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Car reversed while in drive after putting transmission fluid in the car it now drives while in drive. Is it ok to drive it now?
The transmission being low on fluid may cause the reverse band to apply and should not go into reverse when in drive as long as you keep the fluid full. You should have the leak checked and repaired.
My car is very loud when accelerating and smokes when running, stops immediately when the car turns off.
The problem sounds like you have an exhaust problem. You may have a broken pipe or bad convertor and is rattling in the exhaust. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic inspect and diagnose the problem for you.
My car has low power at low RPMs, great Idle RPM. New MAP sensor, TPS, and o2 sensor
When an engine has been changed, you can't assume anything so you have to check everything including the basics. I would first recommend a compression test, then take off the timing cover and be sure the camshaft timing is correct....
Grinding noise when shifted to drive or reverse and when in park it still rolls?
Hi Kevin. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing is caused by an internal gear failure inside the transmission of your Toyota. While a transmission can be rebuilt to resolve this issue, in most cases it will cost more...
Where is the egr solenoid located on a 94 ford mustang gt
Most EGR solenoids on these engines are mounted on the back side of intake manifold. Follow the vacuum hose from the EGR valve and it will lead you direct to the EGR solenoid.
Driving down highway bad random vibration front right tire starts to pull brand new tires
Hi Aaron. Thanks for contacting us today. A vibration like you are describing can be caused by a tire/wheel that is out of balance (which can happen even with new tires), a bent wheel, or if the vibration stops suddenly...
is it the waterpump going out or gone out
Hi Linda. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Typically, water leaking from the water pump location is an indication of damaged inner seals, which means the pump is damaged. It's recommended to replace the water pump when this happens.
Manual transmission stick taken out while in reverse, now it is stuck in reverse, even with the stick feeling like in neutral.
Try to manipulate the linkage, right on the transmission case, while moving the output shaft. If that does not work, there may be an issue internally with the shift fork or other transmission components. If the transmission has 200,000 miles...
I got my son a car ran perfectly fine... He decides he's gonna change all the fluids now I go to excelerate and it reves then goes
What you are describing sounds like a dirty or failing idle air control valve. The idle air control valve monitors the air intake as it is mixed with fuel prior to being injected into the engine at low speeds and...
Engine "Locks" Periodically
Confirm that the engine turns freely by hand, using an appropriate socket and wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt. There are specified (published) turning resistances, with spark plugs removed, but you can feel by hand. If the engine turns over...
High shift rpm
It is possible that a sensor could be causing this issue. It is also possible that transmission damage could be causing this issue. I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified transmission specialist to determine the exact cause...
Rough idling, no power on acceleration, revs by itself, shuts off
The first thing I check for in any drivability problem is air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels will lean out the system and cause these kinds of problems. Look under the hood...
Honda waterpump replacement,2.2 vtech . Is the gasket the pump came with enough ? Or do i need a silicone too?
It is always better to add silicone to the gasket to improve the gasket seal.
I need my alternator power and ground and engine ground replaced from factory 8 gauge to a 4 gauge wires
I would recommend having a mechanic like one from YourMechanic check to see if the larger wires can be installed without major modifications. Contact out customer service for appointment for the repairs if needed.
1994 f150, new maf but still won’t start with it plugged in, unplugged will start and run rough.
You need to verify that the MAF is correct one and then check the intake air temp sensor to see if replacing it helps since you have a code for it. If it still runs bad with MAF connected then...
I was driving in my truck and out of no where transmission fluid started coming out.When I checked under it was missing a bolt but
Transmissions are fairly well sealed. Assuming the case is not cracked, the leak points are chiefly the cooling lines that go to and from the radiator, the oil pan seal, the output shaft seals, the torque converter (input) seal, and...
Temperature was fluctuating then overheated then blew coolant every where, what do you thinknthe problem is
The reason the heat was working intermittently is once the coolant starts boiling within the cooling system, the boiling action creates an impediment to normal coolant circulation to and through the heater core. So, ironically, even as the engine is...
94 concord chysler, car was running fine went to put it in reverse was moving stopped short cause shifts gears now but won't Exhil
There is a transmission shift linkage (cable, pin, etc.) and manual lever on the transmission that should be inspected to see if those components are faulty. However, if the shift linkage is connected, properly adjusted and the manual lever on...
Jeep starts but won't move
Hi Connor. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases when this occurs, it's due to a shift linkage or shift solenoid failure. It's also possible that you have damage to seals or gaskets inside the transmission case. The best...
Problems installing rear drive shaft on a 94 gmc 1500 new process manual trans. Tips tricks or advise
If there is a retaining clip (circlip) over the splines set in a grove, just be sure that the open side of the clip faces down (toward the ground), otherwise it will be very difficult to install the slip yoke....

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