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Piston return springs make noise
Without knowing what piston return spring you are talking about it will be hard to come up with a diagnosis for you. If you are talking about the rear brake return spring then you may have to have the rear...
89 chevy camaro starts up but wont still on when i give it gas to go
Hi Delores. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, a problem like you have described is due to a fuel delivery problem or inability to properly mix the air and fuel correctly. Some of the common causes include a...
Turn signals don't work right when I have headlights on but when there off everything works right
If the turn signals and headlights are both activated by the same column-mounted "combination switch" a possibility is there an internal fault with that switch. If the two circuits are not working off the same "combination switch", there is some...
How do I adjust the steering wheel on a 1989 camry if there is no tilt lever?
There is no way to adjust the steering wheel angle if the column is a non-tilt wheel. You would have to change out the complete column to a tilt wheel style.
You will need to check the engine intake for vacuum leaks and if not then replace the sticking idle control valve and then relearn the idle by disconnecting the battery and then reconnect after 10 minutes. Start and hold at...
Front end noise like the tone of a flute from a 1989 Ford F150.
If the noise is chassis related, it could be brake or wheel bearing related. If engine related, a possibility is an accessory drive component, pulley, or the belt. All of the latter can be ruled in or out by briefly...
Main seals leaking after fixing intake manifold leak the main seals did not leak before
If you are getting any pressure build up inside the crankcase as all engines do then the pressure will need to be released by a PCV system or a breather system or the pressure will push out oil at different...
Replaced ignition coil..module cap rotor..no spark...was getting fuel...changed out ecm...now spark no fuel
You may need to check the pickup coil in the distributor to be sure this is not bad. If the pickup coil is bad, this will also cause to not produce spark. Try testing this and then move on to...
Truck shut off at full throttle
Unfortunately, since the cylinder head was replaced recently there are a number of things that could potentially be causing this issue. I would recommend retracing your steps to determine if anything may have been missed over or skipped.
Rough idle after fuel injector swap
Hi Mason. Thanks for sending your question today. Most of the time, when this occurs, it's due to either the replacement injector not being correctly installed or perhaps a secondary or other injector was faulty as well - but not...
I'm having a bad idle and check engine light coming on and off, higher rpms it runs fine, I've replaced the egr, ect, map , iac,
If the check engine light has come on, any stored trouble codes should be downloaded because they might contain important diagnostic clues. Among the possible causes of a rough idle are contaminated gasoline, dirty fuel injectors, incorrect idle speed, exhaust...
Truck won't start after getting gas
Hi Rafael. Thanks for sending in the question. It's quite possible that your issue is not related to the fuel used. If you had added some leaded racing fuel, this could cause starting issues - due to ignition timing changes...
Overheating engine one side and knocking. Thoughts on cause?
The problem sounds like you have a blown head gasket. You can have a coolant pressure test to verify pressure loss and then remove spark plugs while pressure testing to find out what cylinder is getting coolant in it. ...
Coolant leaking
Unfortunately, there is no way to definitively tell how much longer you have until the motor overheats and results in engine damage due to the coolant leak. As you know, the engine relies on the coolant circulation in order to...
Need a price for a wiring harness replacement on an '89 dodge ram d250 Cummins turbo
The wiring harness is not available on this vehicle and will need to be repaired. You will need to get the problem diagnosed first by a mechanic like one from YourMechanic. Usually this will be on a time and material...
my 1989 corvette anti lock light comes on the car will start then dies
Hi Kristine. Thanks for reaching out to us today. If you're referring to the anti-lock brake light on your Corvette, this typically does not impact the operation of the engine or would cause it to start then shut off. However,...
I have 1989 buick park avenue. Car was working fine. Just needed new battery. Someone replaced it. Now it has no power at all. No
It is possible that the negative battery terminal is not connected as tight as it should be to the battery terminal in. I would recommend having the person who installed the battery retrace their steps to ensure that all connections...
Im putting a steering column back together on a 89 chevy truck and the ignition cylinder wont turn to start after being install
Hey Tyler. Thanks for sending the question today. The ignition lock cylinder needs to be correctly aligned when reinstalling, which typically causes the issue you're experiencing. However, if the ignition cylinder was pulled with the key in the cylinder in...
My 89 caprice classic jerks and shake when i accelerate from stop
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us today. There could be multiple issues causing these symptoms on your 89 Caprice. The most common causes of shaking while acceleration is worn out motor mounts. It's also possible that you have a damaged...
I have a 89 Ranger and im getting gas in the vacuum line to the break booster which is eating thru the rubber
You should check the fuel injection pressure regulator for leaking fuel through the top vacuum port and if it is then replace it. Also replace the brake booster check valve on the brake booster. This should be the cause of...

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