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I have a 2006 Infiniti g35x sedan awd , I have this humming like buzzing loud sound coming from what seems to be from the left sid
When the brakes are released the distance that the piston moves when it retracts into the caliper bore is very small because it is necessary for the pads to remain in as close contact as possible with the rotors. The...
Why is my 2006 BMW 330 i not starting?
If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and the immobilizer (security) system off -...
I have white smoke from my exhaust, its also leaking from the engine bay.
A malfunctioning EGR system may cause excessive raw fuel emissions, that is an odor of gasoline, but not smoke (white or otherwise) from the exhaust. Some smoke at start up can be normal, particularly white smoke from condensation. However, continuous...
Oil in coolant, and vice versa. But NO bubbles in reservoir when I crank the car. Head gasket or another issue?
Hi Morty. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing I would assume based on your description would be a cracked engine block (since you have oil mixed with the coolant). It is possible that you have a head gasket...
I was driving on 4 out of 5 lug nuts on my tire for a few weeks. Steering wheel shakes and my car pulls to the left while driving?
Both front wheel/tire assemblies should be inspected for axial runout as mounted on the hub as well as dynamic imbalance. If the wheels are straight (no run-out) and evenly torqued to the hub, if the car still pulls to one...
AC rattling sound
Hey Ebenezar. Thanks for contacting us today. I believe your best financial option here is to sell your CR-V and purchase a newer vehicle. I have a general rule of thumb in regards to repairs on older cars - if...
2006 pathfinder drives and shifts great but won't go into reverse... what is wrong?
Be sure that the gear shifter is actually selecting the reverse position; you can observe the manual lever on the transmission case to see if the lever is in the commanded detent position. If the transmission is in reverse, pressure...
Car Intermittently Stalls
A scan tool with real time capability needs to be applied to view actual engine operating parameters during these incidents of reduced power. Among common possibilities for loss of power are throttle body faults (electronic throttle controls, mass airflow sensor,...
I had body work done and had my front fender replaced. Now there is a lot of moisture in my headlight. Should body shop charge?
The body shop would not be responsible for additional problems and the insurance company should cover it since this would be called a hidden problem that the body shop did not notice when giving the original estimate. They would charge...
Hard to turn steering wheel sometimes and makes an awful screech sound
Hi Much. Thanks for contacting us today. With an older car, it's likely that your power steering pump either has a leak, is imply low on power steering fluid or needs to be replaced. You might want to start by...
what does it mean if my coolant tank was smoking,then it drained all the water out on it's own?
Coolant will move in and out of the recovery tank to the radiator in a regular cycle. When the engine is hot, coolant expands and is forced into the recovery tank. When the engine cools, coolant is then drawn back...
My Audi a6 key is stuck in uninstalled ignition switch my son put it in there prior to me being able to open the car and instal
If you are referring to the complete key assembly, there is a release hole on the outer circumference of the switch, the part that is visible once the key assembly is installed. Simply insert a thin straight paper clip into...
Can't get the car out of park, just recently bought 2006 Range Rover Sport
The shift interlock solenoid is a safety feature that has been added to all modern automatic-transmission equipped cars. It prevents the driver from shifting out of park without a foot on the brake and works in conjunction with the brake...
Brake pad wear
It sounds like the brake pads may be wearing unevenly. Typically that is due to sticking brake components such as caliper, pins, etc. Unless the brakes on the passenger side are presently so stuck that the rotor is heating up,...
Exhaust Manifold cracked, does the catalytic converter have to be replaced too?
He's correct in that the sienna catalyst is integral with the exhaust manifold. That is done by the manufacturer to ensure that the catalyst reaches operating temperature as quickly as possible. It's not true of all cars so your friends...
Before I take the next step, a full service shop, I'd like the input of others. Okay first im very aware i have a hole in my rad
Engine stalling, or shutdowns, can be caused by a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter, injectors, faulty fuel pump or...
My car is showing service engine soon and my car run slow for a minute even i acclerate it too hard and then after sometime it run
If the Service Engine Soon warning light is on, you can request an Engine Diagnostic to pinpoint the malfunction(s) that have caused the warning light to illuminate. A faulty axle will not typically cause a warning light to come on...
2006 Dodge Ram 1500 starter relay not getting power
In the starter circuit on your model, in addition to the "relay", there is a starter relay control in the PCM, and a totally integrated power module that has the neutral safety switch and the starter motor controller and of...
I installed a brand new alternator and now the belt won't spin when it did before why is this
If the engine is running, but the belt is not turning, the drive belt tension is inadequate, the belt routing is incorrect and/or other rotating elements (pulleys, etc.) in the serpentine belt circuit are seized. If you request serpentine belt...
Replaced right side shock absorber know tire rubs lateral arm 2006 Ford five hundred
To determine the exact fault, as well as why this has occurred, the vehicle will have to be inspected first hand. There are too many possibilities, and too many components to inspect, to speculate without seeing exactly what you have....

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