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My engine is dead , due to oil pressure sensor and no oil replaced
On your engine, there is no need to drain the engine oil to access, remove and replace the oil pressure sensor. If the dealership drained the engine oil, that would have been an optional step and would have to have...
Was in a rear-end collision that affected my brakes. Mechanic says master cylinder is the issue. Could this be do to the wreck
To determine if crash forces led to master cylinder failure you would have to determine exactly "what" failed within the master cylinder. If the master cylinder bore is scored or worn, for example, thus causing significant output pressure loss, that...
Replaced front suspension got aligned new tires , steering shudders at low turning speed still chevy silverado 2004 1500
Hi Houston. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes when multiple components are replaced, and adjustments made, it will highlight other parts that were not replaced that might be loose or wearing out. Based on what you've indicated in your question,...
Hi Dennis. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when an inconsistent security code issue like this pops up, it's due to a fault with the anti-theft software in the ECU. Typically a GM dealership can scan the ECU...
Why are all my lights flickering dashboard lights to
If the malfunctioning lights coincides with rough engine operation, there may be a global electrical problem. That might relate to charging system output or the integrity of main circuits. Some basic tests will have to be performed, along with using...
Check engine light
If the check engine light has come on, the stored codes may be related to the hesitation issue. If the light was flashing when it came on, that would signify misfiring, a particularly serious issue. You can request a check...
After i installed a aftermarket air intake without the maf sensor i started having problems with the engine reduced power light
You will need to scan the computer to see if the aftermarket filter caused problems with the engine sensors. The engine has sensors in the intake tube that can cause loss of power like intake air sensor.
2007 Silverado with 4.8 i cleaned my throttle body and after I re installed it started it up idles great right where it's supposed
If you have the OEM throttle body, there is a throttle position sensor riveted to the throttle housing. The range of sensor output should be tested as it is possible the sensor was disturbed or damaged during the cleaning process...
When I accelerate I hear a chirping noise come from under neath the back seat area of my truck
Hi Elijah. Thanks for sending your question to us today. If you are hearing a noise from under the seat area of your pickup upon initial acceleration, it's likely coming from the output shaft coupler or the yoke of the...
Oil pressure
It sounds like you may have a faulty oil pump. The oil pump helps to circulate the oil throughout the motor getting it to the proper places in the engine at the correct amount of pressure to maintain the proper...
What does it mean when your traction control light comes on and your engine is running badly
Unfortunately this issue could be caused by a number of different things. The good news is that most likely this issue is associated with a check engine light. I would recommend having your vehicles trouble codes pulled by a qualified...
I accidently used the oil funnel to add transmission fluid to my transmission in a 06 silverado 1500,will this cause a problem
If the engine oil funnel only had the usual trace amounts of oil on it, there is no possibility of any deleterious effect from that kind of de minimus contamination. Ordinarily, you should never have to add transmission fluid, so...
I have a light squealing noise coming from my front passenger tire when I driver between 15 and 35 MPH, what could this be?
It sounds like you already checked to be sure that the noise is not coming from the brake pad wear indicator rubbing on the rotor. If you are using metallic pads, a possibility is you may have just reached an...
Check engine light is on. Codes go back to the purge valve. Which I've replaced 3 times in the last 5 months.
Hi Miguel. Thanks for sending your question to us today. In most cases, if the purge valve has been replaced and you're still getting codes related to this component, then it's going to be a fault caused by the sensor...
Transmission gears
You may have a broken transfer case and should have the system tested and see if the problem is in transfer case or the transmission.
I have 2003 Chevy Silverado my problem is I can only listen to my radio in auxiliary when I start the truck radio will not work.
Hi Dennis. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing is typically caused by an electrical short inside the ignition switch or with the electrical relay that is faulty. The first thing I would do is determine if other accessory...
My son has a 2003 Chevy truck One day it would not staet he replaced the alternator and it was fine for a couple of days and then
Either the charging circuit is not functioning properly (e.g., the wiring and components apart from the alternator itself) or there is a phantom load in the vehicle's electrical system that is discharging the battery even as the vehicle sits idle...
My 2003 silverado will not releasefirst gear. Do I need a new transmission??
Hi Lili. Thanks for contacting us today. It's possible that you have a shift solenoid failure or just an obstruction of debris inside the hydraulic lines of the transmission. It's also possible that you have inner seals damaged or other...
My AC will only turn on when the heat is turned on first and then the Temp is lowered. Will not turn on if started on cool.
This is an electrical control problem and will have to be traced and pinpointed using the Factory Service Manual wiring diagram and possibly diagnostic decision tree if this specific scenario that you have written in about is covered in the...
Good Day , I have a 01 chevy silverado 5.3 V8 with about 200,000 miles on it. over the past few years I have put out about $10,000
Unfortunately this decision can be very difficult to make. With the amount of money that you already have invested into the truck it would be hard to let the truck go. However continuing to invest more money into a truck...

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