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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2011 Ford Ranger
The 2011 Ford Ranger offers affordable pricing with excellent styling. It is a compact pickup that is both inexpensive to operate and own. The vehicle is capable of going off-road while still being...

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Hello one day I went to work fueled up my 95 ford ranger parked it at work then got off work to my truck not cranking up, replaced
With the key held in the start position, power will only be supplied to the fuel pump momentarily and just long enough for the system to pressurize. If during that momentary interval you read zero volts, the way to resolve...
We’re the oil filler cap is it is full of oil and the dipstick says it has low oil.
Hi Jermaine. Thanks for contacting us today. When you add engine oil, it will drain through the oil galley and into the engine pan. So, when you fill the oil, it will not appear to be fuller. Add the quart...
No power steering after a new pump 1 or 2 months ago
Check to be sure the linkages (i.e., suspension components) involved in steering are not binding. An external pressure gauge is used to measure pump pressure, which should be around 1,000 PSI at 1,000 RPM. Please note though that the exact...
98 Ranger will die occasionaly when put in gear and ocassionaly when accelerating from a stop.
Defective engine sensors, vacuum leaks, and fuel supply problems can cause this issue. For example, the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor detects engine load when you start from a standing stop. The sensor generates a signal that is proportional to...
I got a 04 ford ranger 4x4 with the 4.0sohc and this has been giving me a headache. She runs fine when cold but when she warms up
It's possible that you could have a faulty powertrain control module. I would recommend having your powertrain control module tester by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly.
Click no start
A loud click under the hood says the starter solenoid is engaging, but the starter is not turning. A light click under the dashboard says a relay is tripping, but the power is not getting to the starter. Since you've...
My vehicle has no power when first accelerating 0-30 mph then once it catches up it has no issue driving
Loud idle is due to either a leaking exhaust or an engine or accessory (alternator, water pump, etc.) malfunction. Loss of power on acceleration can be due to plugged fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter, vacuum leaks...
My car dies when trying to drive it
Charging system output should be verified and the battery should be load tested. Once the electrical system is functioning properly if the stalling still occurs, potential causes that would be considered are a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or...
my 1990 ranger's rear brakes locked up. Now i can only drive in neutral.
Hi Brian. Thanks for the question. Although it's hard to give you an accurate diagnosis without inspecting the vehicle personally, it appears as if you've got a transmission, driveshaft or rear differential failure. If you're able to move the vehicle...
What does it mean when the antitheft light stays on but truck dont want to start
There are temporary fixes but ultimately the immobilizer system, referred to by Ford as the PATS system, will have to be troubleshooted. Temporarily, utilize these instructions. If you request service for a permanent resolution, the mechanic will attempt to determine...
Heater block how likely will it catch fire
If you're talking about an engine heater, that has everything to do with the quality of the heater that you buy. They're not supposed to get so hot that they would ignite anything, but a cheap heater from a discount...
Which cylinder goes to what number on the coil pack on 2003 2.3l ford ranger, 1 plug per cylinder?
If your Ranger engine is transverse mounted, the firing order is 1-3-4-2. Cylinder number 1 is on the passenger side. The coil terminal nearest the passenger firewall is for Cylinder number 1. The terminals are then read clockwise from that...
Neutral safety switch keeps going out
You need to make sure there is no fluid leak at the transmission side shaft seal getting fluid into switch. If it is then the seal will need to be replaced. Use some dielectric on the connector before reconnecting it...
Code 337 came up on my 94 ranger 4.0 what can i do
The code 337 is for the egr sensor is reading higher than normal voltage and the sensor is mounted on side of intake and has two hoses and one electrical connection on it that you will need to check both...
My timing belt broke and we retimed and replaced the belt. And it will crank and idle but when u put it in drive it won't go
If there was no loss of power prior to this incident, a possibility is the new timing belt is mispositioned. You can check for that indirectly by measuring intake vacuum at idle. If intake vacuum is below the low end...
My right blinkers are not blinking front and back and inside the cab
This fault can be caused by a faulty combination switch, flasher unit, or faulty wiring/connections in the turn signal circuit. Of course, be sure that both bulbs are not coincidentally blown out or that the bulb holder connections are both...
Rear left brum brake locks up
This can be caused by the rear parking brake cable sticking and would require replacement of parking brake cable. Have the cables and brakes checked to verify this and go from there.
Car won't start
Without seeing the extent of the damages it would be hard to figure out the part that is damaged. I suspect the steering column ignition switch got damaged.
Question about buying radiator for 1999 ford ranger v4 2.5l
Hi Javier. Thanks for the question today. In cases like this, you want to replace what you currently have active, as it's possible that the previous owner has removed the OEM transmission cooler, which may be the reason for the...
I have a 89 Ranger and im getting gas in the vacuum line to the break booster which is eating thru the rubber
You should check the fuel injection pressure regulator for leaking fuel through the top vacuum port and if it is then replace it. Also replace the brake booster check valve on the brake booster. This should be the cause of...

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