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Hey I have a 04 Acura TL. I was driving on the highway and I notice the car was overheating. So when I pulled over the car stop wi
You may have overheated the engine to the point of blowing a head gasket and the coolant will fill one of the pistons and cause engine to not turn over. Check the engine oil and see if it is overfull...
Error codes on my 2012 Q5 P2099 P2096 & P2196
These codes could possibly be related to an issue with the turbocharger or the catalytic converter. Unfortunately these codes could lead to very expensive repairs depending on what exactly is the cause of this issue. I would recommend having a...
I have a 2008 Acura TL moonroof switch won’t work
You will need to have the roof scanned to reset the limit switches and check switch operation.
Hi Steve. Thanks for the question tonight. Generally speaking, a loose lifter or other cylinder head hardware will make a noise even at idle. However, when the vehicle is in gear, there is additional strain put on the engine, which...
Why won't my car start?
Hi Ester. Thanks for contacting us today. The first step in diagnosing a problem like you've described is typically tracing and verifying electrical connections that engage the starter. This would begin with the car battery, followed by ground wire connections...
My car jerks when I accelerate, what can be the cause of this issue?
You may have an ignition system misfire due to worn spark plugs or shorting plug wires or coils. I recommend having the codes stored in computer tested to see if it points to the cause of the problem. The problem...
Windshield wipers not moving but I hear the motor going. Was working before the last snow but noticed it wasn't moving Sunday nigh
Hi J.P. I received your earlier inquiry on February 25th as well. Your wiper system can be repaired as soon as you schedule service. As previously noted, a linkage from the motor to the wiper arms, or the wiper motor...
My question is to Tim, the mechanic who answered my question. Follow up to starter problem.
The steel frame of your vehicle is the ground "circuit". Several wires, at least one very large one, from the negative terminal of the battery are connected directly to the steel frame of the car as well as to the...
Dtc no memory but engine quits when put in gear
At 200 thousand miles, it could be just about anything. The first thing I would check for though is always air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels will lean out the mixture and...
All my dashboard lights came on my Audi Q5 and the emergency brake comes on it’s own
What you are describing stems from an electrical malfunction, possibly "global" in nature, that is affecting multiple systems on your car. To resolve that, an electrical diagnostic will have to be performed. YourMechanic offers mobile electrical diagnostic services. If you...
Car jerks when turning
If you are referring to the steering "jerking", that is due to a fault in the power steering system, although there is a possibility of coincident faults in, for example, the strut bearing or steering linkages. However, if the vehicle...
Removing the transmission by myself, I had a problem with removing the bolts from the flex plate.
Flex plates cannot be straightened or repaired in the field save for the possibility in some applications of replacing the starter ring gear if the teeth on the gear are damaged. If the flex plate is bent, a new one...
I would like to know if there is a special tool to remove the flex plate?
Be sure the car is securely and fully supported by steel jack (safety) stands. Hydraulic jacks are intended only for lifting purposes and not to support anything because a hydraulic jack has internal rubber seals that can fail without ANY...
Ive been having issues with my car constantly need to have a jump in order to drive it. i bought a new battery and its still on
Continued jump starting is not recommended due to both personal risks and the possibility of damaging the car's electrical system. As far as the causes of the no start, if the issue is a discharged battery the alternator might not...
I hear the windshield wiper motor but wipers not moving. They worked before the snow we had
A linkage from the motor to the wiper arms, or the wiper motor transmission, might have developed a fault. A repair might entail re-attaching existing components but if components are broken, parts might have to be replaced. Typically the repair...
My car A/C is not cooling. It is filled with refrigerant and the clutch is engaging.
There are innumerable things that can go wrong with the A/C system and so the best thing to do is request an air conditioning system inspection. The responding certified mechanic will come to your location, pinpoint the fault and get...
volkswagon touareg
Hi Sonia. Thanks for the question tonight. To be honest, both repairs could be rather costly. Replacing a timing chain on a Volkswagen Touareg requires removing several components in order to gain access, while the issue of oil in the...
My he car take long to get into gear, it jerk into gear, And
Check the transmission fluid level and condition. A blocked transmission fluid filter, or a malfunctioning throttle position sensor, can cause these symptoms. Other causes of delayed or abrupt shifting are: 1) blockages obstructing hydraulic fluid passages inside the transmission; 2)...
My Audi a6 key is stuck in uninstalled ignition switch my son put it in there prior to me being able to open the car and instal
If you are referring to the complete key assembly, there is a release hole on the outer circumference of the switch, the part that is visible once the key assembly is installed. Simply insert a thin straight paper clip into...
My car makes a short squeak noise when I start it. Lasts about half a second. My cousin pointed it out and since then I’m worried.
Squeaking is often drive belt or pulley related but in your case the starter motor would have to be considered as well. If the starter turns, or you hear significant noise at starting, but the engine literally is not turning...

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