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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 GMC Terrain
When you look at smaller SUVs like the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4, do you wish for just a little bit more space? But then when you look at the larger SUVs...
2012 Chevrolet Equinox vs. 2012 GMC Terrain: Which One Should I Buy?
The mid-size crossover SUV category offers the comfort and size of an SUV, but on the platform of a car, giving it the look and feel of a large hatchback. The unibody construction typical of passenger vehicles is...
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My car won’t start and it’s saying service your power steering system what’s going on
Hi Nina. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Modern cars, trucks and SUV's utilize an electronic power steering system. In many cases, when there is a mechanical or electrical fault with these systems, it will activate a security protocol that disables...
My check engine light came on couple days ago, I went to autozone to scan and it cane back with the code P219A,
Code P219A relates to a fuel/ai ration imbalance, which may be caused by any number of things such as faulty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, a faulty EGR valve, a faulty EVAP canister or intake leaks, creating a lean fuel...
So I found out mt husband used castrol high mileage 5-w30 oil on my gmc terrain sle 2013 and im panicking. Is that oil okay?
The high mileage oil brand, and the specific viscosity rating (5W-30), that your husband bought for you is perfectly acceptable and you needn't worry at all. High mileage oil simply claims to have "extra" engine oil seal conditioners and perhaps...
Is p0016 for sensor A or B on a 2010 2.4L ecotec 4cyl.
P0016 pertains to the intake camshaft (i.e., position "A"). If that code has set, apart from a sensor fault, there are quite a few other potential causes of the code, including: incorrect camshaft timing due to the timing chain having...
Check engine light on Had Variable valve timing solenoid replaced but the light came back in by the next day
You may have already fixed the problem but the computer has already stored the failure code and will need to have the computer memory cleared to turn off the light. Then drive it again to see if light returns. Please...
2013 GMC TERRAIN V6 has a random ticking/tapping sound. During cold more than hot and does it randomly. Notice more when sitting.
You are describing more than one possible problem and not using the correct oil may have caused engine damage and should be checked with a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to listen to the noise and check to see if...
I had a oil change about 3 weeks ago and now my change engine oil light is on I have a 2010 GMC Terrain any reason why it's doing
If the oil change occurred before the reminder light came on, but the oil life system was not reset at the time of that oil change, what you are seeing now might just simply be the "reminder" to perform an...
What's wrong when light come on saying engine overheated idle engine
Hi Adelaphia. Thanks for writing in today to YourMechanic.com. When you see this warning light come on the dashboard, it's a rather serious issue that should be inspected by a professional mechanic. Essentially, the warning light is telling you that...
A.c. is knocking when turned on but I am not having any a.c. problems just the noise. Replaced it and nothing has changed
It sounds like you may have a damaged AC compressor or compressor clutch. As you may know the AC Clutch is the pulley that spins with the Belt. There are two ports on the rear of the Compressor. One is...
Q: Engine won't start
It's not clear if the engine compression is now normal after replacing the timing chain. Due to the number of possible malfunctions that could be at issue in your case, I would suggest that you just request a no start...
2013 GMC Terrain stalls when accelerating from a stop
There are many potential causes for your concern. However, there are a couple common problems with your model vehicle that come to mind. First, this vehicle is known for having problems with the variable valve timing (VVT) system. The VVT...
Code P0341 and P0017
Code P0341 relates to the camshaft position sensor not correlating to the position of the crankshaft position sensor, which works in conjunction with the camshaft sensor to maintain proper ignition timing. Code P0017 relates to the crankshaft position sensor. When...
AC won't blow hard when you turn it up on 2011 terrain
It sounds like you may have a faulty A/C blower motor or [blower motor resistor](blower motor resistor. The highest speed setting may still work because in most cars in the highest fan speed settings the current bypasses the blower motor...
Car doesn't crank after Tcm swap
The TCM has to be programmed to match your vehicle. Mechanics who have a GM bi-directional scan tool, or other appropriate GM programming tools and software, can perform that service for you. To determine availability of the programming service in...
I had new tires put on my car about 1 1/2 years ago and my two rear tires are showing the treads on the inside, is normal for them
To determine whether you have gotten reasonable service life out of the tires requires data on: 1) elapsed mileage; 2) the tire's treadwear rating; 3) operating conditions (inflation, alignment, speed, and ambient temperature); and 4) the possibility of product defect...
my car uses oil and gas up fast and car cuts off sometime what to replace?
Hi Tameeka. Thanks for sending your question today. Based on the codes you've listed, there are several reasons why the car is using more gasoline. The P0420 code might indicate a clogged catalytic converter or failing O2 sensors, which can...
Could my oil pump failure have been caused by piston ring wear/excessive oil consumption?
The oil pump gets a constant supply of oil from the oil pan and oil in the engine and would not fail due to piston rings from excessive oil consumption unless you ran the engine real low on oil and...
Car turns off but turns back on when pulling key out of ignition.
This is an electrical problem and is caused by either a short circuit, a fault in the key sense feature (module) or, if equipped, could be caused by faults in the remote starter circuit which operates wirelessly. If you have...
Will driving your car with the Stabilitrak system off damage your car in any anyway.
Driving with the stabilitrac system off will not cause any harm to the vehicle, however you will lose the functionality of the traction control that the system is designed to offer. The traction control system monitors the steering and stability...

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