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Truck will not start. Turns over but won't fire. I replaced the battery yesterday and replaced the plugs and wires all less than a month ago. I can hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key. I was told to put a screwdriver in a plug wire to see if it would spark and I got no spark. Maybe a distributor?

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. Looking to the spark system for a no start situation. The screw driver trick is one way to test for spark. This is not the safest way to test, but does work. Once the screw driver is in the plug, you must touch the metal part of the screw driver to somethkng metal and watch for a spark. This can be dangerous. We recommend testing with a spark tester. If with new plugs and wires you are not getting spark the distributor is a good place to start. If you take the cap off and it is dirty or wet then it may be cleaned without repairing it. However it may gunk up again, and it’s considered a temporary fix.

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