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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Ford Edge
In the ‘80s, families drove station wagons. In the ’90s and ’00s, those got replaced by minivans and SUVs. Today, more and more families are opting for a more fuel efficient compromise that’s...
2012 Ford Edge vs. 2012 Honda Accord: Which One Should I Buy?
Comparing a small SUV or a crossover to a sedan or coupe doesn’t quite seem fair: while the crossover is likely to cost more, it will also have a different skill set than the car as well as...

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Q: Spark plugs
Ignition coils are not a maintenance item. Coils should only be replaced if they are directly tested, and fail, using approved factory authorized techniques. Coils should never be replaced solely on the basis of an OBD-II trouble code either; again;...
My 2011 Ford Edge Limited stalls when I am stopped at a red light for longer than 20 or so seconds it seems. I have to put my car
Fuel system supply faults are a possible cause of stalling as are vacuum leaks and faults with engine sensors. YourMechanic offers a stalling diagnostic. If you request that service a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, will...
I can't start my 2009 Ford Edge someone cut my auto seat wiers
This can be repaired and resolved, at your location, if you request a no start diagnostic. If the re-connections are clear enough, they can be made immediately, otherwise the required diagnostic work will be performed to ensure that all wires...
soft petal after brake booster replacement on 2013 ford edge
Hi Kristy. Typically a soft pedal after replacing a brake booster is caused by a weak or damaged master cylinder, causing a restriction or inconsistent flow of brake fluid through the brake lines to the caliper. It is also possible...
2008 Ford Edge - cost of changing the input and output sensors on the transmission changing fluid and replacing both axles?
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us today. The estimate you've provided for the services listed is a bit on the high side - but not at the "ripped off" level. However, it depends on who is providing this service. A...
why the car overheats?
Normal engine operating temperature, as reflected by the dash gauge, is 215 degrees or less. If the check engine light is on, and the operating temperature is too high, it is possible that the trouble codes that have been stored...
fuel system status 2 closed loop using o2 sensor for fuel mix
Closed loop with feedback based on O2 sensor output is "normal" status. If this verbiage appeared alongside an OBD-II trouble code(s), I would need the specific trouble code(s), as well as a description of the vehicle malfunction, if any, to...
If the traction control light is on the dashboard (its a picture of a vehicle sliding) does that mean it's on or off?
When it is on then the system has been activated if you are moving on a slippery surface. If it is on when not moving then it is a fault in the system and will require further diagnosis.
my 2013 ford edge was taken to MIDAS for a brake change. i got the rear brakes and rotors changed, then they said my master cylind
AdvanceTrac is an electronic stability control or "traction control" system and while the warning is displayed that safety feature will be unavailable in emergency conditions or during periods of low traction. Although it is improbable that the AdvanceTrac fault is...
Gear slipping with AC on
What you are describing is often a sign of low transmission fluid or a faulty transmission control solenoid. As you know, automatic transmissions use pressurized hydraulic fluid to change gears. Every time a gear change is required, the car's computer...
Noise while pressing gas but goes away after driving awhile
The whining noise might originate in the collection of accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt or belt idler, pulleys or the tensioner. Another possibility is the air intake. And, of course, it could also be your power steering...
Could hardwiring the cooling fan cause the ECM to burn out? After trying emissions the security lock wouldn't allow starting.
The circuit powering the cooling fans does not run "through" the PCM and consequently bypassing the fan relay will have no effect on the PCM, or anything, for that matter although you might wear out the fan motor early from...
Engine light came on, diagnosis at auto zone indicated bad sensor.. Today, my car started overheating.
It sounds as though you have a coolant leak. It may be a small one and it could be that you didn't get it topped off correctly. Pouring coolant into the overflow tank doesn't necessarily do the trick. You have...
On a Ford edge my tire sensor fault just came on what's that mean?
Hi Nora. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The “Tire pressure sensor fault” warning means that a sensor isn’t communicating with the rest of the system. It's typically due to the sensor being damaged. It's recommended to replace these sensors anytime...
Should i change my cooler water each year ?
If it's the engine coolant that you are asking about, every other year should be quite sufficient. When you decide to have that done contact Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to replace your...
Want to change serpentine belt should I also change power steering belt too?
I serpentine belt is actually just a type of belt as opposed to a v-belt. V belts were often used on older vehicles and had different types of pulleys. The V belt was essentially flat on top with a wedge...
Failing Brake Booster
Hi Charlene. Thanks for contacting us today. It is quite possible that the brake booster may have been damaged during the accident, as is the wheel bearing damage. However, trying to prove this is nearly impossible. I would suggest having...
Ford Edge 2007: first would not come out of park, then eventually would. Just now, Traction light came on, as I drove, turned car
Hi Carol. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few different possible issues here. If the traction control light came on and you're having shifting issues, then it's more than likely that the shift solenoid is either damaged or...
My 2014 Ford Edge won’t go pass 45mph
The issue you are writing in about is common enough that a specific diagnostic, namely a reduced engine power diagnostic is performed by technicians dispatched by YourMechanic. If you request that diagnostic, the responding certified mechanic will get this issue...
2013 ford edge limited "service advancetrac light comes on
It is possible that you could be having an issue with your transmission. I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified transmission specialist to determine if any internal damage exists.

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