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2004 Toyota Highlander 4wd, 6 cyl: Does the engine need to be removed to replace the front lower control arm bushings?
Although some service manuals do refer to engine removal, that advice is in error. So long as the engine is properly and safely supported, the lower control arms can be readily removed. The bushings on these arms are not separately...
Bought this 01 xterra in oct and have had no problems until today. It started huccuping and jerking while driving, now wont start
The problem does sound like the fuel pump went bad and not pumping fuel. It will take a fuel pressure test to find out if that is the problem or another issue like a crankshaft sensor or something like that....
My van shake wen I drive above 60mph but it has new wheels n there balance so what could it be
The suspension may not be tight. All wheel/tire assemblies have some residual imbalance that will normally NOT be transmitted through the vehicle however that assumes that the rotating assembly is held on a rigid axis of rotation. If the suspension...
High rpm at low speeds first 5-10 minutes of driving
There are some engine controls that affect transmission shift points, such as the throttle position sensor. Those have to be ruled out. If it does turn out to be a transmission issue, check the fluid level and condition. Beyond simple...
2006 sonata 3.3L V6
Unless you hear unusual engine noise, there are much more likely causes of the reduced power than engine damage. The issue you are writing in about is actually fairly common. If you request a reduced engine power diagnostic a certified...
Nissan Xterra shaking stuttering and check engine light
The flashing check engine light is likely due to misfiring. If the engine is misfiring that can damage the catalytic converter. Try not to drive the car until it is repaired. Inasmuch as ignition components were removed, my guess would...
The temperature gauge maxes out within a few miles, the alarm sounds for a few miles, and then it's back to normal; no overheating
It is possible that you have a faulty coolant temperature sensor. I would recommend having your coolant temperature sensor inspected by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done from your...
How do I temporarily disable my anti-theft on my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe while it is on the Amtrak AutoTrain
As far as deactivating the built-in immobilizer, there is no user accessible option to do that. A Hyundai dealer might have access to a control interface to modify the immobilizer but then anything the dealer does will have to be...
Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 L engine I'm getting the codes p0123 p0118 p1478 p1193 and p0509 it is cranking but it will not start
All the codes are for too high of voltage from sensors and indicate a computer reference voltage of 5 volts are too high or there is a short in wiring. You will need to have the computer codes pinpoint tests...
What does it mean when your check engine / VSC lights are on?
If the check engine light is flashing, you need to stop driving the car. The check engine light will come on steady if the engine controller has detected a fault in the engine management system. It will flash if the...
I have a 06 Hyundai Sonata. It only starts in neutral. Can you tell me why it only starts in neutral
A possibility is the neutral start safety switch is defective. Car designers place that switch in the starting circuit to prevent the car from being started while the car is in gear. Starts in Park or Neutral are the only...
Hi...thank you for your question. Sorry for the delay in getting to you; I see your earlier question on this topic as well. To "buy time" before you have to have the brakes repaired, first determine if the pads are...
Radiator fluid bursting out behind engine what's the problem
It is very possible that your heater hoses could have sprung a leak. The heater hoses are routed behind the engine normally because they must be connected to the heater core which is inside the dash. Therefore these hoses are...
My car doesn’t accelerate past 60mph in 5th gear while in tiptronic mode
Your vehicle has 6 forward gear selections. If you shift into 6th gear, will the car accelerate past 60 MPH? If so, it is possible that the transmission control module is programmed such that a maximum RPM cannot be exceeded...
My car overheat 10 minutes into driving it also it steams from the exhaust
These sound like classic symptoms of a head gasket problem. If there is a break that is allowing coolant to get into a cylinder it will cause a misfire, rapid overheating, and steam in the exhaust. The steam will have...
05 sienna how do i turn off engine light car runs great just inspected in NC I know its milage stem and turning on car
If the check engine light is on, that light has to be reset via the diagnostic port using a scan tool. If the check engine light is on, normally there will be stored trouble codes. You can obtain the trouble...
Replaced the IAC on my 04 Xterra now idle surges
Sounds like you have taken a lot of the right steps, but lets go back to the beginning. A P0505 code doesn't necessarily mean the IAC is bad. Specifically it says that there is a malfunction in the idle control...
Car grinding and jerking
Check the fluid level (and fluid condition) in the transmission to be sure the fluid level is not too high or too low. The jerking could be transmission or engine related. If the noise is coming from the transmission, and...
2009 dodge caravan red lightning bolt and check engine light but checked codes with the key and not reading any codes
Hi Corey. Thanks for contacting us today. The red lightning bolt warning light indicates an issue with the charging system. In order to download the codes, you'll need a professional digital scanner. If you'd like to have one of our...
04 Toyota solara engine want turn over has new battery ignition fuse is good just put ignition starter switch in still nothing
If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and the immobilizer (security) system off -...

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