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Low beams going in and out.
Hi there, this comes up often on this vehicle. When only one of the low beams turns off it is almost always the ballister. I would typically check the connection on the ballister and also pull the bulb and and...
Automatic trunk not closing automatically
It sounds like you might be having a wiring issue. Most of the wires that go to the trunk are wrapped up in a wiring harness. The harness is routed in from outside then splits up and goes to its...
Vehicle won't raise to riding height after rear right suspension bag change
You really can't do much with the Mercedes Air Suspension without the diagnostic computer.If the air suspension controller detected a big leak in the system, it may have shut off to keep the compressor from overheating. Or if you are...
hi. Planning to buy a CLS 550- 2013- any advice?
Hi Pankaj. Thanks for writing in today to YourMechanic.com. Anytime you are considering to buy a pre-owned vehicle, the best advice we can offer is to have a professional mechanic complete a pre-purchase car inspection first. This allows them to...

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