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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2011 Ford Ranger
The 2011 Ford Ranger offers affordable pricing with excellent styling. It is a compact pickup that is both inexpensive to operate and own. The vehicle is capable of going off-road while still being...

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Replacing the MAF sensor
The Delphi MAF part number for your 1993 is AF10116. That part number was in fact used in the model year 1994 Rangers with either the 2.3L or the 3.0L engine. AF10116 was also used in the 1994 and 1995...
2004 Ford Ranger with power locks. New key fob won't unlock passenger side door.
I would recommend Consulting with a dealership that program to the key fob to determine if this is a programming issue. If the lock works fine otherwise, it is likely that the programming of the key fob may be the...
Grinding/ scraping sound coming from I believe front right wheel. Checked brakes and pads on both front and back. All replaced
You should lift the wheels off the ground and spin each front wheel to see if there is looseness or noise from one of the wheels? If one wheel is noisey then remove wheel and inspect brakes for problems and...
My 93 Ford Ranger recently started stuttering both when idle and while accelerating.
The problem sounds like an ignition misfire and would need to check the plug wires and spark plugs for problems and if they are real old more than three years old then replace plugs and wires and then if problem...
Manual transmission stick taken out while in reverse, now it is stuck in reverse, even with the stick feeling like in neutral.
Try to manipulate the linkage, right on the transmission case, while moving the output shaft. If that does not work, there may be an issue internally with the shift fork or other transmission components. If the transmission has 200,000 miles...
I have a transmission on a 95 ford ranger automatic and i can't find the spot for the speed sensor. Its not the stock tranny.
Hi Patrick. Thanks for the question today. Unfortunately, if this is not the OEM transmission, it's hard for us to tell you where the speed sensor is located - since we don't know the identity of the transmission.
I have a 1999 ford ranger it had a slight knocking sound so I was on my way to the dealership to have it checked. The truck shut o
Knocking, if originating from within the engine, typically will occur if there is a significant mechanical failure (connecting rods, bearings, and so forth). If a mechanical failure has occurred, the engine must be rebuilt (not a big deal, happens every...
I was driving in my truck and out of no where transmission fluid started coming out.When I checked under it was missing a bolt but
Transmissions are fairly well sealed. Assuming the case is not cracked, the leak points are chiefly the cooling lines that go to and from the radiator, the oil pan seal, the output shaft seals, the torque converter (input) seal, and...
I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with a blown head gasket. I put some thing called fiberlock that is a head gasket
Darlene: It is a fable. The only approved repair for a head gasket leak on your vehicle, according to the exhaustive instructions provided by Ford Motor Company in the Factory Service Manual, is to remove the old gasket and replace...
1992 Ford Ranger 2.3 l 5 speed manual swap to 302 Ford with 5-speed manual but engines from 1981 is it do able
The swap is possible but it is impractical especially if you intend to register the vehicle for use on public roads. The alteration in weight will require suspension/alignment modifications that will have to be engineered. Even prior to doing this...
Brake pad wear
It sounds like the brake pads may be wearing unevenly. Typically that is due to sticking brake components such as caliper, pins, etc. Unless the brakes on the passenger side are presently so stuck that the rotor is heating up,...
I have a 95 Ford ranger standard and when the clutch is pressed in it will not disengage and also the brakes push in clutch presse
The clutch and brake use separate hydraulic circuits unless your car uses a common master cylinder. The vehicle would have to be inspected to determine why both the brake functions when you push the clutch pedal. As far as the...
Belts keep shredding
The rotating elements need to all be in the same plane and rotating straight (no bent shafts). A pulley, at least, is probably out of plane with the rest of the rotating elements and that causes a side load on...
Deep bumping noise when accelerating and truck doesn’t accelerate very well
The loss of power can be caused by several different causes and would need further diagnosis. First have computer scanned for service codes and have fuel pressure checked to make sure it is above 35 psi and does not drop...
can i drive less than one mile if my car has the radiator push back on the fan?
It would be best not to operate the engine. Mobile repair is available which eliminates the need to operate or move the vehicle. If you desire mobile repair, please request service and the responding certified mechanic will assist you right...
My truck started off stalling than advanced to bad shifting in 4th gear would the 02 senser cause that
There are two oxygen sensors on your vehicle, one upstream and one downstream. To determine whether these sensors are functioning or not requires graphing of the sensor voltage output using an appropriate scan tool. Upstream versus downstream sensors have a...
I can't find the bolt specifications for my transmission bellhousing to engine
Ford dealers still have the complete part diagrams for the 1992 models but you will have to walk into the dealer to see them; they won't go over these detailed diagrams with you on the phone for a long list...
Starting a engine without transmission installed
If the starter bolts to the transmission bell housing, that component would have to be re-installed. If the starter bolts to the engine block, then you can use the starter as is to start the engine. However, it is likely...
I have 2003 ford ranger 4wd, 150K miles. A month ago, i had the battery, fuel filter and fuel pump replaced. Yesterday it would no
Starters sometimes develop "bad spots" on the armature (of the starter motor). That causes intermittent, unreliable operation just like what you are experiencing. The problem is easily diagnosed and the solution can be implemented at the same time (install a...
When in high RPMs engine drops in power and feels like it’s misfiring
A real time scanner is necessary to look at actual engine operating data and that will usually reveal enough clues to pinpoint the fault. Although the throttle control system is a common trouble area with reduced power or loss of...

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