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my car wont start it turnsover but wont catch it did 9 days ago i drove it down the road and it cut off on me
It sounds like you might be having a fuel delivery issue. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine if the fuel pressure meets the manufacturer's specifications. If the fuel pressure is low, it is...
Charging system
I would suggest having the alternator checked to determine if it is receiving the proper amount of voltage from something called the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator regulates the charging voltage that the alternator produces, keeping it between 13.5 and...
Hey I have a question if you guys are up for it?
You should first check the under car lights wiring to see what wires are damaged and make sure they are disconnected and taped up so they will not short out anymore. Then check brake and tail light fuses or whatever...
My upper radiator hose is swollen and my cap is leaking slightly. I just recently tightened my valve cover and oil pan.
Generally, the radiator cap will leak combined with a hose swelling due to the cooling system not flowing properly and often times causing the motor to overheat. Overheating can be caused by a number of things such as low coolant...
The popping sound combined with smoke is likely the result of an engine misfire. Engine misfires can be caused by many different problems and are generally caused by either a spark or fuel issue or in some cases, a combination...
2005 Highlander codes p0171 o174
Several things may cause code P0171 and P0174 to be triggered. As the codes indicate, there is a lean fuel condition present, which may be caused by a lack of fuel supply or in some cases, a vacuum leak. When...
We replaced our and our battery but the battery light keeps coming on
You may have a failing voltage regulator that could be allowing the alternator to supply too much or too little amperage to the battery resulting in the battery never maintaining a consistent charge as it is designed to. The voltage...
What do it mean when a car won't start up but prior to this it was running hot
Heat could have caused the valves to stick (a cylinder compression test is useful in determining whether that occurred). Heat can damage critical sensors such as the crankshaft position sensor. Warped components, such as manifolds, can cause intake leaks. There...
my headlights along with the radio keeps shutting of and on repeatedly along with a few dashboard lights
You will need to have the charging system checked to see if the system is working properly. You may have electrical connection issues or component problems with the body control module and will need a mechanic like one from YourMechanic...
why does my car jerk and lurch forward when i accelerate and jumps when i apply the brake
Hi Frank. There could be a few possible issues here. Usually, when the car lunges when you're on the brake, it's due to the torque converter slipping or other internal transmission problems. This is really something that a transmission specialist...
When you turn on the ignition a couple of lights come on but it won't start
Confirm that the "new" battery is actually fully charged. Even if the immobilizer were set at one point or it activated, simply arming and disarming it, via the key FOB or remote, will disable the alarm. There is no "lock...
My check engine light is on. And now my car want start. Said I need a o2 sensor
Usually when a check engine light comes on related to an O2 sensor, this actually indicates that the O2 sensor is doing its job and indicating that there is an issue with the air fuel ratio of the engine. I...
Vehicle sounds like diesel engine
A thorough, professional inspection of the vehicle is the most efficient way to pinpoint the noise you are describing. If you desire such an inspection, and an explanation of your repair options, please use YourMechanic's vehicle noise diagnostic service request...
When i turned 07 sonata off, it will not start back and shifter stuck in park. Battery and alternator is good.
I wonder if your car is recognizing the key. Many cars have a chip in the key that talks to the car when you put the key in and enables the starting procedure. Sometimes the keys go dead and the...
change language for gps for 2015 santafe
Hi H. H. Thanks for contacting us today. This video is for a 2017, but the process should be the same for your 2015. You can refer to your owner manual for specific steps as well.
I have a clunker that's been sitting for ages(1year). It wasn't starting right but after boosting it , and running for hours it se
If your vehicle has not been ran for a long time and the engine is not running properly, it is possible that the fuel in the fuel tank is old and not good anymore. If this is the case I...
I want to change the wire harness on my 2002 Dodge Caravan sport 3.3 L 6. How much would it cost?
I doubt that you need a wiring harness, though you might have a problem with a small part of it. The codes you have listed describe a variety of ills with O2 sensor, Injectors, and evaporative emissions. but the one...
Radiator interchanging
Generally, the size and capacity of the radiator is related to the size of the motor it is intended to cool. In your case, you are attempting to use a smaller radiator to cool a larger motor. This is not...
I have a 98 dodge caravan with a 3.3L. It wants to start but just won't. I had a mechanic look at it and he eventually knocked on
Hi Adam. Thanks for sending in your question today. Based on your input, it's quite possible that either the fuel pump is worn out and needs to replaced, or that you have a loose ground or electrical connection to the...

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