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Savana 2500

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Heat not working in van even after replacing the fan motor.
Hello there, many common faults will cause your 1997 GMC Savana to have no heat. By the fan it sounds like you are talking about the blower motor, the one inside the vehicle that supplies the airflow from the vents....
My car won't idle - 2002 GMC Savana 2500
If the engine is backfiring, there is something wrong with the ignition timing. You may have to go back and make sure the mechanical timing is correct at the timing chain and then do the ignition timing over again; it's...
A whining fuel pump is a soon to be failed fuel pump. A failing fuel pump can potentially lean out the mixture and may cause loss of power. Worse, a whining fuel pump will fail unpredictably leaving you stranded. Fuel...

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