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asked by on May 13, 2017

the internals of the catalytic converter on the right bank (passenger side) came loose after a backfire while driving at approx. 80 mph. The check engine light came on so I stopped and had the code checked. P0430. I can hear the rattle of the catalytic converter. I purchased an OEM equivalent and am in progress of installing it, my question is do I need to replace the $300.00 worth of O2 sensors? There are 4 sensors, 2 on each side. I pulled them out of the old converter pipe and started to put them in the new system but wasn't sure. They were a tan, sand color, wiped them with a dry clothe and coated with anti-seaze and installed. Awaiting your answer to continue.

My car has 87000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi There, As you may know, code P0430 relates to the catalytic converter not performing as it should. When the catalytic converter internals deteriorate, it is usually a result of the engine running too rich resulting in the exhaust gases becoming a bit hotter than normal. When this happens, the internal materials inside the converter eventually will burn up. A bi-product of this is typically also, oxygen sensors that will also fail due to the erratic fluctuation in excess fuel being passed through the exhaust. Depending on the vehicle and conditions, many manufacturers recommend replacing the oxygen sensors between 60,000-90,000 miles. Since your mileage is within this range, it may be a good idea to replace them now since you already have the exhaust apart.

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