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2001 chevy 1500 trys to start in run postion
Hi Walter. Thanks for contacting us today. We're not quite clear as to the issue you're having with your Chevrolet. If the car is starting prior to turning the key forward to the starter position, then it's a fault with...
My stability trak
When the computer has a failure in some of the systems like transmission or engine it can cause the computer to go into failure mode and lose or limit power and you will need to have computer systems tested to...
9 codes could they all be related?
Most of those are not obviously connected and some, particularly the codes for the oxygen sensor (heater circuit, output, etc.), knock sensor, and purge valve and they may just reflect failing parts which happens in due course. To ease diagnostics,...
After i installed a aftermarket air intake without the maf sensor i started having problems with the engine reduced power light
You will need to scan the computer to see if the aftermarket filter caused problems with the engine sensors. The engine has sensors in the intake tube that can cause loss of power like intake air sensor.
So, will it prevent the engine starting?
EGR valve issues can cause the engine not to start. It is also possible that the crankshaft position sensor can cause the vehicle not to start. I would recommend having these two sensors inspected by a qualified professional to determine...
I had a flat and could only get a tire for the moment that is 265 70R17 however the other 3 are 265 70R16 my truck is 4 wheel driv
To avoid vehicle damage, the wheel/tire diameter on each end of each axle must be identical. If each end of an axle, running through a differential, turns at a different speed, due to varying wheel/tire diameters, that can cause excess...
Will a 05 chevy 5.3 head fix on 08 5.3 block?
The cylinder heads should be interchangeable on these two years.
03 Silverado no crank no start with new starter, new battery, strange weak electrical noise coming from dash when trying to start
What you are describing is obviously an electrical fault and thus will require a circuit trace, of at least the starting circuit, to resolve. Typically, this requires the factory wiring diagram from the service manual. If you want the required...
99 sliverado no crank starter and battery checked out good. truck died while i was driving hasn't started sense.
Hi there. Thanks for sending your question to us today. When you have the single clicking sound when turning the ignition, it is typically due to a damaged electrical relay. If your battery tested good (meaning it had enough cranking...
I have a 2008 chevy silverado and the anti freeze turned into a yogurt-like substance. I'm not sure whats wrong?
Hi David. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Typically when the coolant becomes semi-solid, it's caused by engine sludge (or excessive carbon deposits) that will contaminate the radiator fluid. When this occurs, the solution is to have the coolant system flushed....
steering wheel stiff after when of your mechanics changed the alternator
Changing out an alternator would not affect the power steering unless you have a problem with the belt slipping due to a bad tensioner or belt is stretched out ot too big. Check the belt to see if it feels...
Oil Leak
Slow leaks can be difficult to find. Sometimes it can come down to the trick of putting a dye in the oil that glows under UV light and then you can see the leak glowing when you shine the black...
07 Silverado,put a new battery in and it died on me coming to work and now it’s running fine after 20 min
You will need to have the charging system checked to see if the alternator is not charging. The code P0621 is for the ECM detected a low alternator output and you will need to have system checked for problem charging...
Shift problem
This sounds like a problem with the transmission range sensor, also known as the transmission position sensor. This sensor is responsible for sending data or input to the PCM relating to the transmission in order for the PCM to properly...
If you are losing coolant and no external leaks are found then you should check engine oil for coolant getting into it and if it is then you have a bad leaking head gasket. If oil is good and not...
Truck did not pass inspection
The first thing to do if you are experiencing any "not ready" PCM self check monitors, the ones that emission testing stations rely on is to load test your battery. If the battery is weak, and voltage drops too low...
Truck ran park it now over nite it will not start cranks and cranks but wont start
Hi Bill. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically if you turn the key and the starter will engage, the starting issue is caused by fuel or ignition timing problems. Some of the possible sources include a fuel pump or fuel...
Throttle body
Hi Gabriela. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several possible sources of a lack of acceleration, ranging from a faulty throttle position sensor (such as what you've replaced apparently) to the throttle body itself being damaged. If the throttle...
Is it bad to daily drive my automatic truck in manual mode or with 3,2,1
The Owner's Manual for this vehicle does not refer to a manual mode for automatic transmission equipped vehicles. The transmission is electronically controlled and the shift points are variable (based on load) and optimized to minimize wear on the drivetrain....
2000 Chevy truck broke down on the side of the road, just shut down and now won’t even turn over battery is showing good voltage b
Hi Zach. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing you should do is have the vehicle towed to your home. Second, it's possible that one of your ignition timing sensors, like the crankshaft or cam position sensor is damaged,...

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