2 Sensors but wait for the EGR Valve will it be bad for my car? I have a 2005 Honda Civic DX.
Just so you are aware that the scan only gives the stored codes and is only to be used to do a pinpoint test to locate the problem. I would recommend a mechanic do the test on the codes for...
Hi, my car has been having some issues with studdering while idle, and today my temperature gauge started fluctuating from normal
It sounds like you have a possible engine overheating issue (unless the coolant temperature gauge is faulty and that possibility is, of course, considered by mechanics) as well as possibly rough idle. These two issues are not necessarily connected, as...
Front brakes grind after pad and rotor replacement on 2005 Honda Civic VP
You may have a bearing issue or a warped rotor and the pad may even have excessive metallic particles built into the pads that can be noisey at times. I would recommend having the brakes pads replaced with a high...
replaced oil pressure sensor with no gasket i revved the engine to 2500 rpm's and no leak is it good?
Hi Kyle. I can't guarantee that you're good here. The oil pressure sensor gasket helps to maintain the seal when the engine reaches operating temperature and gets hot. When this happens, the metal between the sensor and the block tends...
I changed my slave cylinder and master cylinder, I also changed the hydraulic fluid line, and put a new clutch about 6 months ago.
It is possible that your slave cylinder or master cylinder was faulty. Many times these parts have a core charge. This means they take your old one and send it off to be rebuilt. Oftentimes slave cylinders and master cylinders...
03 Honda code P1753 won't move replaced shift solenoid, drove then again nothing. But no code or CL
Hi Dylan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The code you were given is a Honda / Acura specific OBD-II trouble code. It can be caused by Low transmission fluid level, dirty transmission fluid, torque converter clutch solenoid harness is open...
2001 Honda Civic EX 2dr 1.7ltr 4cyl, flashing green key, stalled out. Replaced the Load, Idle Air control &map sensor, won't start
The green key warning light will only be continuous when the engine is running if the immobilizer module or the PCM is faulty. If the warning light is still on constantly while you are presently trying to re-start the car,...
No tach reading, and crappy idle.
This could be related to a couple of possibilities. The [instrument voltage regulator]((https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/instrument-voltage-regulator-replacement) regulates the voltage supplied to the various gauges in your vehicle’s dash. When this is not working properly, this may cause the gauges in your dash to...
Cold radiator
It sounds like there could be a restriction in the cooling system. This could prevent the proper flow of coolant through the radiator. This could explain why the radiator does not get hot. I would recommend having your vehicle's cooling...
My door lock 2002 Civic won't fully actuate when the engine is off.
An actuator, which is an electro-mechanical device, controls the door lock. The actuator might not be fully operational. In addition there are linkages in the mechanism and if those linkages suffer from corrosion, lack of lubrication, interference, or are damaged,...
Blocked radiator question
Hi Miguel. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Most of the time, the obstruction is inside the heater core, not the radiator. The solution to this problem is flushing the coolant system and making sure water flows through the entire system...
I just put a new trans in my 03 honda civic lx and when I give it gas it makes the like grinding noise the trans is new I checked
If the noise is not engine related, components in the drive train such as wheel bearings, cv axles, the torque converter (including the converter attachment to the drive plate) and/or the transmission itself could be faulty. Transmissions installed as replacements...
Radiator hose question
It is normal for the hoses to get hard and hot to the touch when warmed up. If vehicle is overheating then you may have a problem and would need to be tested to see if the system is operating...
Car having intermittent start issue - 03 Civic
Hi Van. Thanks for contacting us today. There could be a few different reasons your Civic is having these starting issues. In most cases, when you leave the battery in the start position for while, it allows the fuel pump...
It’s 7 degrees outside and my car won’t turn on
Hi Bruce. Thanks for contacting us today. In extreme cold temperatures like you've described, many car batteries simply don't have enough cold cranking amps to engage the starter. There really isn't a solution to fix this problem besides jump-starting the...
2004 Honda Civic starts but won't run.
You should have the computer checked for failure codes first and see if the camshaft or crank sensors are bad. Then have fuel pressure checked to see if pressure is too low.
Car does not start
It sounds like you may have had a weak charging system or battery that may have been gradually losing power until it ultimately drained the battery completely. I would suggest having the alternator checked to determine if it is receiving...
Transmison slipping after 3000 rpms on every gear When hot.
Hi Richard. Thanks for contacting us today. A slipping transmission with a manual is caused by a clutch-system failure. In some instances, it's due to a master cylinder that is either leaking or damaged. The recommended repair for this is...
Car stalls
The stalling and hard starting are probably related, as to underlying cause. Stalling at idle could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate fuel...
do you guys do headliner repair for cars
If the headliner needs to be replaced your best bet is to visit an auto interior shop since they will have matching material and can repair your headliner.

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