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My breaks are going all the way in and not breaking as fast as usual. I have to pump them to make them work properly. My break flu
Hi Krystal. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When you have a brake issue like you've described, it's typically caused by a brake master cylinder problem or air bubbles in the brake fluid lines. If the fluid is low, this can...
Car goes foward in reverse
Hi Charles. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes this issue is a very simple fix - as it's typically an indication of a damaged shift solenoid or minor problem with the gear selection linkage. In other instances, it's a major...
My car takes too long to start I have to keep my foot on gas pedal to start
Based on your description, it sounds like you may have a clogged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump. I would recommend having your fuel pressure tested at the fuel filter and the fuel rail. If the fuel pressure is...
I have a 2005 Kia Spectra EX. Is the Sending Unit inside the gas tank holding everything on this Kia (fuel filter, fuel pump, etc)
Yes the fuel pump assembly in the tank has the pump, pressure regulator ,sender and filter in one unit replaced as an assembly.
06 kia spectra loss of power at high rpms clicking noise. started few times after that just did timing belt still won't start
Hi There, This may be related to many different possibilities, some of which may be related to a lack of spark or possibly timing issues and some of which may be related to a fuel delivery problem or a combination...
My 2005 Kia spectra hit a pothole now the car will only go in reverse will not drive forward
You may have potentially caused some damage to a speed sensor resulting in the vehicle not properly sifting in and out of gear. The transmission speed sensor reads the rotational speed of the reluctor wheel, located within the transmission. The...
White Smoke coming from underneath hood, Car is also overheating
If the engine has a leaking water pump or stuck thermostat or other leaks and engine was ran until the temperature went all the way to hot then it may have damaged the engine cylinder head gasket and head and...
My car shuts off in the rain twice when I turned right but restarted it's self, and starts up normally after I park and shut it of
It's not clear if the moisture is related to the shut down. If it is, a likely issue is water intrusion in electrical connectors. Intermittent issues such as this have to be "present" to be able to readily pinpoint them...
My wife's car a.c. only blows air in the morning. Sometimes it takes 15-30 minute for the air to start blowing.
Hi Mario. Thanks for contacting us tonight about your wife's KIA and the AC issues. Generally speaking, when cool air blows during early morning hours, and then blows warmer as it gets warmer outside, it can be due to a...
Is there a spring that goes between the head and block on a 2001 kia spectra 1.8l dohc
There are springs in the cylinder head for the valve train and there is a tensioner spring for the timing belt that is removed when you service the cylinder head or block but there is no spring "between" the face...
Car squeals loudly when turning on and also at times when accelerating with the A.C. on
If the belt is in good condition and is tightened properly, then suspicion falls on the accessories that it is driving. You could be right about the alternator bearings, but it's premature to replace the alternator. It could also be...
How do i test the speed sensor for my car?
Hi there. I wouldn't doubt that the issues you are having are electrical. However, there isn't a general "test" for voltage on a dash cluster that is completed. Typically a professional mechanic would download stored error codes to determine if...
After running my car for awhile shut it off it's smell like burnt water coming from the moter. It's not over heating .
The burning water smell may be a result of a small enough coolant leak that may not be causing the motor to overheat. I would suggest having an expert come to your location to perform a coolant leak test to...
Rough vibration
It is possible that an engine mount was removed during the process of replacing the timing belt. I would recommend making sure that all engine mount bolts are fully torqued down to the manufacturer specification.
Squeak from right side of car
It sounds like you may have two separate issues going on here. The squealing noise when turning the wheel is likely related to a squealing belt that may be damaged or not properly adjusted. The squeaking when you are slowing...
If tbe idle air control valve is bad on a 2001 kia spectra will it not fire
Hi David. Thanks for contacting us today. As far as I'm aware, a faulty idle control valve will not disable the starter or ignition system, meaning that the engine should crank over, but would likely not start. It's likely that...
I have a 2002 kia spectra. When idling shortly after driving, the car will stall in drive. If I put it back into park it will re-s
Stalling when the vehicle is put in gear simply occurs if the engine cannot accommodate the load. Among the potential causes of that are faults in engine controls. A mechanic can test the throttle position sensor, idle control valve as...
Door handle broke off
Normally, to fix anything on a car (that is properly, according to the instructions) you need to have in hand the Factory Service Manual. With regard to the door, you will have to get access to the inner door lock...
My vehicle ran hot , when I turned of off the engine to let it cool it wouldn't start back up I need help please!!
If an engine gets too hot that can damage engine components enough to result in a subsequent no start scenario like the one you are describing. The degree of engine/component damage varies a lot in practice. If it is just...
car jerks when going slow
Hi Kendra. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several things that can cause a car to jerk, shake and vibrate. Some items are related to the engine, such as fuel or ignition system components that are dirty, faulty or...

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