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My Buick Regal vibrates when I accelerate and while pushing the gas pedal, but immediately stops when I release the gas
Based on the sound of your issue, it is very possible that you could have faulty engine mounts causing the engine to shake about when you press the accelerator pedal. I would recommend having a qualified professional inspect your vehicle's...
Code p0 300 comes out
Hi Edwardo. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The P-0300 OBD-II trouble code indicates that there is a misfire in random or multiple cylinders. This could be caused by misfiring fuel injectors, faulty spark plugs, coil packs, or other ignition system...
I accidently hit the bottom of my car and now when I start it up the idle is at 4k. The gears shift horribly...what needs to be do
Unless the faulty operation, that is the high idle, is a coincidence, something on the vehicle was damaged when you ran over the obstacle. That something will be identified during an inspection. As far as your question about whether it...
Had Walmart install two new batteries In my truck, they also replaced to terminal post cable ends. Brought truck home and try to
I would check to make sure the new terminals are connected good and tight and also check to see that the other connections are good and tight. If they are all good then check the start solenoid to see if...
I replaced the brake light switch and thel lights are still on
If the switch position is adjustable, make sure the contacts are truly open when the brake pedal is released. You can use a continuity meter to determine that. If the switch is open, and the lights are on, that means...
There are wires hanging down on my passenger side of my van it looks to seem to be connected to the back of headlight.
Hi Carolina. Thanks for contacting us today. It's very difficult to pinpoint the source of a where a wire is supposed to go without seeing it personally or on video. If you could take a video of this issue, post...
Gas tank was cleaned by mechanic but not put in right now it won't pass smog
Hi Michelle. Thanks for sending in your question. I'm not sure that cleaning a fuel tank would cause a vehicle to fail a smog inspection; however, it depends on what was done wrong during the installation that might cause the...
What is the trigger wire to my factory amp in my ( i believe its an ls2 or sl2 ) 2000 saturn
I would recommend looking at a wiring diagram for the radio system of your vehicle to determine the exact cause of this issue. Diagnosing this issue would be nearly impossible without doing so unfortunately.
The exhaust system is loud when started, sound is more concentrated towards front of car. What could be the problem?
Loud exhaust noise could be due to deterioration or breakage of the internal baffles in components such as the resonator and muffler as well as leaks at pipe joints or even at the manifold on the engine. To determine the...
Cooling system is causing to much pressure and blower heater hoses. Have replace water pump radiator.
The pressure relief valve in the radiator cap should open and relieve excess pressure if such excess pressure develops in the cooling system. Typically, high pressure will occur only if overheating occurs or if there is a head gasket leak...
How to remove the manifold bracket on a 2000 Miata?
Hi Terrell. Thanks for contacting us today. Removing the alternator on the Miata is rather tricky. I always recommend purchasing a service and repair manual and following Mazda's recommended steps, as it makes it much easier. However, this video might...
My car was jerking when I put it in gear and it would stop when I push the clutch in but it won't start now it just clicks
Hi Candace. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's quite possible that you have multiple issues going on with your Honda Accord. The first item of concern is the popping and jerking motion you have described. It is possible that you...
maxima 2000 el sistema de seguridad se blokeo en modo seguro que significa eso
Can you post your questions in english so we can answer the questions for you?
when i turn the key in my 2000 blazer it does not crank or start replaced the coil and nothing could it be a bad ignition starter
With a fully charged battery in good condition, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check to be sure the immobilizer is not activated - if the starter motor does not operate at that point, there are only two possibilities:...
No compression in one cylinder and misfire
This might not be good news. The timing belt is designed to keep everything turning in perfect synchronization. If the shafts are rotated independently it's possible for the pistons and valves to come in contact and the valves can be...
Put a can of i believe bad fuel in gas tank it started like always after bogged out and died and hasnt started since
If you run the car without a fuel filter the fuel injectors will get plugged with debris, especially if, as you describe it, there was sediment in the tank. If the fuel injectors are plugged, that circumstance alone will prevent...
Bad timming
The position of the balance shafts has no effect on engine valve timing or ignition timing. The balance shafts are installed simply to mitigate engine vibration. Indeed, they are removable although that is not recommended. If engine valve timing is...
Balance shaft belt
Yes a misaligned balance shaft will cause a rough idle and even an engine vibration.
I was driving and my raidiator busted and my car shut down and It won’t start
Lending cars, Whew! it never turns out well. Its hard to imagine all those things going at once. The only scenario I can come up with is that the serpentine belt may have failed, possibly damaging the radiator, but also...

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